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To tlie Editor of the Couhieu:- Tliere appearad in the Democrat ot Au. lOtli au item In the column of "Our Man about Town" a slur on the " Good Masous" as it States we are. Now, Mr. Stick-your-nose-in - otlier - people's - business, if you had informed yourself it would have saved you the trouble of having such slanilerous tales printed. For tliere is not a man ainonj; us t lint has refused to work 9 hours for $3.50 per d.iy, nor, is there one that has usked for an 8 hour day. Our scale of wages adopted last January was $2.50 to $3 00 per day. Altlioiijíli soine received $3.60. Now as to our laying around. The contractors and a number of the business men formed a unión and refused to hire us becaune we dare to beloog to a unión and ask Ü hoiir's puy fr a 9 hour day, and have II lied the town with strangers to fill our pluces. But 8till we live and do not steal nor do we ask alms of the taxpayor as most of us are tax payers oursclves. By Order of Union No. 7.


Ann Arbor Courier
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