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Grover's Popularity

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"Cleveland Is very popular nbroad" writes a i iüii correspondent and admirer. ' - Daily Newspaper. "ilurah forbold Urover! " the Julinny Uulls Nhout ; "H-'ll ííIvc ux hls ui. ii kits and turn the Yankee out ! We' 11 ell Vrn our Iron, our clolh and all that. And hls workmen starve whlle our paupers grow lat!" "IIuïz for bcaucrovulrc!" Uie Jean Crapeaua yell; "lluzza for free trale, ven ve've somezlng to all! Ve aall sell 20111 se tirandy, ze champagne, ze Hut, by Kar! vo no huy ze American hog!" 'Yali! Cleveland Ist goot!" grunts old Ulsniarek wit h glee, "l'inl ve'll tax Yankee meat, and he dakes our wool free '. Vot 1 cares for de Wetil, mlt delr wheat and d Ir pork. Ven ur beer-drinkers gif us dor Bdate of New York!"' I 1 'antiek, our next nelghbors, hls trluinph mucti wlsh, In' ves thein their way In llie wiuabble lor tisli; Kreun 11 Jiig-handle treaty to liiliish free Craoó, They have only to usk and the bargaln 1h mude ! Yes, they drink Cleveland' htalth In KrancCi KiiKlaml and Spain, And they shoul "a new Cobden Is rlsen aKaln! ' They praltie li 1 m In Berlín, VlPtina and Home, luu, jUKt mark what i teil you- we'll beat hlm at home ! Ah, 'tls nlce to be pralsed by the Kugllsli and Dutcb, Uut the pratse of our oes don't bamboozle us much! We t!;e lu thelr taffy wlille wlnklnüone eye, And remember the tale of the. Spider and H'lyl Victoria, 111.


Ann Arbor Courier
Old News