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The consciousness of having a remedy at hand for croup, pneumonía, sore tliroat, and BUddn colds, is very consoling to a parent. Witli a bottle of Ayer's Clierry Pectoral in the house, one feels, in such cases, a secuiity notuing else can give. It is said that not a cignrmakcr '.n Florida lias liad the fever. The telcgraph operators at Jacksonvüle are supplied wlth as many cigars as tliey will smoke. Slnce the manager died none of the operators had the fever. Care Tourself. I ).in't pay lai'ííe doctor"! liilK Tbfl best medical book publiabed, 100 pages, eleirant colored i'lates, will be sent you on receipt of tlirec 2-cent staraps to pay postaic Adruss A. P. Ordway Sc C.)., B ston, .Mmss. j , A ttmber raft 700x170 feet, carrying 170 men, tnd WOïth $50,000, went down the Hhine. It was nearly wrecked wlien pissiugthe famous i-urve of the Lorelti. A Modern Mlracle. Mrs. J. W. Wentworth, of Elkliart, Ind., was long subject to pain i:i the slde, slnirtness of brtüth, wuiknes.1, pain in tlie side, slight cough, swelliug of the iinkles nd other syniptonia of serious lieart dlteate. She was expectpd to die at any time. Doctors in New Vork, Toleilo, etc, failed to hi'lp bar. Uut two bottles of Dr. Miles' New Cure for the Heart cured her three years ttjfo and slie has remaincd well ever since. Heart dlsease can bc cured. Sold by Kbcrhach & 8on.


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