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snori auvcruseineuus hoi. wj citcw micw iine, of Lost ana Fouud, Houses Tor Sale or itent, WanU, etc.. lnserted threo weeks for 25 cents, sltuatlons wanted, free. Cl 1RL WANTED- Fop light house keeping. T AppMat No. 13 Dotrolt St., after slx ooIoofcpTn. W. W. Timp. PIANO FOR SALE- In flrst class OOBditlon. Ktudrntüor otlic I in instrument wlll ünd lt totlielrtnteri-sttoexomine tul. Enqotreat No. UBprlngst. gjt MUS. E. 11 ALL. TO RENT.- A bimi on Ponst Ave Enqulreat No. i J Vslitin;iw Ave SOLDIEKSl And otben, havlng Paoiion Papers nud Vooehan to exeonte wlll floa lt totlu'ir advantage looallonComradeWM. K CHIl.lw, in tlie Inturance Office In the basement or the Coarl House. Any Informatlon ri'iiiUvoio iviisions ir. sol charge, o LOANINO- Money lo lop.n on nrst-class Real Estáte Mortago ut Onrrant rutes of utereKt. Sutisluctory arrniiKements made with capitalista daainng kihIi investments. ry cor.veyanee and trunsitctlon In abstracts of titles carefnlly cxnminod as to legul ..tle.t. a R KINU. Ann Arbor. EEAL ESTÁTE FOR RALE OR RBHT.Houses and lots vuliiod from ÏI.IXiO to fti.OOO and oontalolng from one-fifth if an hcre to twfiily acres- all lu tlio city limita. Housese rented on rcasonable terms In oentral localltles. Farmi 'i-lianKoil for city property. Enqulre of .1. i;. . Sesslons, Attorney and Keal Eslate Accut, Ofllce No. ö North Main St., Aun Arbor. 51lt


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