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IBEJJj IUTÍLY f Z-Zm POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thta powder never varlfs. A mirvel of ïmrlty, pfength and wholepoiiienesa. üor eeouomical thnn thi' ordlnary kinds, and caniot be sold In competiti 'il with ttu multlttide of low tost. short wiight alom or nh ephate p"vdeni. ffiilrl nnly in filnx. KoYAL B kim. I'ow DEB Co , KK1 Wall 8t.. N. Y. AFRIGHTFULSKIND1SEASE. Nuil, i in--. lnt-i'. llad iiearly rau. itod covered wlth Horen. Cured by tli ruiirurn Komedie. HMtn. Stevens & BauNBR, Morrot, N. C. Kar S r.i, - AbiMit two mOBthfl ao, on your rcoïiiiut'ndation, 1 bout a botllt' ui Ci'ththa Beuolvwt. on e box CiTiciiKA Salvk, and one cake ut 'i in i-ka Soap, lor my con, tged tblrteun rnr, who ha beii afllicted vitli ecscmtfors lonf time, and [in ploanrd to pay that I believe V' medtoe tutve cun-d him. 11 í s Bufterinir.- were Intense hlsbend beltigneartyratf, ma ean belns gooe except the grieiU', and hia body wae covered itii sores II is condiiion wue Trighlful t behüld. r s h;i,' dow all riisappeared. his ëkin U hfiUhy, es brlg'it, chrerful Ín dieposltlon, and iö worklng every dy. My neljihbora are wltneMM iu ihis rrmárKabie cure, and doubtiüií (inee are rc4iu'tiUd tocallur writc m ', or auy oí my ueitiWM. S. STEPHBNSON. WlNCnE?TEK P. O., LrNIüN Co., N.C. Monrue, N. C, Oct. 29, 1887. The Pottkr Dkih; and Chemical Co.: Unitli tncii, - Mr. V ni S. Stephenon of tUfa county broujiht hin son to town ti-dny to let ai 6 him, fti.d to show ub what Cuticura Kkmeuiks had done for htm. Thit is the oi.- refetred t(i Ín our letter t yoa come time apo. Ti look at tin1 hoy dow, one would BQppoM tiiat tbera had never been anythitu; the matter with bfiBBil to le in perfect bualth. We havu written and li.n-v.mi incloee what bis titther has to say abuui lh( matter, - wrote ít justa." hedlctAted, Wc el Use quite a qnantity of CunrurtA RtHKDiKa and bear oothlu but praleee for them. We rutianl tlie ( r rit uk a Kkmkdik Ihe tu Vt in the nnrki-t, and fliall do all we can to proinolr llicir s ile. oara truly, 8TKVKN8 & BUI'SEK, Droftflita umi PlüirmacUta. Ci'TiiritA. the Lrriiat ckin en re, and Cotiouka SoApprepared from it, externally, and Cuiiouiu Rl -o] , knt. tbe new blood pnrifler intenmlly. are a poe i Uve ca e for every form of skin aud bload diseaaea from pimplet t scrofnbi. Sold erery where. Trice; CutiuuA(50c.j Boap, 25c; RK8OLVBKT, $1. I'repared by the Pottkk Diuu t Chkmicai. 0o„ liuïitoii, Masa. "Ssodfor "Bowto 'nr'' Skin I)!