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Mus. Gkoroe Wiyoh, of Harrisbnrg, N. ( Y., ai-i idrutally shot and killed her sixyear-old daughter whlle trying to tako away a pistol wbloh the child had fouad on tho 2!tth añil wa playing with. Oí wheat there was in sight in tryion the 29th 33,476,540 bushels, and . oí' corn. 11,164,621. Since the last report wheat luulUUUKi GM,SH bushels and corn decroased 8& 530 bushels. Tus tug A. W. Lawrence exploded hor ( boiler on tho 80th uit. while cruising in the lako off Ndrtli PoiiO, ncar Milw.iukee, killing four men. A ratirai. gas explosión on the 30th u lt. in Bchnlttaer't tannery at Lima, O., , partiall.v wreckcd the building and killed , threc men. ] Tur. case of Genoral Adam Badeau . agalnst the widow of General U. 8. Grant, , for Í1Ü.009 for services on the General's momoirs, was discoutiaued on the 30th ( uit. Patkkk McDermott, of St Louis, a wood-saw.yer, interfered in a quarrel botween Henry Lange, a. river contractor, and his wife, on tho 30tb uit., and Lange shot and killed him. Lango was arrosted. Pethoi.elm was disooveied on the 30th uit. in an artcsian well being sunk in a tanncry at Harrisonburg, Va. LoBn Kackvii.le West, the British Minister at Washington, was on the 30th uit. notifled by Secretary Bayard that as a representativo of Eugland he was not acccptable to the United States Government. Dl ïiixii the progresa of business in tha criminal court-room at Kansas City on tho SOth uit. Jack ï. Fleming, a doputy marhal, drew his revolver and shot himself cad. Hb.nhv F. Ai.rkkh, ii lumber and coal ïeroliant at Buffalo, N. Y. , fled to Canada n the 80th uit., leaving his creditors to ealize on 50,000 worth of forgoü commerial paper. J. A. McAffes and Thomas Slaven engagcd in a nght in tho lattor's saloon at ndianapolis on tho 30th uit., and both vere fatally wouwied. At Louisville, Ky., Harry Smart wa ound guilty on the 30A uit of the murer of Mcisner Green and Bolle Ward, who wore found floating in the river with heir throats cut. four mouths ago, and was seineneed to imprisonment for life. The bullion product of Leadville, Col., was on the 30th uit. estimated at $2,000,000 ess tlian last year. Bï the fall of an elevator in a store at St Louis on the 30th uit. Major William O'Keefe and two other men were fatally ïurt Owixo to the failure of crops the people n Mead County, Kan., were on the 80th uit said to be suffering for food and clothng, and it was said that three-fourths of ,he residents would starve unless aid could be procured. While Dolly Phillips, aged twenty ycars, was watching a political parade at Terre Haute, Ind., on the 30th uit. a man walked up to her and exclaiming, "There, take that," shot her dead. The murderer, wbose name was said to be Galloway, escaped. Tne four men who were arrested in Chicago on the charge of having placed dynamite on the North Side street railway tracks during the recent strike, with destructive intent, were discharged on the 30th uit, the evidence being insufticient to hold them. Mk. Babsabd, of the Lick Observatory In San Francisco, announced on the 31st uit tbe discovery of another cornet- the second discovered by him within two months. Olrivo the twenty-four hours ended on the Sist uit there were 29 new cases of yellow fever at Jacksonville, Fla, and 1 death irom the disease. Total cases to date, 4.15fi; total deaths, 354. Katif. Kennedy, the sixty-third victim of the recent Muil Run railway disaster, died at Scranton, Pa., on the Sist uit A BCiLDixo In San Francisco oceupiel by several lumber companies was burned on the 31stult, causing a loss of 100,000. Robbers held up a Mcxiran Central express train sixty miles belowElPasj, Tex., on the 31st uit, forcing the enginoerand flreman to loave the entine and uncouple the passenger cars, and thensecutelabout (2,000 irom the express car. Mits. Stkiebel, of Wichita, Kan., was ,.._ii.,-v.„„,,h „„ t.iieSUt uit. and her live year-old child was burned to aeain uy their catching üre f rom a burning brush-pile. At Hinesville, Ga.. William Harrison, in a Ut of jealousy on the Sist uit, killed his niece and fatally wounded his sister. While testing a fire-escape on the Sist uit at Pittsburgh, Pa., three boys were killed by the breaking of a rope wbtcb caused them to fall a distance of seventy feet JosEpn Dickenhof, asred seventy years, was assaulted by highwaymen at Akron, O., on the evening of the Sist uit. and robbed of. Í7,:í00 which he carried in a valise. Advices of the 31st uit say íhat a gang of negroes in Mercer Couuty, W. Va., waylaid four white travelers and shot and killed two of them and robbed them of IGO0. The other two escaped. A laroe number ot unopened registered packages were stolen from the post-offlee iit Topeka, Kan., on the Sist uit. All the clerks were decoyed from tho building by a fire alarm. Georqe L. Wallace, a noted vocalist, committed suicide at Troy, N. Y., on the Sist uit, sending a bullet through his brain. Solomox I'.ki AKi:it a Germ&n living near Washington, Kan., murdered his mother, Mrs. Samuei M. Merky, on the 31st uit. and then cut his throat. Thb infant child of John Oldham was accidentally burned to death near Logansport, Ind., on the Sist uit A Cincinnati Southern train was wrecked on the Sist uit in the Tennessee mountains and three persons were killed. It was announced on the Sist uit that Kudolph Ericsson, a Swede in New Britain, Conn., had discovered a substituto for dynamite. It looks like cornmeal and is very powerful. At Lexington, Mo., on the 31st uit a lady descendod into a twenty-foot cistern and rescued