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Death Of Mr. Justus Carpenter

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Mr. Justus Carpenter, an account o whose cleatli is given below, taken frou the Siiuk Kapids, (Minn.) Sentinel, ral a brotlier of Mr. Horace Carpenter ol tbis cily, nel tor a nuinber of years i resident of tliis county, wliere he lia: always been liiglily respected: It becqmes our palnful duly to record Lhi sad and untimely death of oue of our oldes aud musí respecled ciilzeiis, Mr. .hisins Car penter, whlch occurred last Thursday, Sep 1.11,1.. r 13, 18S8. The saddest part of lt li Itiat on the mornlng of that day our frlenc wa feellng parllcularly brtght aud well foi htm, and went out In the afternoon to hli coru tíeld, ubout three-quarlers of a mili north of town, to haul tu a few cornslalks As he dld uot return as soon is he was ex pecled to, Mrs. J. W. Watson, hls daughter drove out to meet hliü, aud fouud tils deud body In the field, some thlrty rods or so froi where the horse stood. The supposttlon il that the old gentleman, who wasqulte feeble afier loudmg the stalks, got on Uiel.uul and In some way feil from H to the ground, strik. Ing on head and dtslocallng the i k Tuis ia truly :i Bad of a long, useful and active Ufe. 80 startllng and unexpectei was 1 lus faial accident, tliat a pall of glooui has huug over the emlre commuulty evei slnce, as the dceased was hlghly respectec by all ourcitizens and very much beloved b the raembers of the Cougregattonal cburch o whlch he was a meinber aud had been for al least W years. The funeral took place at tui Congregaüonal cliurch, on Sunday forenoon last, and wa attended by a large concours ol people, Inclatllng most of the members o) the fainlly. An eloquent and powerful serruon was dellvered by Rev. P. 8. Smlth pas. tor of the churcb, whlch was llstened to wit h marked atlentlon. Mr. Smllh was asslsted In the services by Kev. Mr.C'ury, of Excelsior Mlnn. The remullís were then taken 10 and deposlted In the grave In the 8auk Kaplda cemetery. Wtien the funeral rites wereover, every one who took a last look al the new. raade grave of tbat esteemed departed cltlzen Justus Carpeuter, could trutbfullr say, there rests the body of one who in lile was known asa good, uprlght, just man, a hlghly appreclated nelghbor, aud everybod's frlend The deceased had been In feeble health forseveral yeurs, and lt wa often remarked that 'the old gentleman Is falllng fust and wlll not be wllh us a g reut whlle," and yet none thought that the end would be so sudden, and so terrible to all the relntlves and acqualntances. Heleavesan aged wlfe and fourchlldren to mourn for hlm. Mr. Carpeuter waa born In Tompklus county, N. Y.t on the lOth of May, 181U, and would, therefore be, at the time oí hls death 78 years, four mouths and threedaysold. He spent the most of ulsllieiu Pal jiyra, Wisconslii, where all of hls chlldren ware boru except Mr. S. P. Carpenter, the eldest on, who whb born at Carpenters' Corners half-way between Ann Arbor aud YpslUntl, Washtenaw County, Michigan. In 1870 M r. Carpenter and famlly movod to Sauk ltaplds, and la company wllh I. A. Cushman. purchased the Kussell Ilou8e hotel, which they conducled successfully fbr several years. Thls hotel afterwards became the property of 8. P. Carpenter, hls falher reuldlng ut hls private resldence, where he contlnued to live uutll hls death.