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Chicleen Cholera is decimating the flocks in Sharon. The Ghelsca Herald sighs for the marshal to collect poli tax. Tlie Manchester schools received $324 from foreign tuition last year. The farmers in and a bout Orass Lake nre to have a picnic August 22. Saline has 14 secret and other societles. Must be quite a society place, eh ? Thut republican mass meeting at the Chelsea Fair is sure to capture the f20. Eugene Helber, of Saline has gone to England to purchase soiue Engllsh coach lorses. Hou. S. G. Ives and family, ofChelsea, lave returned home froui the northern resorts. M. .T. Noyes, of Clielsea, recently Imorted soine line Oxford shoep for breedng purposes. The Michigan SfBod of the Germán jutheran Church Society is being held at Saline this week. The Manchester Post G. A. H. expect 0 have u big represen tation at Coluinbus, Ohio, uext iuonth. Preparatlons are being made to build he abutments for the new iron bridge over the Saline river at Saline. The recent electrical storms knocked he splinters oft'of inany of the telegraph and telephone poles in the county. The Germán W'orkingmen's Society of ilancliester, hokl thelr mmua cnic at Granger's Grove next week Thursday, August 23U. Frank Cook. who lives two miles southeast of Chelsea, lost a valuable mare last, week by its getting into a ditch in Dr. Jatos' inarsli near by. Theo. Wood, of Chelsea has Ueen visited by bis brothers A. J. and S. L. ïVood, principáis of the Brown and Clark schools, Chicago. Tlie house of N. G. Fowler, just opposite the Saline Observer ollice was struck by lightning recently. A warning to editor Hawkiiie, no doubt. The farmers of the county are rejolced over the recent plent'.ful rains. Plowlng br winter wheat is now the proper and fashionable thing on the farm. During one of the recent storms a hoek of oats standing in a tield on the arm of Wm. Ewing, Stony Creek, was truck by üghtning and burned up. "We learn thatFr. Joseph Strauns, of St. tfary's church, Intends to leave here oon. Who hls successor will be we ould not learn.- Manchester Enterprise. The ladies society of the Saline M. E. church now hold afternoon socials, so hat the older ladies of the congregation uay attend, and they are very successful. Chas. Henry, of York, reports 750 bushels of wheat froui 27 aeree; and Cd. Easterly, of the same town, from same number of acres, had 713 bushels, says he Observer. A farmer named Honry Chittenden vent to Howell last Tuesday, got drunk, and went to sleep ou the track of the T. 1 A. 11. K., and the early morning train Wednesday ran over and mortally inured him. Kzra Sanford has a litíle cabbage patch of only 15,000 plauts, on his Benton celery farm. The leaves of a cabbage less ,han five week's set out, measured 51 nches across. How la that for swamp and '-Chelsea Herald. The farmers in and about Watnpler's Lake, for miles around, will assemble at kloore's grove on Thursday, Aug. 936, or their fourth annual grand picnic. 3ase ball, swings, full lunch baskets, etc, will be the enticementB. Supervisor Gilbert, of Chelsea had some regular supervisor tactics played on ïlm by the Chelsea Councll recently. Ie put in a bilí of $50 for. niaking the assessment of the villano, and the council cut the bill down to $35. This is the season when a boy will go uilf a mile on a dark night, and climb a ight board fence for the fun of stealing ïarvest apples. Ah, well, stolen fruits are sweetest.- Saline Observer. Don't the temper of the buil dog have soineliing to do witli it? Clyde Beman, of AVuterloo, who some veeks ago feil from a cherry tree and roke both arms near the wrist joints, on Thursday of last week jumped trom a uggy while in motlon and broke the left arm agaln, sbout an inch and a half back of the first fracture.- Chelsea Herald. Workmen began tearing down the old jridgo and abutments at Manchester today. The water from the pond will pass hrough the flume, Mms leaving the bed of the river quite dry. The stone work must be finished by the lst of September, ind the iron work by the 15. - Manchester Enterprise. We loarn tiiat u uumbvr of gentlemen talk of leasing or buylng a tract of land ou the eaat end ol Wampler s Lake, on vliich to erect cottages. There is uo irettler site or cooler locatiou for rotages anywhere in the country than that, and we hope they will curry out their lans.- Enterprise. Mr. (Kis Hall, of this city is one of the :Iarrison veterans of 1840. In that memorable campaign he went from Ypsllanti ;o Detroit and there joined the great excursión to Fort Meigs, In Ohio, where he saw Gen. Win. Henry Harrison, and witïessed the sham Indlan fleht conducted jy genulne Indians, wltli which the great ;)olltic;il meeting was entertained. - Ypsiantian. Tlie bridge across the mili race will be rebuilt by uighway commlsgioner A. H. l'erry. The spile will be sawed ofl bclow the water line and new ones spliced on. The balance of the bridge will be built of new stuff. The work will bc done next week, and after the ISth travel will be obstructed for one week, rmd those wlio have business calling them across the river will plewe take notice.- Sharon cor. Enterprise. Last Saturday the öunday Schools of Webster had a picnic at Whitmore Lake. The provisions were all deposited In a supposed safe place, but when they come to set the table, lo! and behold! tlie pies and the cakes liad disappeared, but tho plates were very generously left. There are no susplcions cast upon any one, but the sly twinkle in the eyes of one or two boys belonging to an Ann Arbor camp near by, told of good living and rlch food. Owncrsof traction engincs should bear in mind that a law lias jone Into effeel which requires a man to be sent alonjr the highways in advanoe of thcir approach, tlms lesscning the poesibillty of ni n a way accidenta; also, f an engin Is stationed near a highwav, l mus) bé stopped whlle teams are pUerng. - Enterprise. Yes, and thia law is pcrsistently and flagrantly violatcil even apon khe streets of our cltie3 and rilfeges. It ought to be obeyed. The regular meeting of the Teacher Association of the township of Webster will be held at tlie Webster Congrcu;ional Church school house, on the afternoon of Aug. 25tb. The following essays will be read and discussed: "Care of school rooms and school grounds," by Frank Jolins. "Literature as an Auxilary in teaching, by Miss Jessie Williams. "Ueaülng in Kural Schools," by ll:irry Conliu. Mr. E. C. Warner wiH address the Society on " What Constitutes a Successful Teacher." All teachers outside ft' h Association, interested in such societies are cordially invited to attend. Monday evening, throuirli Mr. Osband of the Vpsilantian, tliu (ll.!r Furtuture Co. of Northviü", recciiycd frota Shanghai, China, an order lor 189 Mhool desks to be shipped by the most expedil route. The letter bore the Shanghai post mark of July 15, Yokahama, Japan, Jnly 10, San Francisco, Aug. 1, Ypsilanti 6, so we learn that it takes just one month for a letter to make the trip. It 8eems a lltttle strange that it should takc 10 days to get over the distancc betweeo the tlrst two points, but stil] to a forty-niner, that six days only should


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