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j tic ïuosl Marvelons, Inleresting, Instructivo and Iteflned Exhibltlon of the age and the only one of the kind in the world. OPERA HOÏÏSE ANN'ARBOR, MICH. ONE WEEK. S Performances, ('omincucitig, MONDAY, AUGUST 20th. Miina;;er JohnD. Mlabjoi has tho lionor to prAesl 1MÍOK. OJtQ. BARTHQLOMEWS EQUINE PARADOX, 24-EDUCATED HORSES -24 DOEVERYTHINGBUTTALK. Ercrjr Érenla? at S O'olock. TWO AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES, Wednesday - Saturday, 2:30. At the Wednesday Matinee, cacli lady wlll presentad vrlth a rmndaome souvenir i:ileltiecif Nellle. Receplion by all the horsen on the stage after the performance, to whlch ladles and chlldren ure gpeclally lnvlted. SPECIAL l'RIÍ KS: (iallery .... as eents. Ailiiiisini . . . . 35 Reserved Seats . . . 50 ?' For Falo for all of the 8 Performances at W:ilir's book store on and afler S.itnrday, Jnly is. Matinee's doora open 1:30. (Jommence at laO. Evenlngdoonopen ut 7:1.5. ('oinmence at 8. Performance ovar at ten. Afternoon performance same as evenlng. The horses will make a parade over the principal streel. leavlhKthe Bctonrs I'alack Caks al twelve oclock, Moiuluy. Shonld the weather be unfavorable the parade wlll be made Tnesday The public are inviled to lnspect the laruesl', most costly and most complete cara ever ijuilt (or bonea, between 2 and 4 P. M., Tuesday or Thursday. ;it, RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep conatantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Wholesale and Retall Trade. We utiall alao keep a nnpply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Odtorn'k oll Duwt Flour, Buckwhcat Flour, Corn Meal, Foed, Etc, At Wholesale and Ketall. A general stock oí GROCERIES ni PROYISIÜNS CoBBtantly on hand, whlch wil] be sold on as reasonable turma as atany other nonsi: In the city. Oaih pald for BUTTBR, BGOS, and (JOUNTKY PHOtKJCl geni-rally. (ioodo dfllverud to any iwrt of the ciiy without extra charue. RINSEY & SKABOLT. The Ann Arbor Courier. $1.00 PER YK.VU IX ADVANCK. "CHICAGO TRUSST' Vtlf Sj,u,,l JmbJ .¦hriui Al " Spring 'Wm BI Wpruied ly ! ll.u.i Rubber AJ! the hlghest ¦''":'.- U glit L Medicar 'li-iiti. Cool ¦h llHirlly.Worn X Durable, BP day and niKht liynn Inrantaweek old or an Adult 80 years. Kasily adjutted. It moots all fnrnis of 2E Scrotal, Kermorul, liiKUlual. aTid Umbilical . Hernia, in bolh InfantH and Adults. Hatlsfact on guaranteed In In all case. Any dealrablepressureohtalned. Lady's rnibllkal " lrusses a grand Hucoesa. If your drugglst loea mit keep thls Trara, endose stanips uud nddress, (IIK VI. I KI SH CO. s" _ _ , Ut üusl llanitoph l., Jrace same place. hl n'. 111. T. Y. KAY.TE, Manaqeu. SOM by IKBOK DRI .... INI - I:


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