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Monday evening tliere was a specia sesslon of the council, witli full boar present. A petition of E. T. and J. D. Bali win, reqiiesting the privilege of arectlp a slied ín the rear of their new bulldin on State st., was referred to lire com mlttee. The Board of Health sent a com munication, slgned by Dr. W. P. Brea key, M. D., health offlcer; Kli V. UoOM presidentof the Board, and Dr. C.G. I;ir Ung, health ofllcer of Ann Arbor town reiterating the charges lieretofore made of the foul water furnlshed by the Water Co., and requesting the same to go on record. Which was ordered. The Recorder thea the followiiiL report: Your Comnilttee, to whom was referred the repor of the Board of Health In regard to the water lurnlshcd by the Water Compauy would respectfully raport that they hive had the matter ander invustl;atlou, and find that the natural drain from the barn-yards relerred to, is not Into the ravlne f ruin whlch water has been taken at different time. inelnlet pipe fruin thls sonree is now cloxed but was not untll Auk. 3d, althoiiKh no witer hu Win taken froni this sonree since laat April, except In case of a heavy rain, when It would raise tho water so as to run in. The other spring which ia the min spring from the Allen farm, lias been undergoiui; tune charles dnrlng tho past week. mediten is belnï tllled with stone, Icaving now and then an open apace for cattle to drink. Thu chaDge is not one that your Oouimtttce can recoinmend, aa it does not stop cattle from crogglng aud the water, and, further, wnen the lêavai fall they will lodf;e amnnsst the Btone and decay which wlll not help the water. Yonr Committee would recommend that the only conditioua upon which thiü spring shoald be allowcd to bc uscd ou eithcr, that they fence it 15 feet from each slde oí or the ditch aloni; its entire length and allow the sun hght to gvt to the water, or that the pipe bi' run to the head of the spring. We further think that the Board oí Health, has been fully juatiliod in makiBK its reporta. JA8. H. BACU, THOS.KKABNS, JOHN Ü'.MARA, CommitUf. iic(ui i, nucuiiuii auu auopreu. Aid. Allmemliuger, from the sidewalk comniittee, reported that owing to ]rovisions n the charter it was impossiblo to chance the ordinances so as to meet the requiremcnts in iorcin the building of sidcwalks. Aid. Mlller from comniittee on fire department, reported ajriiinst the potition of Fred. J. Schleede, ankin; permissiort to build a 8hed in the rear of his building on State st. Tteceived and adopted. Aid. Wines then read the ordinance prepared for the Street Kailwaj' Co., which was accepted and the onnnance adopted by a yea and nay vote, every member voting yea, and "was onlrrnl printed in two city papers. [The onü nance wlll bcfouml in full upon the 2d page of tliis paper ] Aid. Allmendinger offered the f'ollowIng: Itesolved, That Mr. Asbley's offer of a drawinff of the elevatloD of the proposed depot with a descrlptlon of the same be accepted in order that the Councll uiay act understandiugly in the matter. Aid. Ware moved that the matter bc laid on the tüble until the next regulir raeatiog. Mr. Sawyer was then purmitted to aldress the councll In reference to the question. The motion to luy upou the tabla wn8 lost by i vote of Í) to 5 and the original motion carried by a vote of 10 to 4 Aid. Martin moved that the matter of the rentiog of the graundj for a publii iimrket be referred to the lieense comniittee. Carried. Adjourned. Jacob Fisher dled at the county honsi Monday. Thos. O'Ncil of this city lias boen iMiiti'il au increAse of pension. The A. O. U. W." Lodge lias piaron the oriler for the lodfie chalrs wlth Mr. M. Huiler. Martin Halier is to ship a Wil of ftirniiiin: to Dakota and anotlier one Boon to Wlscoii8in. The fare to Whltmora Lake Batnrdny wlll be 40 cents for the round trip on the T. & A. A. E. R. Those who have never Vtslted Port Wayne can have an opportnnlty on Co. A's excursión next week Thursday. Have you notieed that excellent portmit of Jas. M. Stafford iu the window of Iiliss's jewelry ptore? It is the woik of 1. M. Long & Co. The T. A. A. & X. M. Ry. Co. will sell on Thursdays of ench week, tickets to the (Jincinnati Exposition for one and one-third fare for the round trip - frood 5 days from date of sale. A. J. PaiSLBY. The Odd Fellows are to give a grand excursión on Wednesday, Au?. 22(1, over the T. & A. A. R. U., to Toledo, mul Preique Isle. Far for the round trip, $1.00, and only 50 cents for chlldren. Tliose who desire may ride on the boat all day, if they wish, stopping at tlie island is many times as they want to, providin;; they do not get out at the city. You better go. At Presque Isle Park, Toledo, next Wednesday, there will be a free cliariot race and tiglit rope walking; there will aUo lie u nauw of base ball between two of the tri-state league clubs, and an entertainment at the opera house on the Ishind. This Islaud is one oftheflnesl litted up parks iu the country, huvini; everythlng almost to deliht the eye, and keep pcople entertalned. There ;uc t)oats, botli sail and row, and batli houses In rreat number. The excursión isgiven under the auspices of tlie I. O. O. F. lol!fesof this city, and the boys expect toflll cight or ten coaches witli pleaMire seekers and sightseers. Thisbeinx a new place pcople will want to go and see it. Only $1 for the round trip, children 50 cents.


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