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Vigor and itality Are quickly given in every part of tli body by Hood's Sursaparilla. Tliat tire feellng is entirely overeóme. The bloo( is purified, enriched, and vitali.ed, im carries liealth instead of disease to ever ffin. The stomach is toned and strengtu ened, the appetlte restored. The kid neys and liver are ron sed and invijror Rted. The braftt is refreshed, the min made clear iind ready for werk. Try it St. Peter - Youhk man, yoa're niad a inistuke ; yon want to iipply at th lowergato. Tougli eitizens are not ac mitted here. Applicant- I niiiy liave been a toug citízen, Imt I wever vlsited a newspape office and told the editor how to run hi basineu. St. Peter - I beg j'our pardon. Ste riglitin. Yon'll Bnd tlie large-sized wiDg in that row.- Pliila. Cali. Itn't that beuntlful?" said a younir tntrelinjc man to Mis. De Parque, as tli orchestra tlniflied playinp; the "Marseil laise.'1 "There is something so sublim and soul-ítirring about that Lrand ol air." " Ye," responded JIrs. De Porqi lanuldly; "but yon shouid liave been with me to Paris and heard it plnyed i Fiinrli." - Merchant Tra vel Ie r. OH! MÏ HE AD. The puin from Neuralgia and its ex m pan ion disease Rhpumatism w excruciuting. Thousaud wlm cotiM bc cjuickly eured are needlesslv muífering. Ath-lo-pho-ros wiil do for othen whut it did f'or the following partios: WilliAmanort Iod., Oct. 1 18S7. HavinK been atflutKÍ with nenrulipia for the past ïouryeara, and tryintfaimtirit eyorythintt. iMitin vam. I lluaïly li.mrd of Athloplionm Aftrr t-nktnii on1 lot t le I fotind it t" h"]piiuf int', aiij aftiT tiikinir ft mr hottUwuf Athloplmnie And one of Pilis, I found that I was jntirely well. 1 think the medicine is jKttiitively a suro cura. Chaukcet B. Rf.hdick. Mt Carmel. II). Dik M, 1W7. I hftTH nned Athlophonw iu iuj foiiuly aiul find it to b the (rrwtt medrane for nounüeia in xistfiiro and harinf had it f&njt t i-f tici apODinofortba part iiiiyeaiii I knnw wheroof I spfak. Mbb. JüU& ChiltoH. fl"S-nl 6 ceöts for the beautlfül cotored pictnr', "ifoorUfa Muilfii." THBATHLOPHOROS CO. 112 Wall St. N. Y. Ask For Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and be sure you get it, when you want the best blootl-purifler. I "O A With ito forty year J ffSjv I cess in the pure of 7 JtF"7 I Blood Diseases, you I 'fTffev. can rQ"l'6 no misl X_JrXJ take in preierring wMíÉ'Jl SarsaParí"a Í ' '$? rsA t0 any otner 'rhe 1 7)3 iji iore-runner of modU r'Yf fêêt I ernblood medicines, 'MLJv"ies5V Ayer's Sarsa]arilla pSa' P5 W is still the most popfcL? íí i ular, being in great?" 2aö?' er J6111811! than all Jfc a others combined. "Ayer'3 Sarsaparilla is aelline faster tlian ever before. I never liesitate to reconmjend it." - George W. Whituian, Uruggist, Albany, Iud. " I am safe iu saying that my sales of Ayer's Sarsaparilla far excel those of m!y other, aml t gives tliorough satisfaction." - L. H. Bush, Des Moines, Iowa. "Ayer's Sarsaparilla and Ayer's Pilis are the best selliug medicines in niy store. I can recoinmend theni conscientlously." - C. Iiickliaus, l'harmacist, Eoselhnd, 111. " Wo have sold Ayer's Sarsaparilla lioro cir ovor tliirty years and alwav reconimend it when asked to name the best Ijlood-purifier."- AV. T. JlcLean, Druggist, Augusta, Ohio. " I have sold your medicines for the last scventeen years, and always keep them in stock, as they are staplf.s. ' There is nothing so good for the youthiul blood' as Avor's Sarsaparilla." - H. L. Parker, Fox Lakc, Wis. "Ayrr's Sarsaparilla gives the best satisfiution of any medicine I have in stink. I recommond it, or, aa the Doctors say, ' I prescribe it over the counter.' It never fails to meet the cases for which I recommend it, even Where the doctors' prescriptions have been of no avail." - C. F. Calhoun, Monmouth, Kansas. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, v i PREPAKED BT Dr. J. C. Ayer Sc Co., Lowell, Mm. Price tl ; lx boulei, 5. Wortli $5 bottl. ¦Bbl k, il Th : is theTop of the Genuine Per lTop Lamp Chimney. Allo! iers,similararcimitation. 23AThis exact Label yÖfcS KV isoneachPearl ri n Top Chimney. r4 A dealer may say M9Ui Wt and think he has SBE Qpr others as good, TP BUT HE HAS NOT. Insist upon the Exact Label and Top. For Sale Evervwhere. Ma:: only by BEO. A. MACBETH&CO.. F, .borgh, Pa. r- P.URE -- CREAM gAKlNg lts superior excellence proven Inmlllionsof hornea lor raorethaa aquartaroracentary. It laused by Uip United States government. Endoreed by th IicjuN nf the u reut Universltles mi BtronceM, Pnreii.and inost Heuitliful. Dr. Prlce'l tfieonly BakiDR l'owtlerllmt iloes not ron i muí A ni nion iu, Llineor Alum. 8old only n runa. PRICE BAKINO POWDER CO., If YOHK. CII1CAOO. 8T. I.OUIS. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE I $29,000,000. Sc carity held for the protectfon of the pollcy holdcrs. CHRISTIAN MACK fTWLlWltl Ihe followlnt; flret-clane companle, of whii-'h oue, the Etna, lian alone paid $5,000,000 Ure lottsce in eixty-fi vu y uars : Etna, of Hartford $ 9,192,044 Kranklin of l'hilailelphiii 3,118,713 Gcrmania, N. Y 2,700,729 1 terman American, N. Y 4,06S,968 Liondon Assuranoe, London.. . 1,410,788 Mlchiftan F. A M., Detroit. . . 287,008 N. Y. Undorwriters, N. Y 2,r)96,67e National, Hartford 1,774,505 1'lKJEiiix, Brooklyn 3,759,036 Losse libtrally ailjusted and promptly paid. Policics ssucd at the Inwcst ratc of premium. naitr


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