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The Two Sams

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OUR NEW STORE A PERFECT MODEL ! {25 The largest, the best, and at LOWER PRICES than ever before. JS? O ttt-j 2i K O I H 4 OTTiR, g g c I p DVER-COAT DEPARTMNET ! i S We have the iargest stock of glS oa 2 Fine Overcoats, Medium Over:3 ËL 9' coats and Low-priced Overcoats g s h in the State. Come and give gfw Ö our Stock an inspection. We l ímÍ ! have the best lighted store in i- i "L¦ e I 8 S j the citv or in the state. An z,l% tire room devoted to -z% ! OVERCOATS ALONE! - r REMEMBER we are going to give you bargains this year - every k article the best and at the VERY LOWEST PRICES. X Rcinciiertoo tnat we are tüe ONLY STRICTLY ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS in Ana Aröor. THE TWO BA MS, H ö O GO m m ZJÜ i ü m


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