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BIG REDUCTION SALE AT D. F. SCHAIRER'S In order ta reduce onr Summer stock rapldly and (u make room for Fall 6ao4$i we wlll fler onr entire Stock at &REÁT REDÜGTION ! Low prlees are winners and we are always THE CHEAPEST ! Sale Wash Drcss (Joods at unhcard of low prices. 15 pieces White India Linens at lOc per yard. 25 pieMa White India Linens at 12 I-2c and 15c a yd. 20 pieces Victoria Lawus at lOc, 12 l-2e and 15c per yard. 10 pieces Dotted and Fignred Swiss at U5c per yard, wort 40c. 30 pieces Flgured Lawus at 5c per yard. 10 pieces Black Organdy Mnsllns at 12 1 -2c per yard. 8 pieces Franca striped Chambrays were 25c, nowllca yard. One case clioice 12 l-2c (íinghams now Sc per yard. 25 pieces Plaid and Check tftnghftms were 10c, now Cc a yard. IS pieces 15c Criukles now IOc per yard. One case Hark Prints at .1 l-2c per yard. 10 pieces White Plaid 10c. Xalnsooks now Ge a yd. Big drives in fine White Plaid Dress (Joods at 10c and 12 l-2c per yard. 100 pieces Embroidcries at 5c and 10c per yard. Closingrout Swfit l'louncingrs at 50c and 75c a yard. Big mark down in Black Chantilly and Spanish Gnipure Flouncings and Skirtings at 1, $1.25 and $1.50 per yard. Over 200 pieces Freacli Lace Edges at 5c per yard. 3S pairs fine Lace Cnrtains at $1.50 and 2.00 a pair. 15 pieces Lace Stripe Curtain Scrim at Ge and Sc per yard. 5 pieces 25c Fancy and Lace Scrim at 15c per yard. 8 pieces Xottingham Curtain Lace at 10c, 12 l-2c, lCc, ISc and 25c per yard. 10 pozen 25c Bustles at 15c cach. Lovely White Aprons 25c and 50c cach. Silk Umbrellas and Parasols to be ciuseu oui mis montli at cost. 150 lbs. Odorless Oeese Fentliers at 50c a Ib. ÜOO lbs. best sclected Primo Liye Geese Feathers at 65c a Ib. Vía eau save jou money ou Featliers. Decided Bargains in Silks & Dress Goods During this Sale. One lot $1.00 Colorcd Dress Sllks at 7ic per yard. One lot Black and Colored Kuadames at 85c per yard. One lot $1.00 Snrali Sllks at 75c per yard. One lot $1.25 Fallle Francalses at $1.00 per yard. 4 pieces 4C iach heavy 75c Black Cusli moros at 50c per yard. S pieces Black 12 Inch all Wool Iress (ioods nerc 75c, novr 50c per yard. 1 1 pieces Slik Warp Henriettas at 1.00, $1.25 and I.5O per yard 7 pieces 50c quality Pink and Ltght Blue Albatross at 25c per yard. :$.' sliiyie Wool Shawls wort h $1.25, $1.50 and i 1.75, all at si . encli. Thls te a sale every ecoiiomical lady ; in the City should attlciid. Are you Economioal ? , D. F. SCHAIRER ,


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