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Grand Bafsm, Mieb., Nov. 1, '88. Editor Coikieu: - ReferrinL U th rcly of V. Stearns (O iny communlca (ion tout'liing bis "war record" I see no occasion to do more than brand Iliis las as I liavt; already done liis first attack 01 Col. Brotrn and others, hs utterly an malicitmdy falsi . It is unnecessary for Browi or the wrlter to either rustí into point t( esttiblish their military record as seem necessary lor Mr. Stearne, nor can thi blatant iiowler builü up his or destro onr reeorü lv Mfl HiBtlioO. I tfincy vvhatever signific;ince may at tlicll to liis moilthiiljfe, no intelligiMi nadir of Mis Communications will be Iíh to accept h$ xtatements rejrardinjr facts, in place ot the authentic records of tbe Ad jutant General of Michigan. Pases 72'J to 730 of "Michigan in the war1' show quite clearly a vcry different statement o man; facts wfaleb lie attempts to per ver and deny. If Gen. Burbridge gnve hiin, a lie claimi, a special recommeud ition wky dvn't he xtlAiiih üf That such specúil recommendation wa llie Hpproval of Gen. Burbrtdge of Lient Ste-inis' reslgnttion "for the good of th servict" is tuk kact and stil I undeniei by Min. oeriilieate of charaetergiven Lien1 Stem ns in the Detroit F ree Press of üct :il-t ial by one sitrninjr himself Mose Wells private loth Niw Jersey Volunteers will lianlly be accepted by Mtclilgnn sol ditrs as an nlfset to tb( records of tlii state umi che war depaTtment. Mr. W Stearns imule the cowanlly alluck mi Col. Brown, who like th wrtter Is not a resident of the dlstric -hicli Sieains seeks to reprpsent in Con greu, mid in liis impotent rage at th natural result of such action now furthe Jegrades liimself by assifjniují politica reasons as the occasion for iny reply. It he considers such claim an answer t anythlng I have written, no one elue wil and will dmibtlesa relish a bit of testi niMiiv from a fornier ofBcer of the llt Mich. C ivalry, who was in 18G4, and i urne ii demoereU, I rafer to tbe letter o Llent.O. M. Wise of Oo. ' B," lltli Micli Cavalry, addreated to me, on the subjee 01 IJi ul. Steains record and statements wliicli 1 endose lor publcalion herewith lint tor oceiipying so nuich space ii yc'Ur valinilile paper, I niifrlit furnisl ottier letten on tliis subject, tha would no doubt bc " migbty interesting reailing'" for Lieut. Stearns. Polit'cal cins:deratioiis liever jfovernc, the :.ct ienis of Col. Brown or otber offl cers of llth Mich. C ivalry in the per foruiaucu of their duties or in any recom mendiitioDg tor promotion, unleu Itwen l.ieut. Stearns or ('aiit. II. Bowen. I ain not seekini; to air any politica opinión wben I di'noiince this mu Shainsas a cowardly blacksTU ird unlit tor any office of trut in civil as he was In militar; lile, and I have no doubt he told an uiiiuteiitlonal trutü in liis las fflbrt wherein he says, "I will ahvay. (i mi liiin ut home." Very Uespcctfully Yours, A. H. Van Vliet. Late Adjutant llth Mich. Cavalry. Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 1, '88. Aimi tant A. II. Van Vliet: 1 have ciirefully considered the artiole In the Adrián Press written In support of Lieut. '. Stearns' war record, your reply tu the i-ame in defence of tbOM nim actually did what is assumed for hlm, and Lieut. Stearns' reply to you. And witli f'ullknowledfre of the faets in relatioi to tbe matter in question Ifully endorse what you have written, and asfuüy ditwuna tliat part of Lieut. Stearns' Statement In relation to the cowardly condoüt Of Col. 8 B. Brown and yourself and also what he says in relation to liis exploits in the several battles retened to by him as abnolutely fahe. That trom my own oxperience under Col. Brown's command I am prepared to say that I do not believe that he or any other otiieers of the llth Mich. Cavalry ever consldered the question of politics in connection with any action In tnaklng Hppointiiieots, promotion?, or doing otlie? thin{s ntceesary for the good and efficiency of' tbe regiment. I was detailed and served upon tlie stnff of Col. S. B. Brown, commanding Brinde, as Aid De Camp, for nbout two montbl and durinfr the great raid from eastern Kentucky to West Vlrjfloli, daring foine of the most active service of tbe regiment and several battles, among itbers the battle of Marión, and the second Hrlit at Saltville, and know whereof I tpeak wlien I say that I can sincerely and üonscientiou-ly vouch ior the bravery ïnd soldierly condiict of bolh Colonel S B. Brown and Adjutant Van Vliet, either in action or otberwise. C. M. Wisk, Lite 2nd Lieut. Co. ''B"llth Mich Cavalry. Oot. 81 18S8. Editor Oourikr:- Allow me to culi your atiention to Uie article In your lust Issue relulnz to niy work in the Iligli school In theflrst place I have luit one ClassInPol. Eoonomy instead of two hs itftted tliat clRSa nombm M pupUj your artlcle mukes llie two nwnbCT 6 I Oelieve In the rauood ploe ere had ben novóte ti ken on tliesuDjects of Kree tnuie or Protection or Prnlilbition. do not brlng politie into our dael. piense correct fnrraor gtiitement and muCh obllg, "-It-1-Vjii,.1„ll, rriie above comrniinioation should li ve been Dubli.-h.d la-it week bul dicl


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