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I. B. Bent i expected home Saturday. Judge Cooley returued to Washington líonday. Miss "Pert" Willard lias gone to New York tQ vlsit friendg. Miss Belle C'ook, of Pontiac, U vlsiting friends iu Anu Arbor. Prof Morris and family have arrlved home from North Lake. Mis-: Knnivi A. Bann, of East Saginaw 8 with.fdends in the city. Fred, S. Hubbard will not return to Washington until Sept. lst. Miss.Josie Giddings, of Cleveland, is vlslting Mrs. Dr. C. O. Darllng. Prof; Perry Is attending a teacher's institute at Willlatnslon, this week. Miss Zilphia Andrus is yuiting friends ut Oakley, Mich., tor a few weeks. Miss Carrie Everest goes enst Alonday to vísit a brother at Marión, Mass. Mrs. U. Popklns and son Robert, return this p. m. from a vislt in Augusta. Mrs. Dr. C. O. Darling and family have returned home, and the Dr. is happy now. Prof. M. E. Cooley left to rejoin his family in Fuirport, N; Y., last Monday. Miss pella Crawford, of Mllford, s expecled at D. C. Fall's to-day for a vislt. Mrs. N. M. Schofl has returned from a month'8 visit with friends in Cincinnati. Misses Cora and Flora Albripht, of Bucyrus, ühio, are visitinjf friends in the city. .1. J.Quarry and Tucron Qoodapeed arrived homo from New York Monday I. m. Mr. and Mr. Prof. de Pont and Mrs. Dr. Allen have returned from Wliitmore Lake. Misses Mattie Waltz ad Julia Kennedy are spending thls week at Vhitmore Lnke. J. J. Goodyear and wife left thls mornItíu for an enstern trip of two or mora weeks. Master. Clarence Clark of Battle Creek, ia visiting his grandfather Mr. Isaac Handy. Evart H. ScoU, left last Saturday for Sault Ste. Marie, and otuer northern poluta. Mina May Parker of Paluiyra N. Y., is the guest of Miss Sumiier on S. División street. Miss Nellie Childs has has been spending the week past with frieuds 111 Toledo and vieinity. Mrs. I. P. Biahop, of Chatham, N. Y., has been visiting her sister Mrs. Prof. Calvin Thomas. Miss Bertha Rogers, of Homer, who has been visitin? at L. H. Clement's has returned home. Miss Lou Giles and Miases Niaa and Jennie Davison are vlsiüng friendo in Detroit tliis week. Mls M. J. Kelsey, who had been visit ing Mrs. Rogara, returned home to t'liiiton, N. Y., Monday. Homer Henderson, of Cleveland, Oblo, is visit ing his parents and other relatiyes and frleiitn In the city. The families of Georjié Renwick and A. Wilscy break ramp at Whitmore Lake to day and return home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adams, of Syraous, X. V., spcnt Moiulay evenljj? at J. J. Goodyear's with friends. Mrs. K. Kittredge and fanuly have returned from the Litke. Mr. K. is sti II in the east seeking better health. M. L. Van Wart, of Elizibeth, N. J., is visiting her brother Win.N.Steveiia and dther relatives in the city. Wiïl H. P.iyne and wlfe went to Kalamizno yesterday to remain soine three or loiir weeks, and perhnps permanently. Mrs. J M. Hime is spendinj? a few weeks at Ann Arbor and River Raisin, Monroe county. - Howell Republican. Mrs. Uyron W. Cheever and farnily and Mrs. Payne and fainily of Packard st., are spendipg tlie day at the Lake. Mis 8 Nettie Daniels, who lias been visitintf relatlvis in Ihe city tor a few dart, went to Dexter this a. m ., to visit friends. Miss Carrie Bell. retnrned Mouday cveninyr froni a week's visit at Pleasant Lake, llanilmre, with her friend Mis Huil. Taks tCannda, Ed. McAllitter, Frank and Ed. Parker and Howe WlllUms have gone to eamp at Whitniore tor two weeks. Miss Allie Miinslicld ]i-ft for (,'old water this OMroáng to visit friends for a few days, jolniug her mother who has been tliere tor som time. Geo. I. Moore bas r'ne to Idlewild Beacli, above Port Baron, and will return Friday with his family, who have been absent some six weeks. B. R-indall and wife leave for New Vrk, Boston, 2S'ew Havenrete., Monday, to lic absent soine tlnee or more weeks, retnrninj; vla (JleTeland. Miss Louise L. Loving has been appointed assistant in the hili school at Streator, III., teaching Lattn and giving instruction In Elocution. Mr. and Mrs. James Kinffsley and family, oí l'aula, Kansas, arrived in the city Saturday, called liere by the deatli of Mrs. Kingsley's aunt, Mrs. Uisdon. Dr. W. F. Breakey, who lias been quite ill for a few days, is convalescing. He expects totake a Lake Superior trip soon in tlio hope of recruiting his liealth. Miss Abbie A. Pond, arrompan ird by her little nlece Bessie and nephew Ilarry Pond, returned Tuesday from a three wpeks' visit with friends in Fllut, etc. Profs. W. II. Pettee, H. S. Carhart and Dr. A. B. Prescott, have gone to Clevel,ml to attend the meeting of American ScienMflc Association, now in session tliere. ('bas. W. Warner and wife leavo Saturilay for New York City, taking aboat at Detroit for Búllalo. Charlie expects to get some pointers on cuttiiig while he is gone. E. 0. Hlnman, of Battle Creek, Mrs. IJyan, of tbe saine place, and Wm. Beers, of St. Clair, superintendent of tbo Albert Miller í'ann and salt blocks, were In the city over Sunday, in attendance upon Mrs. Itisdon's funeral. J. E. Wyman is now engaged in business in Brooklyn, N. Y., huving invented a type wrlter that Is sald to be an excellent machine. Mrs. Wyman hns broken up house-kecplng in Detroit preparatory to removing to Brooklyn, but wlll visit relatives in the city for a few weeks prevlous to her departure east. We notioe by the publlebed lists tliat W.K. Chilüs of thls city has buen gianted mi increase of peusion. Whicli is a substantial favor worthily bestowed. List Satunlay O. E. Hawkins of the Saline Observer, wanilered Into the County Clerk's office, accoinpanied by a line looking lady, and after bltishina around Deputy Clerk Brown for a time finally told his orrand; and probiibly one of the most pleisinr tasks "Arfs" pen ever nndertook was wheu it wrote out that marriagti licenise, and the merriest dollar that ever cllnked and jingled in his pocket alon? with keys, horse chestnutu, etc, was that dollar paid to him by Mr. HawkiilS for license. Of course it was greed that no Ann Arbor newspapef man gbould be let on to the event, and the license was carefully stored away in the archives of the county' burjflar proof safe, bilt fortuuately one of the CoüBIM'a reporters happened to be ijuictly ensconced in an ndjolnlng room, and jottcd down the whole business. Ine Observer will not scoop the Ann Arbor preas on tbls Item, but the boys here will all join heartily in wishing Bro. Hawkins and bride, a happy " nmke-up" with an almndance of "quoins"and a housefiil of "duplU'atc" "forma." We "embrace'- Uid tlicy probably do also- this opportunity, to hope that thcy will nlways liave plenty of " pie " in the house, and that "fat tukaf will be the 'Tule" on their "copy hook" of llfe; that there will be no disrord "distributed" in thelr "case"; and no "ahooting sticks" ever needed, but that pence pleuly, and happinets may como to Ittedl In "columns" of "solid nonpftrail" ut "legal rates." " D.iali " it ! What's the matter with that fora fraternal send oft ?