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Mary Had A Little Lamb

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Miiiy had a laiiib, Of wh irh you've olten hetni ; Now to t hut story old I wtsh to adiía word. Mary feil that little laiub, TUI he grew stoot ituti streng. Wil li niiiiiv wrinklfs on hls nose, And liortiH twelve tuches lotig, Why dlil Mary love the rain, Aud feed him o hop aud hay? Why, Mary loved the rm, you know, Beca u she made It pay. And ui June, wlien it was warm. And wooi wan ful i of greut, Then Mary Kheared thut great bïz Umi), And sold her pa üie lleecc. I u a Mi-Id behind the hará, Wit h a big htgh feuce aboul, There .Mary put a nutlce up - Ttiat uottcc said ''keep out." Now wlien Grover carne that way, lie ütoppüd und miuI "Ah ha ! " l'lie ram he stopped and SLttfnpexJ liis i m t. And Hald lo U rover "'lía ! " '(0o you k"k)K that ram wuuld lmtt ?' Siild Grover to Carlyle. "ïive me that Ireo-trade Hl lek of yours; J li brutea whilc" Oroterh madcatthe ram, And Ntrtu'lH soundlng lick. "Gis -al OrveoonTi lúe fat boy orled, "1 've brok e my Ireo-trade stick." ¦1'iiH your red baudatina qnlck." The boys togetber kIhhii , 'And toKM i t, to ihü Hhcep, olü boy, And tlien you semnper out." (Jrovrr wavrd that banner red, And tottSfd it to the ram, WhoHhook hts head, as if to Hay, "Doirt caie fof that aclain.'1 'ShiM'py, nbeepy, rammy, ramM- hut you eau not begulle An augry shctp wlth oothin Hpeecfi, Or clvll service smile. "Protect tne, George, from Mary 's himbT lrotect me íroin IiIh baiap Tliis WHR the fat boy'n earnesV prayer, To the great and good Mugwump. Tlen he ran a lusty race, Across the ttt-ld he ent. Hut befon; he rr;u:hcd the fence Mi kin-w that tjheep eouid l.utr. Hora, III.


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