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Supervisor's Proceedings

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Wednesday, Oct. 17th- Most of tho dny gpnnt in auditlng bilis. On motlon of Mr. C lippen the bids of the banks ere rejectecl becaitse tliey did not comply with the recolution, and nciv blds asktd. The dutics of the cnurt house jmiltor were deüuod to be the sanie as last year. Ou motlon of Mr. O'Hearn encli supervisor ws directed to öll out the certifícate with all of the town and other taxes aud attnch the same to the rolls. Tlmrsday. - Xo business in the forenoon. In the afternoon Cha9. H. Kerapf of Cuelsea, was elected superintendent of the poor, by a yote of IC to 7 schittering. coimnittce on public buildings reported their work for the year and bilis therefor amounting to $1,007.92 The . of persons appointed by the board to have charge of the burial of deecased ldiers was restd aud corrected. Ann Arbor, city, Ist wd.- Col. U 8. Deun. " " 2d wd - Oonrad Noli. " " " 3d wd.- Jacob Flsclier. " " " 4tn wd- I'atrlck Irwln. " 6tu wd.- Kil S. Maoly. " " " 6tn wd.- J. H. atarks. " town - NeUon 8. . Augusta- Chas H. (reen min. lirldgewater- Joseph I.lnden. Dexttr- i'. McNell. Preadom - John Esslck. Lima- Johu Waltrous. Lodl- Jobo Heneas. Iy ilion - Edward Gorman. Manchester- Ueo B. Sherwood. Nortlilleld- Jamea Brokaw. Plltsflold- Hadley H. Wehb. Hulem- John Huywood. SSullue- Orln Parsons. Sclo- Morrell Goodrich. simroD- U. O. D rr. Superior- Capt. B. T. Quackenbusli. Hylvao- Joüu A. Palmer. WciiKter- Wooster Blodgett. York- John A. Jackson. Ypsilantl tuwu- Alonzo E Fonl. " city, lsi wd.- ü. A. AlDíWorüi. ' city, 2d wd.- John W. Wise. 41 city, 3d wd.- Kdward P. Allen. ' city, 4th wd.- A. A. Bedell. " city, 5th wd.- Jacob l i ns. Friday - The supervisors alloned themselves f 728.30 for reportinjt mortgajres. l'he cummittee on salaries of coiinty offleers repoited the followlng. Coanty Olerk $ 1,500 t'ouuty ïreasurer l.L'Ofl i'rosecutlng Attorney 1,200 Probate Relíter (lesa fces) 1,000 Coumy Supt's of iour L3 per day C. H. Kompf was rcqnested to iiivc bondí in the sinn of $8,000. Committee mi ui!)lic buildings reqOested io take inventory f county proporty. A resol uti n v;i9 passed rtquirini; .lustices to présent the proper petition for holding Inquest, or their bilis wil! not be allowed. The comraittce to fettle with the Supt's ot the poor reported pleasiintly. The comraittee of cqualization made thb followinr repon: Su]. Dis. Real. Pcrtonal Total. Equali'd A. A Cjr, lst UI. }1,O13,825 tl. 184.230 $3,110,055 12,391,660 V. A. %i lli 1,088,800 633,400 1,772,20.. 1,201,160 A A. 3d Dis 778 470 2J8.4I0 1,020,8811 77.3.000 A.A.To'n l,208.9 167.0001 1, 75,W5 1.075,0011 Auausta. 605A50 ttf.öOO1 üüi',050 61K.670 B'dgew'r. 922,910 121,830 !,iJ4 84u 808 310 Dexter.... 608 385 96,")2") 76,lu 681 90 Kreedom 89,44ft 149.3 1,018.810 766 60 Lima '.UU.71H I75.;i3.i i, ;i2U7o 83S.340 I.oill l,0t,S3S 14044Í 1,148,8411 9(3.830 Lyadnn.. 478,9.JM tiü.ax 6.(9,i:!0 4l,fi60 Manchester 1,148,560 214,450 1393,000 1,204.160 Northll'd Slii .175 112.250 974 821 776 000 Plltsfleld l,22,87ii 160,870 1,361.741) I,l58.:i3ll Walem Hit S86 9.1,350 1 084,7: l.".s:ll Superior. 1,U9G.42 U8S85 1 222.71U 1,000 00(1 Sharon.... 1,024,79 i 112 570 l.l:J7,io 808 330 Saline 1,200.750 1S4.450 1,38.1,20'J 1.2ïO,Ono Sclo 1,2x7.120 276,790 1, 73 910 1,425 001) ylvan.... 971,040 -Jwi.eoO 1.265 240 958,40n t-ebster.. 990 870 141.B2O 1,132.39 800 000 York 1. 145 800 213.950 .889,750 971,630 Ypsilantl 1,117,660 102,010 1,269,770 1,025,000 YpalCl'y, lst Dis. 1,301,000 $3,500 2,129,500 1,630,000 Ypsl Cl'y, 2il Dis... 535,400 1M,75O 674,150 558,330 Total.. 25,000,000 Monday SSd - Special sessioii. No forenoon business. In the nlternoon a memorial from Thos. Sears, of Che'sea, was ri-c'd askin that the assessment of personal property made ajrainst the late Luther James, In the lst district of Ann Arbor city, be elimiuated. Whloh was referred t.) a ommittee consisting of Mesen. Oilbert, Kress and Hughes, and niaile the Bpecl! order for Wedtiestiuy.


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