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Wliy is Dakota kept out of the union Wil...

Wliy is Dakota kept out of the union Wil... image
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Wliy is Dakota kept out of the union Will i ¦¦! Argus please answer? The republican party can afl'onl to we] come lo its ranks such mun as Wm. Sta venson. of Flint, who was Gov. Hejiole' privnio secretary. He is a man of rar rooi! scnse and eound judsmeiit. Her is bis modest statement of the case: " have not written any letter or made nn declanttion of principies. I have quietl' and without any llourish of trumpet joined the party whose success, all thing considered, I tliiak would, at the presen time, ue for the best iuterestsof the coun try at large.'' At a recent prohibition camp meeting at Decatur, III., John A. ttrooks, can didate tor vice-president on the prohibí bition ticket, said In effect these words He itilmitted that he had been a rebel, a slave-owner, and a fire-eating democrat but tlmnked God that he liail never been .1 republlcan, and that he would not have that sin to answer for. He exhortec (..'hristian people to vote as they pray and aeserted ihat it the democrats nt republicans did not joln the proliibltlonits the devil would get them. Hovv do republicana wlio stood by the unlon when Urooksand other rebels weru tiy i n{ to destroy it, like such talk. Here is a nut for free traders to crack, taken frotn the paper trade imiustry ot this country: Under a high taritf in 1S83 the receipts from importcd paper were $1S,4OC87. In 1887,aLter the tariff liad been reUnccd 10 per cent., the receipts were iwelled to $342,216.87. That mesnt tliat u mier the free trade systeni $220.000 worth of paper had oome into this country from Norway iincl elsewhere in excess of what liad come In under a higher tariff. In Xorway thev pay women n the paper milla 15 cents a day und men 25. Here we pay the women $1 a day and the men $1.50. Under free trade we would have to compete wholly witn Norway labor. Oi'all tlie silly, absurd, or even mal Icloua ;it tfiii pts to injure au opposition onndldate In the eyes of the people, was tic; tclefcraphlng all over the country last Thursday that Oen. Harrison had withdrmwa. Tliere is not the least doubt in Ihe world bot the demócrata would like to bave 1) i 111 wlthdraw, (or he is growing i ii ttrengUi and popularlty every day, and will surely be elected. The immense quantitles of wealth whicb liave been poured into the treasm y of the democratie campai;n commfttee la being uied. It will be noticed tliat 11 of the old political backs of tho country like Sam Carey and Dick Trevellick are being bired or bought up rather, to take the itump for tho democracy. Well, Ilicy need 1 1 1 í inoncy, their talk won't hint any one, and the demócrata have lots to spend. They coulda't use it more liiinnlessly. The Argus gave a lot of ligures last week purporting to be the "tax" on certain artioles. Xow if the Argus would go a little further and giye the price of these very thingg when furnished to the people of thls country by foreign manufacturera and producers, and the prlce now ns furnished by our own producers and manufacturen, then it might prove soinethiiijr. It would prove that its terrible "tax" is all In its eye, Just where it really s and no whore clse. '


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