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Burghirs have been prying into South Lyon store?. Darwin Downer, of Ltraa died Oct. líth, aged 74 years. Miss Hendrick of the Smth Lyon Schools, has the scarlet féyer. "Wra. Case It building a ncw féed mili at South Lyon, aay the Plcket. Mrs. Susannah Johnson, of Lymlon, died Oct. Oct. 9tu, aged 7Í) years. The South Lyon M. K. folks will not huild their parsonaso until next spring. Congrcssman O'Donnell, of Jnckeon, is to epcak at Manchester in ihc ñear future. Thos. L. Spafard, who died at Manchester, Oct. 9, aged 91 va a pensioner The haivest festival pi ven by the ladies of the Chi'lsea Baptist church was a success. Miss Matilda Fletcher, of Iowa, s doing some excellent campatgn work in this vieiuity. Sayles, the singing evangelist is converting the sinnurs of South Lyon. A heavy contract. South Lyon his a contested Street opening case, also. Here's sympalhy to the city fathers. K. L. Xegus, of Chelsea, has in operation a 8team apple dryer, and is to put in a jelly machine. The Manchester schools liHve a fine new mieroseope, enlarglng thing froin 50 to is." diameters. Macoinhcr Bros., of Manchester, dry goods, liave assigned. Thy purchustd the I'otlle stock sonig Ift m""''i rr The choir of tlie Gf rmui Lutheran church t Chelsea, is said to be improving ander the guidance of Rev. C. Haag. The meeting of the Webster Karmer's Club at tle reetdhco of Win. Iïall, Humburg, was a great success öatarday the 6th. The Dexter Leader is rwinlng Hon A. J. Sawyer for senator. Say, let's run him tot speaker of tlie house, what do you say ? The Wuslitenaw county fair was a success, but not a great one. - Stockbridgf Sun. Rut It was a far bigger suceess ttia.ii the weather. In this eounty Jl out of 2j milis and elevators reported 77,987 buslifl of wheat ruarketed in Sept , against 60,670 market.?d in August. Chas. Merker and Wm. Merker, of Sylran, husked 93 bu-hels of corn in five hours one dy last week for Jas. Itowe. - Ciielsea Herald. Messrs. Ilarrah IsllU, Will Moran and Richard Baker are home fiom Ann Arbor, where they h:ive been workiilg for some time.- Pickney Dispatch. Ttev. Dr. Studlej-, of the Ann Arbor M. E. church, is to deliver a 1 eet ure on "The Charactei'istic Tankée," ut the Dcxter M. E. Church, on Frklay evening, Nov. lOth. That Cleveland and Tbdtman pole about ¦} miles uorth of Chelsea looks as if it wus sii'k, and the liandiuia and streanier on it look as if they wanted to see ma.- Chelsea Herald. A Grass Ii ike niiin recently Carrled an egg in his pocket umtil a chlckeo was hatched therafrpm. - Stot'kbridge Sun. D!d he sit up with that egg Olfrhtt, or dld he lie on it, or Is the whole thing a lie? The Pontiac Deraoorat says the Plcket has taken upon ltself rathcV a ciimbcrsome load, supporting tickets in threii demooralio oountles. There'i going to be an election Nov. Oth, Flshar, ! atltr which two nf thoíe COuntles ',ül be república n, - South Jiyon l'ickct. Some of our exrbanges are tiying to niake a Int againt the ladies chewiu"; gum, on the plea that it is injunous to the eyo fiyht. What can you say ol ehewtnig tvbacoof Y warrant " tne aiithnr of llie item going the rounds of the pres ia addicted to the tilthy practice. 'l'lic old business of snatchin pnrses from Hdies lias been commeilced again at Ypsilanti. Last Thursday Mrs. Keyes had a $150 watch aml eh.iiii, and $100 bank check snatchcd from her hands by a colored man as yc.t niikiiowii. The case turns out to be even wor-c than :l llrst reported, thé bruto attempting au assault. The state prop report for Öctober (Ivee tho followiug from its Waslitenaw correspondents relatlve (o tlie cropa In this county: Coru -Corn has uot i Ipeneil but Ulied up.- Froiil duruuged coru p rintps ten peioent - ('om was rlpe on the Í5tli. ami Ih generally of good qmillty, brlght and sound. Coru erop very good.- Kars Mhort but foilder good. Po:auOH. - Too dry for polatoes. - Wireworm dld sonie damage.- Potaloe rl peorad loo ioon on ncnount oí ilry wo ithrr. Tlicre are snme gKil pteces, otliers g(xd for nothlng. - Fotaum are a good. erop and Qne quallty - Pottoo are a llglit erop on account of dry wentber. Wneat. - Wlieat Is making no gioutli, ground dry and cold - that sown threc weeks aun nol uil up yet.- Some Just sown.- Seeding has coinmenced.- Wtieat is loolilng woll for thla time ol yeur. Of wheat there was 0T.750 acres, averaging ll)49bns per acre, luaklng a. probable v. 1 9ae,4tó Licuéis. The average yteld "f oats per acre in thlscouiily was -10 04 bus., and of barley 44,87. In corn 67 bus. earg per acre, Totaloes Ot bus. per acre. Winter npplea 01 lm. (icr acre. In late piaches the yield is 53 per cent. as coinpnred with average yteld .