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!W;ilm runsthe englne, Murtón rings the beu. Har riston goei to tbe White Housa And Cleveland goea to- Buttalo. There is as much anxiety in KnglvM over Cleveland's election as theire U ii the soutli. Please don't target tlie fact fnat 1,700 voters ia Georgia aro equal to (4,000 in Michigan. Who vetoes pension bilis because he don't like the soldicrs? Who could do it but Grover? Burt's barrel was too far off, so the democratie headquarters for the state have been nioveii to East SaRlnaw. The one term reconimendation in Mr. Cleveland's inaugural '"has fallen into iiiiiocuous desuetudê," as it wcre. The Monroe County Convention passed a resolution favoring the renomination of Capt. E. P. Allen for congress. Tlie Michigan División League of American Wheelmen, will hold its annual meeting at Grand Rapids, Aug. 18th. They say theru ia lots of democratie entliusiasm in tlie country, but it is so quii't like that it must be in the bottles yet. Who goes üshing on Decoration Day instead of joining the services In honor of our dead héroes f Wiiy, our president, of course. In tlie revenuediHrict of liustern Miclilj;an there are 500 less saloous than last yenr. The lil?h tax is quite a temporáneo law after all. The Manchester beat the Tecumseh base ball club 10 to 7 last Friday. Had not the Detroit management better secure tlie Manchesters ? The democrats ure getting more sugar than they want juat now. Southern protection and northern free trade is working with the people. Take the tariff oft' of raw materials" is tlie cry of every city democrat you meet. Who rai8es the raw materials my farmer friend? Don't you ? The democratie papers must be fearfully scared and ternbly presssd, when tluy manufacture such lies as the one about Uarrison's withdrawing. In 1831 tlie south fought for slave lnbor and free trade; in 1884 the soiith is fighting for free trade and cheap labor. Are you going to help them obtain it, my friend? The best nails in the market retail at 5c per lb., and some kind9 sell for 3c per lb. Wonld free trade cheapen nails any? Ask anv hardware man what he thiuks about it. The Adrián Press man varied bis epitheta a trifle n his last issue. "Mali?nantly falge," and "irrevocably Idiotie" iswhatbeternnusnow. Giacious! what a temper! The republican state ticket is essen - tially a young man's ticket. There are gome pretty lively and wide awnke boys In its make up, and they will pull for vlctory too. Lord Brassev, of London, Eng., gives $5,000 to the Cobden Clubs, "to be spent in furtherin? the free trade propaganda in the United States.1' For whose benefit, gentlemen ? Yours, or Lord Brassey's ? Perrv F. Povvers, of Cadillac, editor of the News, of that place, formorly of the Ypsilantian, is upon the repablican ticket 'or member of the state board of educaion. Xewspnper men appear to be comng to the front. It is a disgrace upon the fair n.ime of our country, to dipfranchie and deny lo he people of Dakota and Washington ftrntory their political rights as Ameri¦iii cltizens, and this wrong N done imply for political rensons. Dick Tievellick, the Michigan labor agitiitor, says "Michigan is a strong remblican state and is getting stroiiger very day. Of course I urn sorry to see it, for I bate, yes, I detest the party, out one may as well be candid about it. " Among the recent converts to repnblican doctrines are Hon. John T. Dunt), ex-speaker of the New Jersey House of lic 'prcsentativeg, and Hon. John B. Haskins, of Tuscirora, X. Y., one of the brighti'St congressnien the democrats ever had. Mr. John I5rooks, of Wrighf, is 102 years old, is a staunch repubücan, voted for Harrisoü In 1840, nnd has a sou John Hrook9, Jr., 72 years old, who also voted for Harrison In 1840, and both father and son will vote for Harrison in 1888, if their lives are spared. - Munroe Commercial. Joseph H. Holman, of Hochester, Oakland Co., who was elected to the state house of representatives on the fusión ticket in 1884, has come Into the repubücan fold, and made a speech at the repubücan ratification meeting in Detroit, last AVednesday night. Oh, yes, Michigan wlll go democratie (In a horn !) At flret marble was put on the free list in the Milla bilí. Then carne several TenneMee quarrymen who said if that was done Tennessee woulcl go republican this fall. So marble was imincdiately restored to the protective column with 40 per cent. duty. The democratie party you notice is not a sectional party, at all. The following unes were not written with special reference to Brother Alüricli, of the Coldwater Republican, bnt the quatrain seems applicable : He tlilnks the man that nevcr klok.", A meelt and liumlilc fooi, For hes a Iticker from Klckervllle A ml hls putron saiiit's amule. - {Adnau Tiraos. Tlie Ii on Era, published in Lomion, Knjrland, nnd the Champion of the Iion Intereata of that country, has tliis item, wliiuh is very frauk, to say the least: 'The Cobden club Is trylag to ralse a Iarge sum of money to be pent m furtberlng the tree trude prupaKunda In the United Hiates, Lord Krossey has glven L1000, othern ls, and tliu hut ís golng rouud." Tliere is being constrtioted at the physieal laboratory of the University n curOUI aml strange litlle machine, whicli for injjenious mechanism is quite wonderful. Our pencil is not suflloiently familiar with mechanica to give a minute discrlptioD, and perliaps our readers would not care particularly for it if we did, but suffice it to gay the machine is a sort of a chronograph, and still it isn't a chronograph. It'sduty will be when completed, to register tlie riht ascensión, deellnation and magnitude of stars. It will be attnched to a telescope, and while a star is passing across thedisc of the telescope, by the manipulaüon of a few keys it performs lts work, and another key springs it back-into position to register another star '.hut may have come into view. It is expected that thls linie machine will correctly register ten stars while an observer could register but one by the method now In vogue, which is done solely by eye, and ear, and hand. The gentleman who Is constructing it is Mr. Herbert Thompson, of St. Johns, a student of the llterary department, and the suggestlons as to what is needed are from Prof. Harrinyton. The work was beffen immediately aftercommencement, though Mr. Thompson had drafted some of the plans previously. Clock work furnishes the motive power, and every pieee has been made by hand, save one or two steel cog wheels that had to be exactly accurate. Nearly every piece is made of brass, and the amount of patiënt labor expended in the tnaking of thrm oau only be judged by looking upon the niass. Nearly every part is now completed, and will be put togelher shortly, though it i.s xpected that it will take three or four weeks yet to complete It. By the way, .Mr. 'hompsun has shown great genius in :iis line of work. He has made two or hree telescopes, one of whlch is now in se in the St. Johns schools and is proounced an excellent one. JU ground ie lenses by Imnd, and has romarkbly successful.


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