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When Jim Was Dead

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"Hit. arved hlm rlght," the nabors sed, An' 'bnsed hlm for the life he'd led. Au' him a-lylng thar at real Wlth not a rose upon lila breast ! Ah! menny cruel words they sed Wliem Jim was dead. "Jea' killed hlsself." "Too mean ter live." They dtiln't luiv' one word ter glve oí ¦¦, mi lort as they hovered near An' auzed on Jim a-lytng tliere ! Thar alnt no ase to talk." they sed, "Hes better dead!" But suddenly the room growed st 111, Wlille God's wlilte suDRhlne seemed to flll Thedark place wlth a leam of Ufe, An' o'er the dead she bent- Jlm'B wlfe ! Au' wlth her Ups close, close to hli. As tlio' he kuew an' feit the klps, She miWmI a touchlu'slght tü see- "Ah! Jlru was always good ter rae !" I teil you when that eum ter light It klnder set the dead man rlght ; An' round the weeplu' womaa they Throweil klndly arras of love that day Aud mlngled with thelrown they thoU The tenderest tears- when Jlm was dead.


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