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Women Who Go To College

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Under the above til Arthur Gilman vritex in the Century : "I h'ivc been old even in cultumi, Intellectaal cueles. tlia.t a younjr woman liad better l)e ,, the kitchen or laimdiy than In thfl labnratory or clas-room of 11 college. 'Womeii shoiikl be tralned,' sucli persons say 'to be wiv.'S and motliers.' '1 lie llnger of KSOrn has been Ifghtlv pointed t the nu ntally cultiv.itcd mothers and daazhtörs who are unable lo eoük nnd ¦crub wbo cannot inake a mince-pie or a plum-puddiiig. Sin-h persons torget with !-uriiisiiii,' fncility all the cases of wouieii who Dfftlcot the kitchen to Inilulge In the love sick lentlmentality to whicu they have b'eii trained; who tiiink too mach of posslble matrimonial chunches to endlUtW thiin by scrubbinj;, or by giving gronnd tor the susoiclon that they cultívate any othcr taculty than the power to poBtrophlze the inooiillht and to lifr fora lover. They do not care to reinember tlint lt 19 no wliit better to wither under the influence of iffnorance or lentimeot, t cultívate a fondness for 'guth,' tlnwi to dry up the senslbilities like a bookworm, or grow rlgid and prlgglsh as a pedant. It is as bad to stunt human nature as to over stimulate it- to stop lts projjress in one way as In anoiher. The langer is goiii)? to extremes. The mass of men choose the golden mean, nnd we inay trust extravagance in the pursuit of learning. We inay and ought to ve her erery help In the dlrectlon of lite that her brothen pwieei. It to no longer doublful, it is plain, that whatever other rigbU roman should have, tiiose oi the intellectual kinpdom OUght to be her fully and freely. She should be the lildKe of hcrsclf Of hoW tarshe ihould RO in explorinjc the niytterletof nature and ot Kcience. "lt is not a question of putting all our girls througti college; il is not even a question of beinjr tmight in the same instltutions and classes with men win D they go to college. The forin in which women Bhall be taught and the subjects that they shall study are of minor importnce at the moment, and time wlll settlc thera In a natural way. The great desiderátum is that they be given the collegiate education when tliey need it, and that they be the judges of thcir own needs. _


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