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Some Reasons Why We Don't Love England

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4{From The N. Y. Sun.) 'S 49" UreatBrltalnhasruinedeverycoun-- try In the world whlcli ho has -8 W-suaded, or torced, luto froc trade. - - Her commercial treatiex, cozened - - out Portugal. Spalu aud Turkey, "SU stroyed the Industries of each of those -e - oountrlea, and made them poor. Her cheap goods crushed out tlic anclent "dL 49" household manufactures of tbelndlan - 49" empire, wtnch slie overran, anil left 't mlllionsoftheconqueredpeoplewlth 'S - the bare subsistence of rice and water. - - A Hritish army of lnva&lon forced "Wi China toadmit in her terrltory lli - opium whlcli BritlshmerchanUcould 90 market only In that empire, und "%& IV forced the ontry throuRh the custom S - lniiM'i of China of Brltlsh T8 dlse at the destructiva duty of 2 per ¦ & -cent. ad valorem. It was the . - i-riMii Hm lndustry of a magnlflcent f& Kf aud venerable empire, and ol " less thousands of poor Chinese men, n ï- women and children. These 'S 44goods plrates In like mannercovcred " - .Iiipiin wlth tliegunsoftbeirwarshlps, "¦ f and compolled her to recleve the' lllmsy productsol -fc - and Sheffleld at the uniform -fc 4 duty of flve per cont. ad valorem. "iÈ That Is free trade, and lt lsstrangilng ' 47 the Ufe out of hetplens Japan. h 45The ezperience of Ireland Is too Si 44 well knowu to need special menllon " hore. " England, Indeed, 1h thecommercial pírate of the world. Sbe Is now "B stralnliiK her utmost to rob the " 49-ed Slaltm of lts Industrial and get " control of our market. If shesucceeda -o 49-every worklngraan and worklng "t man In this country wlll be brought uft to comparative poverty. You cau't'i help losing the high wages you now ' receive. If you retain any work at all ' ú agalnst the competltlon of tlie pauper '4 49-pald labor of England, you wlll be .er compelled by that competltion to JBT cept as wages preclsoly that pauper - - pay. -BT Then perhaps you wlll love Englaud .er more than you do now. -


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