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1 PAINT UI Rrnlni fOIT CON OXF-UHT FfCtiY P TT T Í?-C Fíint Iriday, run it to Church Sund.iy. Eight ;= j aE i Stiadcs: lilack, Maroon. Venmlion , I f Bloc, Ydlow, Olive l.ake, Brewstcr and Wagon j LÉ% Gieafc No VarnKhing necessary. UHr hrd ;.- Hiiti a "bhlue." Une CiAit and job is done o S YOUR BUCCY A Tip top fbr Chaire, Lawn Seats, Sash. Fiower 5 jh 1 Peí, Hihy Carnajes, (Jurtain Potes, Furnúure. L „& ¦JU Front IXxirs, Store-íronts. Screen Uoors, Boats, 3 9 M.m:lcs, I ron l"cn e, 1 íact everythlng1. Just = " the tliing íur the ladies to use about the houc M . FOR ONE DOLLAR 2 COIT'S HONEST W Are you Roing to Paint thi yeart If so, don'l 5 L á ¦I buy a p.unt contaimng water or benzine when 3 _ fort he s-iiiie money (or nearly so) you can prixnre , - 11)11 A l UN FI Kit PAIÏT ÜVH i, rr.nt.-1 to Ü Ï tS ¦" bemn HONhsr, t.KMiK i.inskkdom. iut " i J C3 .ind free from water and benzine. l)eman1 ihU 25 - _ tii-ftud nd lake no ottirr. Metchantl h.indlin(f = U t are our agents and authorizcd by us, i irriting, ;:s to rrnt l lo wcar & KAKH ilh KÜA'hor L& máK tliU H'i 2 COATS. Our Sh.ides are thc = "T l.atrst Stylfs sed in the Hast n"w bt-emning -"Z i LJÜ ." popular in the West, and up wiih thc times IJ 1 Iry thii brand ..f HOXBS1 PAIÏCT and you mU f Jj 1 ncver regret it. This to the isc ii sutlicicnt u g HOUSE PAINT i COITS FLOOR PAINT; Ü Paint that never dricd bcyfnd the iticky point, E? w w.iste a week, nrail the Job, and then w arl f " r:xt tin.c c.U i.,r I1IIT A ( O's HjHHt I'.IM ZZ X ' popuUrand 1 I - f , ¦m hard ¦ a, in, h otrr qigM. No Ireubt N 1 a Z. aWCHf DRY STINKT S ftianifl KevardMl are tliose wlio read U ÜI Ytliis ud the.i art; lliey will flod UéaW I ' aritile eiiiployment that will not tnke thein from thelr bomas and ramllles. The prnflu are large ant are ftr every lndustrious person, niany llave Butdeaod are dow mak ing reyen! hondrd dollars a month. It is easy for any olie U) $." anit upwards per ilay, wlio is williliK towork. Kitlicr sex, yoimg or old; oapluu Dotneeded; start you. Every ihint; n-w No special abllity ruqulred, you, reader, can do It as well as any oue. Writeto ns at once for full particular, wliicli we ni:iil frre. Addrt-ss Silnson & Co., Portland, Mame. ¦ ¦¦¦ Mea WonderH i'xlM In thousands or ML L Utoniis. bui iiri' surpiis-ifil by the mar ¦ ¦¦I VL'S of Invention. Tbnsé who ire In necd of proñtahle work that can be donewliile living at home sliould at once send their address to naliet & Co., Portland, Malne, and reoelve free. full Iriformatlnn Imiw allhar set, of all agen, can earn from fs to ttó [ihi day and upward, wherever they live. jou Btarted free. Capital uot requlred. Home have made over föo iu a single day at this work. All suceted. lP" I II MACKINAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamers. Low Ratea Foor Trips por Week Betwoen DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND Bt. Ijrnaco, Chboygan, Alpena, HamavUlo. Onocxla, 8an5 Beaeh, Poit Huron St. Clair. Oakiand Houae. Marine City, Kvery Weolc Day Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Special Sunday Trips during July and Auutt. Our Illustratcd Pamphlets ütoe nd Bxoursion Tioketa wtllbn f uruiahod by your Ticket .Agent, or Kddreu E. B WHITCOMB, G.n'l P. Ag.nt, Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT, MICH. Piso's Cure for ConH sumption is also the best B CougU Medicine. If you have a Cough E3 3 without disease of the BI 'S Lungs, a few doses are all Ei g you need. But if you nefgl 3 glect tliin easy tneana of Ml 3 safety, the slight Cough tH H may becoine a serious Kl ¦a niatter, and soveral botH tles will be required. LADIESPEDERylLsl Do Tour Ovrn I. ins, at Home. They will dye evcrytliiiijt. They reold eTery. where. Pnc-e lOc.a pnekagc. Tlieyhavenoequal I r Strength, Hri(thtnM, Amount in PackaK or for FiMtiii-M of ('olor, or non-fudin? Qualities. They do not crock or srnut; 40oolors For by J. J. COODYEAR. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. -rurity huid rr ihc prpteetlOB of the poliej CHRISTÜÑ N1ACK Rmrauata Um Mtowtas bMlMtwiaiH of fhich one. the .Kt na. ha alono uald Sfi,oEo wm aro ¦MtMlniuty-tTyut: -¦Kina. of Hartford 9 T93.644 Franklin ot PhlIadelphtH S 118 718 Qcrmanla, N. Y " 2,TOo'73fl Ocnimn Aincriciin, Ñ Y 106.'' 0C8 l-oiuloii Awaranop, Lnntoii.. '.i! MichifTiui F. á M., Dwirnit... .'OS BT.T. liHl,Tw,ii,.,s, N y a,59687fl National, Hartford 1 774 KftK 1'lioHilx, Hrooklyn ..j; a.r.i'.i.t! Losse llbcrally adjuslfd and prmni.tlv nai.l Nieta i„u ., ai loweat rat „F,,,",',,,,,,,,'


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