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The Two Lives

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Araong the lonely liiils the played; No lither balrns ttiey ever knew ; A llttle lad,a litlle mald, In sweet companlonship they grew. Tbey played among the lerns and rocks AchildlKh comedy of life - Kept house and mllked the crlmson docks, And called eael other man and wlfe. They went to school- they used to go arms atiout each other luid ; Their iiaxen hcads. In rain or snow, Were sheliered by a single plaid. And so - and so It came to pass They loved enen ere they knew ; Hls lieart was likea blade o' grass, And hers was tlke lts drop o' dew. The years went by; the changeful years Brouuut larger strlfe, and loil for life; They parted In tlie dusk wlth tears- They called each other man and wise. They married- she another man, And lip in time, anothur mald; '1 he Hlory ends as It began- Amougthe lonly hills-they played.


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