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Hood's S irsaparilla is a pure vegetable preparation, being frce trom injurious ïngredients. It is peculiar in lts curative power. The number of sneep in Oreat Britain nis fallen off 420,000 within tlie pust yoar. The Pcrfectlou Oí the nge n the medical line is the liqukl fruit remedy, Syrup of Figs, nianiitactured only by the California Fijt Syrup Couipany, San Francisco, California, lt agreeable to the taste, acceptable to the Stomach, liarmless ia its nature, painless yet prompt and tborou;h in its action. Sold in 50c and f 1.00 bottles by Eberbach & Son. _ _ The production of anthricitc coal during August amounted to 4,O'J7,ü(32 toas. We Can't Talk Without showing the conditlon of our teeth. Every laugh expuse then. In order not to be ashameu of them, let US use that standard (l.iii ilrice, SUZOÜONT, whlch Is sure to keep them, whlie añil spotless. Xo tartar can encrust therQ uo cuuker effect the enamel, no specie olMccuy lnfest the dental bone, II 8OZ0DONT, la regulnrly nsed. It Is a bolanlcal preparatlon, and lui benefleial effeots on the leeth nnd gums ure marvekms, as It removes all descolorations, and readers the guras hard and rosy. U__ -_-,L,_ _-- Blecdinq from the nemorrnages. LunS,stomacb., Hou, or from any cause la epeedilj controüed and stoppc-d. Sores, Ulcers, Wounds, Sprains & Bruises. ItlscooliDz, clcaneing and Hcallnc. poi n__L ]t is most efticaciuu for thla Ldiall II. OlMaae,Cold In thcllcad,etc. 4lond'liitrot'atarrliiirp,' pecially pri-parrd to meet sirious casea, Bnoulil lio appüed wiih Pond'B Extract Nasal Syringe. Rheumatism, Neuralgia. No other prcparalion has cured more caaes of these aistreaslDg comahita than tliu Kxlraot. Poiid'a Kxtract Piaster! invalnable in thosc discasee, Lumbago, I'hius in Back or Btde, Mc Diphtheria, Sore Throat, I'-io the Extract promptly. Delay U dangerous. Dïloc Blind, Hleedlncorltolilng. 1 HCOj lt iu tho greatebt Eoowo remedy ; rapiilly curlnfl when other mcdirinos have failed.' Pond9 Extract Olntinent ie of grt'ttt BtTvke wlure the ruuioval of clotLiny is incniiveuicnt. Chapped Hands & Face. Pondas Extract should be Ín everjr family tlii MTOn WMtBtt. It removes the fioreneie and ronlBMl nnd NoTteu and lieals the skiu promptly. Female Complaints. mU"8 ily otfeinala dlscaiis the Kvtrartoanbe UBed, as i- wcll known, with the reatest benefit l'ull dlrcctioce accoupauy eacli bottle. CAUTION. r„„J„ F-rt Has bwn imitated. Fonds Extract ihe genm h. thewords " Pond's Extract blown in the Rlasa, and our pktuiv trade mark on purroundiiiL' huñ wrapper. ïsoni' other ia penuine. Alwuys Inslston havlng Pond's. Kxtract. 'ínke no other preparatioa. It l nevtr told In bulk or by vieasure. Sold Eierj hete, l'riros. fiOr., ?1,$1.76. Frepared only by POXD'S EXTUACT CO, KEW YORK AND LOUDON.


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