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Two Old Cat

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Oh, yes, I snw tlio phiyers nnd tlielr partlroiorrd tutckc. And the 'eapialn' and the "umpire" and tlie "plu-her" In hls '"box ;' They ur modern Innovatloiia thal 1 notod m I sal Aloft wltli yon. It Wout coinpiire wllh l'WO Oíd Cal ! Yon remember liow we played H.JIm, wlien yon and I wcr ymmg, And upoQ the tuna together? Wlly has poel liever Mag Of tlxucama of lane and roadwayi Wliulcan now compara wUti t hut T There Is üc-MoiM in Unit ineniory of Two üld Cat ! WUen the cxlors of thu liaylug bweet nnd nuisky unid thu nlr, And crowH were ouwlng lai uuiy, and nature face vat fair, ïïlu'li Ibfl colli was wavlug sillly. lln-n llir hciy willi raKed hal Feit lus pulse Uu ill In Uit' nvalry of Two Old Cat! Uur bats were wliitlleU uul of plne, and firjy Hlze would do; Onr ball of yarn wound tlghtly round a plece of rubber Hlioe, And oovered o'er wlth calfskln tlglit, and, oli. Jehosliaphat ! Huw we dhl welt the whizzlug tliiug In Two Old Cat! I'm in favor of iruprovements, but tlie Htyle ol hu II to-ilay Seema to lack the healthful features of the ood old fawhloued way ; It's cumplicated lor ine, and ilie game ineu were at Wasn't stlrrlnt in romparlson wilh Two Old Cat !


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