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THE UNITAIUAN (llev. J. T. Sundei land, A. M., Editor) wi" Ve 8tnt to now readers for examiiiation, three mout11 for 10 cents. Address, The Uuiturian, Ánn Arbor, Mich. "Most excellent. "-llev. Dr. Thomas. (Cülcngo.) "By all odds the bpst rollKlous monthly In the IJ ii lied Siates."- Uiúvermlisi Ilevord. 31 Pleaa&nt rooms to rent, both furnMicd and qnfurolshed, :it No. 18 Geilde Ave Special excursión via Kanawha stiort line to the Virginia MTlCuUur! md tobacco expoaition at Richmond. Tickets will be 8old Not. 13tli. (iiiod :!() days lor the lw rite )f #14.70 by the'i'., A. A. & N. M. H. Tlie. route from Tol.-do is througli tin: central part of Oliio to the Oliio river at Iliinliiigton, W. Vu., and thence throagb tlie graodest and most plcttiretqae ecenery In America, einbracing the ranyonp of Nnw river, tin; valleya of the New and Greenbrier rivera to Wliite Sulphur Sprinyrs, crossiiiji tlie Au.i.n.iy i,a IJliK! ltidjte Mouutains and the frreat Slienandoah vul ley at Stannton hui) Viiyntlon. imllllul bridge and civerns of Luriiy, and then tlirougli the battle rields to Richmond. For turther inlormation apply to A. J. Paislet, Agent. Why don't yoa tiy Carter's LI Ule LI ver PilL'b? They are aposltlve cure for flck headache, aml-all the Mis produced by ülsordered 11 ver. Only one PI 11 a doue. QfteA&er" Wheñ you read of Reeds that voice the sweetest notes; when you note ts Notes are like a shepherd's pipe ; when you pipe of Pipes that plead their own strong case, when the Case, strong and beautiful, shows a case of a good maker, then, marry, the Maker is eke none other than Estey of Brattleboro, Vt., and the instrument is one of the nigh to twice ten times ten thousand he has builded. You shall more readily be led on to apprehend the number when 'tis remembered that Estey has finished one Organ every eighth day since Adam was created. Thisis thcTop of the Gknitine Pearl Top Lamp Chimney. Allothers, similar are imitat ion. QjJThis exact Label SM gtfV is on each Pearl fj m TP Chimney. r_B tj y-t A dealer mny say VSUmB itf and thinkhe !i;is NJWSj Sv others as pood, VP1 BUT HF. HAS NOT. Insist uponthe Exact Label and Top. Fon Sale Everywhere. Mace only by GEO. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsliiirgh, Pa. E. E. BEAL. OEO. H. POND, (8UC KHSOItS TU A. DEFOKK.ST.) INSURAN6E AGEN0Y ! RKI'KKSK!STI.NO ONI.Y FIRST-CLASS COMPANIES COVEUINQ Fire Insurance, Steam Boiler Insurance, Plate Class Insurance. Lowest Rates, Honorable Adjustments, AND LOSSK.S P1IO9IPTLY PAID. The patronage of our Friends and the Public generally is solicite! Offi.eein the Courier Building.


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