-eiwc9,"61 p igeg, 50 ElIostratloiES, and l()0 teHtiraonlalö. PI M I'I'RS bhick-buadíi, redi rough. cliapped aad lilVl jily skin i)reventodby C'uticuka ISoap. Sneezing Catarrh. The ditrertsing aneez-, aneee, anee.e, tbe acrid wtilery dlschurgea from the eyes and nose, the püinful ii. il tiiiinaüoii extending to the throat, the swelllOffOf the mncous lining, caustiifi choking MBflft(loD0 cough, rin'ini; doIsm in the head and i-piüiii.' headaches -how f.imiliar these symptoms i tliotmamlg wlio sufíer periódica! from hcad rolds or lntlucnzi, and who live in inorance of the fact thut a iDle applicatioD of BANraKD'a Radical Cuhe rolt Catakkh will afl'jrd instantaneous relief. But thi? treatment io cases of simple Oatarrh vlvM bnt a taint Idea of wbat thls rvmedy will do In the entonte l'orms, vvhere the bruathiiip is obvtrurted by cbokinfr patrid mucuas accumulatioDS, the huariiiK effect ed, smell and ta-te t,-oue, throat ulceruted aud backlni; cough gradually faítenin; Imelf npon the dehllitated system. Then it Is that themarvellous caratlve power of Haufokd'h Radical (Tuk m mlfestg Itself in losiantaneous and rftteful relief. Cure bejrlns from ïhefirat appllcauón. It la rapid. radical, permanent, econnllliC.ll. Bftfo Saniikokd's Radical Curi consists o( one botllt nf the Kadioal Cure, one box of Catarriih. Solvent, and oiic Impiiovkd In kaler; price, tl. Pottïr Drhu and Cuïhiuai. Co.. Boston. PAINS anï WEAKNESSES OF t i; u m Iii-tantly rellevod by the Cutirura Viili-l'Hiii Fluter, a iimw, moei at'reable, inetantaneous and infnllible palii-killlng planter, epecially adapted to rt-iievt' Kfinale I'ains und Weakaeaaea. Warranted vaatly supi'rior to all 'Mor plaatera, and the mot-t perfect Antidote lo Pain. Inflammiition and WcRkm-KB yetcomponnded. At nll iragg sta, á.í cent; live for 1.00; cir po-Mire freeof PoTTBB Uhitu & CukkicaI. Co., Boeton, M.iïs. Ia The Greatest Blood PurifierJQ KNOWN. # I Thls tírcat Oerman ïk-dirlne is thc# II eheapert and best. 138doseêof 8VL-Mgg I I'IK lL Hn"rEltSfor1.00,K'8sthnn 5 I cant a di'. It will cure tlie t UI QworBt cases of skin dlaensi', fromW M :i oommon ïilmplo on the taevM Jf jJ Itn that nwful ilirase Srrofuln. gr 8ÜLPH0B JïITTKHS la xhoW best mcilii'lno to use in li# - cases of sucli atnbborn mulTonr III deep Kcated dlbeat;B. VuWw ar 1 1 III not ver tako Mutorder. l'seJÜ Fl RLUE PILLS #SUI.IMIU)tQ tJ BLUE KII.L.O Ï1TT1-"I!S I ' wrm Ulorinprciiry.tlieyarcae.aa noIl III ly. l'l.icc your trust Uw' -.vhut nilslll I purestand hvrtfj 'us0 II llmedldueevermado.nlplmp BltterS 1U JJlsyonrTongTieOoateá# r Q with n vel low Rtlrky#Don't walt until tou Eg nBnbstanceP [syoar#u uimiiletwulk,orin breatb foul ni,m ll"t mi yr liM.k.l I oflengive? rotir#bntiomeat onr.'.ltl Btomach la .ure you. buli.hurlll .,1 order. ('.„¦#Ititters is n BtBmfTO8# Invalld's Friend.g "lmnii'cli:itelynieyounpr,theaxclaii(l tot-M Ih ycmr lr-#u-riii ra Boon manewell byl I lno thlck,#its uae. li.uu'mlier what youl I ropv , 0loT#read bare, lt may save yuurll udy, ür#iff, it lias suved )iiiiulivds.lll g. #Uon't walt untll to-morrow, "Í Try a Bottle To-day! ? I I Are vnu low-splrltel and wrak, 111 I Mnr ndtarlna fmm the oxceaaea t ¦¦¦ II CS FOr HUIK l ll'K ' ,., i)l1'rl'l.'IK II II 2.#vouth? If ¦ M Ll'llLH lilllbltólll Jrwia cure you. Bo8t"n.MuS3.,forb.-.un.-.ll.alvi...l.publlBliuJ?


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