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BIG RE DU CT ION SALE AT SCHAIKER'S In order lo reduce our Summer '.stock rapldly and to make room for Fall , (.cmhK, we wlll offer our entire Stock at a GREAT REDUCTION ! Low prices are winners and we are always THE GHEAPBST I Sale Wash Dress Ooods at nheard oí low prices. 15 pieces White India Linens at 10c per yard. 25 picces White India Linens at If l-2c and 15c a yd. 2O pieces Victoria Lawns at 10c, 12 l-2c and 15c per yard. 10 pieces Dotted and Figurcd Swiss at 25c per yard, worth 40c. 30 pieces Figurcd Lawns at 5c per yard. 10 pieces Black Organdy Jlusllns at 12 l-2c per yard. 8 pieces French strlpcd Cliambrays were 25c, now 14c a yard. One case cholee 12 l-2c Ginghanis now Sc per yard. 25 picces Plaid and Check Glnghams were 10c, now 6c a yard. 18 pieces 15c Crinklcs now 10c per yard. One case l;irk Prints at 3 l-2c per yard. 10 picces White Plaid 10c. Nalnsooks now Cc a jd. Big drives in fine White Plaid Dress Goods at 10c and 12 l-2c per yard. 100 pieces Embroideries at 5c aud 10c per yard. Closingr out Swiss Flouncings at 50c and 75c a yard. Big mark down in Black Chantilly and Spanish Guipure Flounclngs and Skirtnirs at $1,$1.25 and $1.50 per yard. Over 200 pieces French Lace Edgcs at 5c per yard. 38 pairs fine Lace Curtains at $1.50 and 2.00 a pair. 15 pieces Lace Stripe Curtain Scrlm at 6c and 8c per yard. 5 pieces 25c Fancy and Lace Scrhu at 15c per yard. 8 pieces Nottinghara Curtain Lace at lOc, 12 l-2c, 16c, 18c and 25c per yard. 10 pozen 25c Bustles . at 15c cach. Lorely White Aprons 25c and 50c each. Slik Umbrellas and Parasols to be closed out this month at cost. 150 Ibs. Odorless Geese Feathers at 50c a Ib. 200 Ibs. best sclected Primo Lire Geese Feathers at 65c a Ib. We can saTe yon mouey on Feathers. Decided Bargains in Silks kt Dross Goods During this Sale. One lot $1.00 Colored Dress Si Ik at 73c per yard. One lot Black and Colored Rhadames at 85c per yard. One lot $1.00 Surah Sllks at 75c per yard. One lot $1.25 Fallle Francaises at $1.00 per yard. 4 pieces 46 inch heavy 75c Black Cashmeres at 50c per yard. 8 pieces Black 42 inch all Wool Dress Goods were 75c, now 50c per yard. 1 1 pieces Si 1 k Warp Heuriettas at 1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 per yard. 7 pieces 50c qunlity Pink nnd Light Blue Albntross at 25c per yard. 35 single Wool Shawls worth $1.25, $1.50 and #1.75, all at $1.OO each. This is a sale erery económica! lady in the City should atttend. Are you Economical ? D. F. SCHAIRER The most Marvcious, Interestlng, Instructivo and Kcflned Exhibition of the age and the ouly one of the kind in tho world. OPERA HOUSE AISIIST ARBOR, MICH. ONE WEEK. 8 Performances, Commeuciiig, M0NDAY, AUGUST 20th. Muna'er John I). Miahk-r has the honor to present l'KOF. OEO. BAHTHOLO.MKW'S EQUINE PARADOX, 24-EDUCATED HORSES-24 DO EVERYTHING BUT TALK. Eyerj Erening at 8 O'clock. Tf 0 AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES, Wednesday - Saturday, 2:30. At thc Wcdneaday Matinee, eaoli lady wlll be presentedwlth a bandeóme souvenir palettle of Nellle. Recepllon by all the liorses on he stage after the performance, to which ladlcs and chlldren aro specially lilvlted. SPECIAL I'RKES: Gallery .... S5 cents. Admission . . . . 35 Reserred Scats . . . 50 ' For Sale for all of the S Performances at Wahr'a book storo nn and after Siturday, July 18. Matinee' doors open 1:80. Commence at 2:10. Kvenlng doors open at7:15. Commence al 8. Performance over at ten. Afternoon ame as evenlng. Tüe horsea will raiite a parade over the principal streetx loavIliBthe Kuuink Palace CAK.Íat twelve o clock, Monday. Hhonld the weather be unfavorable the parade wlll be madeTuesduv The public areluvitedto limpect Ihe larxV most eoHlly and most complete car ever built íor homes, between 2 and i V M t'iim dny or Thuraday. ' "t CHICAGO TRUSS?7 ¦w S,r,a tW i'hi'ai.. Anpritto Jruas M Vproved by lU,d Rubber &- e hlgheMt Pad; Llght f-- ¦ Medical AuClean, Cool &mm thorlty.Woru Durable, KMi d a y and nlght by an Infant a week old or an Adult 80 years. Kusily adjutted. It meet 8 all forma of erotal, Fermoral, Iugulual. and Umbilical lernla. In bolh InfanU and AdulU. Satisact on guaranleed lu In all oases. Any deIrahle preSHUreobtalned. Lady'8 Umbilical ruBses a Ki'nnd uooess. If your druxKiüt ot-H not keep tl. Is Truss, endose Umn and ddrtHH, IIIKAI.II TKISN CO. ltt Kant Randoph st., fnce same place. Chicago, llï. T. Y. KAYNE, Manaqek. SOI.U by l i(iioit liKI it.ivis I


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