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Samanthy, Fetch The Old Flag

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smimnthy, go up garret, an" fotcli Our old Mag tiown ; I'iii goln' lewahowthe BelghborK thet there's a iniin tn tow ii !¦:. vnii-H ili gooit old ticket an' Ii'IMh the rood old IIhk ; lic 's ilifiul au mi a nwapptn' l(Trl lmnilaiiiiy Ui. Il ¦ptiHl-Hli'w mi-, ttuniiimliy, tint thPlil ?. JinrH the Imiid Iti-litnd tli k 'ere luimluniiy. ferglts thla blexttkl laixl Ht-zgota Hag wlth mnanln' in v'ry tttrlpu Hii'-atur Thet 's good tew )e remembered In peace ez wi-ll ez war. Yerdon't ketch me a-tralnln' wltli thls old han'ker cher Aflyln' fer u buuner, thet'u a leetle inltn U-w ter'. I heven't votlu' gince Mong In thlrtyIhree, An' Htar.s an' strlpes at Mectlon'B bln gooU enough ii-r mi. The revolutlon sojers, wben Itiet big flght wiim won, Wii'ni iloiirlKliin' no new Qag tew voto fi-r Washington; Tbe colon thuy hed Qt wlth an' under whlch they' bied Jes' sulted thelr straight ticket- the blue an' white an' red. In elghteen-twelve, the redooaU, wben they gotwhaled agln, LMsklvered tlu-t our bauner u big enougb tew win, No furrln troop he tecbed lt sence tlien, n'r wanti-.l tew, An' un, fer tl old Yankee, I oal'Iate lt 'II dew. V hen runnln' brave Old Hlck'ry, what 'u'd ln-'vi' tiald an'done Iffulks hed trletl tew 'leot hlm wlih any tlug but, one? Old Anily bed a fashion of apeakln' tew tbe p'lnt. An' iii'iin' mlghty cur'ua wben thlngii got outer J'lut. In sixty-one. Abe Lincoln nalled up them Htrlpes an'Ntara, Whlle Nutbe'u men waa rally In' tewflghtthe titarH an1 hars; 1' wh ii 't safe Ter noue. In them days, tew fooi wllh flags, n'r plot- Fer haulln' down the old 'un we hot 'eru on tbe spot. Tew you an' me, Sinuaiithy, thet flag of our'n !h dear ; 'Twas foldfed up In sorrer an' wet wltb many atoar) Ferboth our boys went marchlu' behlnd lt tew the rlglii, An' both Ht.KMl In lts shadder In fallln' fer the rlgtat. It's all we"ve got tew hum here tew keep 'em 'membereU by, Fer botb on 'em Is sleepln' beneatb tbe S'uthe'n sky; The stan'ard ttiet's a-Boatln' 'bove graves tbet's made us free, Aln't what they turna thelr backs on e, glts a vote from me. I'll cut a pastur' saplln' thet's tall an' tougb an' straight, An' ralse thet flag, Samanthy, clus by our old front ga te ; Twlll wave 'Uil nex' November, soz ev'ry one can see THot Freedom's strip o' buntln's tbe only badge fer me. 8o, go up garret, 8'mantliy, an' fetch our old tlag down ; I'in goln' tew show the nelgllbors thnt IIhto'h ü timn In town Kx voteH the irood olil ticket an' li'ists the gOOll Ol(t f1:ti He' ilcuiiimiii n-swappln' ferared bnudanny rag.


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