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The Crime Of Suicide

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Suicide is a crime of civilization, trutliully saya a writer on the Chicago Daily Globe. It seldom occurs among savages or the seini-civiüzed. It was only when lome had risen to her period of inlluence hat sclf-destruction became a fad. lts steady Inórense among enlightened naious of late years lias been oftea conincnti'd (in hy wtitprs of poi'iill topics. One reason of thia inorease doubtless is hat the pulpit and the law no longer lurl airain8t It frequent anathemas. Among thfl aucients the right of sepulcher was denied to tbe body of tl, e suicide. n liter times the church refused to the self-destroyer the ceremonlals of rdigion. The English law comuianded the body to be buried where three ways meet and a stake to be driven through it and left as a monument of disfrace. Doubtless these mensures, through the p;ings they caused to the surviving relativos enKenüercd a horror of suicide In the Tifnds of men wbicli often staid the lamí añil guve tbe poMible suicide time to resrain hisgrip on Ufe. The anathema f tile church and the dread of the hl r - iftt-r liavo iiNu greatly ditniniahed in over in these modern times, and we lave ifot to look round tur souie neiv tncthoJs of forlifyina the minds of men igainst the teniptation ot' jumping out of the lesponsihilities of life luto the darkness of the mikuown. Al wc laok over the oase? we lind them in every condition of life. The prosper ity of men does not save them trom the -.une temptation wliich assails the man who can ünd no employment to tupply his daily want?. Some are men who have failed in business and have no courage to begin anew; some h-ive exlmnsted the rouuds of dlMipotlon and tbruwu life away as a squeezt-d orange; others rashly committed crime and take their own iivt-s to avoid trial and punishment; a few silly ones succuuib under dlssappotuted aflections; occasionally atter a conjugal quarrel, a wife has taken the su re ineaMS of making her spouse repont it by tuinlng the Kas on and suffocating herself, or iu some otlier way eniling her life. Other causes might be enumerated, hut these are the most common, and sufiicient tor our purpose. In the fust place the act under any circumstances is cowardly. Jlany think it courageon?, but bravado is not courage and those who think to startle their friends by their daring a moment's pain will tiud no sediment of admiratlon in the cup they leave their friends to drink. We may pity but cannot admire the person who puts liis light out to escape his dutiec. VVhat lie has is not "sanil." He is a cowardly desertor iu the presence of the enemy. is selfish. It is, many times, simply throwing your burdens on others. It is branding your relatives with the dlagraca of your act. It is your escape at the expense of your fellow prisoners. IQ the tfalrd place, it is mean. There is notliing heroic in a rope froin the transom, a bullei in the temple, or i biscuit buttered with "rough on rats." Are you a man ? Then brace up and show yourself one. Have you lost your property? So did Job, and many another older man than vou'aud yet lived well to do in oíd age. " Are you well off and have nothing to live for? Then Stir your stumps and h'nd somethinp to live for. Are you out of employmeut and at the lust gasp? Go and teil men so, and keep it tlll you lind the right one; for there is always a "right one" if you can find him, who will give you the friendly hand. Are you a roman witli a lacerated heart? Then show yourself worthy a better lot by a better life. The wound will heal if you let it alone, and go straight ahout some helpful work. W hoever you are and whatever your circumstances, who contémplate suicide, wait one week more to sec whether you are of the same inind, before you commlt a cownrdly, disgraceful, shameful act tbat you will have uo power to ever mend and which will so brand your name as to forbid your friends to ever let It voluntarlly pass tlieir lipa.


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