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Regular monthly meeting Momia}1 cvonlncj, with ftill board present. A cornmunlcation from J. Austin Scott suggesting several locations for a public park suggestlng tbc oíd cemetery, Mrs. Dr. Ford'a tract of ;3 acres in the Cth ward; the Oen. Hills tract, etc., and suggesting that a committee of tbree cltizens be appolnted to act in matter. Referred to committee on parks. Of Wesley Seybolt and 18 others askIng for a 5 ft. sidewalk along the nortli side of Hurón st., between Main st. and the west Corporation limits. Referred to sklewalk committee. Of John H. Xichols and 45 others askng for the ehange of the ordinance relative to peddlers, so as to restrict them from peddllng anything on our streets not produced or niai.ufficturcd by themselves. Referred to Iicen9e committee. Of Mrs. E. F. B:ildwin asking permission t'i encase the building at the rear of ïer State gt. store, cludlng roof with ron, and to build around the larger buildings a brick wall of four inches thickïeferred to tire departmont committee. Of A. P. Ferguson for permission to )uild an addition to his buildings ou Deroit st. Referred to lire committee. Of Qeo. Marsten asking to buy the sod eing taken from the streets being opened. ieferred to committee on streets. Of city engineer Davis reciting sotne changes in the survey of tlie cily. A conimunicalion from Wellington W. Crainer, mayor, and Kniest M. Hutchinon, clerkof the city of Cadillac enclosing a serles of resolutions, thanking the citizens and University authorities for their entertiiinment here recently, and also enderlng the Ann Arbor council an Invitatlon to visit that city. lteceived and )luced on file. TKTITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. Aid. Martin, from the committee on 'nance reported the following expendtures for the month: t ward fund $ 27 85 d " " 14 io 3U " y; 00 th " " 30 25 th ' " . 2 50 th " " 97 03 Jeneral St. fund 258 W Jeneral ' 801 65 Contingent " J 350 91 Total M2i 47 Marshal Sipley leported the iollowng expenditures of the poor fund for the month: st ward $ 7 00 jt " 5 m SU " 29 26 th " „ 47 9i th " 52 25 tu " 17 00 Total $159 5 The city marshal also reported 10 arests during the month. The City Treasurer reported the folowing balances: Contingent on haud $4,12!) 27 üeuerHÍ over 3.S81 13 General st. " 4 58 st ward on hand 258 08 d " ' _.. 318 S8 d " " „. . 319 s th " " 41 68 th ' " 1 63 th " " 3 34 City Cemetery fund 75 82 )ogTax - 100 00 )elinquent tax over 1..Ï5 56 Vater-worlcs on hand 1,019 85


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