a child who had fallen into the pit A number of men, who had refused to attempt to aid the little one, watched the heroic exploit. The fourth erop of strawberries for this year was on the Sist uit. being gathered in the Walla Walla valley, W. T. ; pear trees had yielded three crops, apple trees their second erop, and the second erop of numerous other fruits was reported. At Central City, Col, on the 3lst uit a retort containing f40,000 in gold was placed in a bank for safe keeping. The gold was all produced in a single duy by one mine, The amount was the greatest ever taken Irom any mine in the same length of time. The sales of Jeaf tobáceo in the Danville (Va.) market during üctober amountod to 1,123,848 pounds. The tutal coinage executed at the mints during the m mth of Octob 'r was 9,003,150 pieces, reyreMDttaff a valué of t5 371,50. }f thoso pion- Ut,U0 w ro gold, roprelontiutr 19,008 ÍV, f,500, 000 were silvor, of he valué of 13,250.000, and 3,370,01)0 wore ninor coins, of the value of 133.700. James Losoonetti, a bar tender at Denrer, Col., ivho shot and killed A. O. Case ind was imprlsoned, died in convulsions n the lst, thinking his rictim was torturng him. A DESTitrcTivE prairie fire occurrod on the lst near (iary, U. T. DiRiNGtho twentv-four hour onded on the lst there were 56 new cases of yellow Fever at Jacksonville, Fla., and 2 deaths from tho d i soase. Total casos to dato, í,212; total deaths, 85fl. A cycloxe on the lst at Laporte, la., destroyed several buildings and unroofed many othcrs, cuusing a lossof over Í75, 000. In the surrounding country great damage was also done. No livo were lost Fiiom Uu' of tho Washington monument In Wiisli njjton on the Sth of Uctober last to the lst init. 7.4S2 persons had boen carried up in tho i-levator and 2,354 had walked up, nv'klug a total of L, sMi wlio iiHccndod the sliaft. A fihk on the lst at Bowling Green, O., dostroyed a hotel, two printing offices and twenty other buildings. Amanda Montoomekt and Gus Williams, lovers, were walking on the railroad track at Ure nsbuii;, Vu., on the eveniug of the lst, aud in stopping off one track to avoid a train they run down by auother train ami both wore killed. L. Bekman, a New York banker, disappeared on the lst with i 10,000 belonging to deposltors. William Cookï, of Providence, R. I., aged sevonty oars und wealthy, hanged himsolf on the lst. Insomnia was the cause of the suicide. Akdrew Johnson, a cripple living noar Red Hill, Ky., wliile digging in the ground on the lst unoarthed a copper kettle fllled with gold and silvercoiu worthover f2,000. The students of Dickinson College at Carlisle, Pa., had a conflict with the firemen on the lst because they started a large hallowcen bouflre, and several were fatally injured on both sides. The seven th annual convention of the Woman'g Home Missionary Society was opened at Boston on the lst, Mrs. R. B. Hayos, president, reading her annual report Jknkijjs, HfTcnisoN & Co., dealers in notions and white goods at Baltimore, Md., falled on the lst for $100.000. At Lima, O., on the lst Henry Ertlay, aged sixty years, for thirty-flve years station baggage-rnaster of the Pennsylvania railroad, committei suicide by taking poison. J. H. Allen, owner of the American ship Bridgewater, demanded on the lst t20,000 for alleged wrongful detention of his vessel at the port of Nova Scotia. Thb President issued a proclamation on the lst designating Thursday, November 29 nt-xt, as a day of Thanksgiving and prayer throughout the United States. As explosión of hot metal on the lst at tho Sable iron-works of Zug & Co. in Pittsburgh, Pa., killed one man and fatally injured two othors. The statement of the public debt Issued on tho lst showed the total debt to be Í1,703,457,224; cash in Treasury, i74,4Hl,9tS9; debt less cash in Treasury, 0,187,200,086. October, f4,585,019. Decrease since June 30, 1SS8, Í2S,294,62O. The works of the Columbus Bridge Company at Columbus, O., were burned ou the lst, causing a heavy loss. Tuk Northwestern Military Academy and the private residence of H. C. Bampson at Highland Park, a Chicago suburb, were destroyed by fire on the lst, the total loss reaching l,000. Di'BiN'o the seven days ended on the 2d there wei-e 275 business failures in the United States, against 20S the previous seven days. Mb9. Fe ank A. De Gkoot, of Worcester, Mass., on the 2d gave birth to four girl babies. all living. Twelvb large ice-nouses ai loieao, u., owned by the Elevator, Coal & Ice Companv, wero burned on the 2J. Hkhuekt L Ckiciiett, tlnancial clerk fora Boston real estáte firm, disuppeared on the 2d, taking with him Í25.000 belonging to nis euiployerg. Five persons lost their lives on the 2d in prairie flres in Jackson township, Minn. Bt a decliion of Judge Brewer at Topeka, Kan., on the Sd that laud in Allen Cuuty belonjred to a niilroad. over tive tbousand settlers, many of whnm had oc cupied the land for ten or fifteen years and had made extensivo improvements, wouia bc compoilod to give up possossion. Is a qu;irrel over a settlem ;nt oí accounts on the 2d at Yoakura, Tex., Fayette Berry and John Hawks shot and killed eai'h other. ükokoe H. Vandekbilt, oí New York, on the 2d purchased one thousand acres of mountain lumis near Asheville, N. C, wbere he would build a large industrial institute for the free education oí poor white children, who would be taught how to work in wood and metáis and thus become skilled mechanirs. Fürtiier advices oí the 2d say that in the recent cyclono in Iowa the M. E. Churoh and B., C. R. & N. depot at Mt. Auburn wore blown down and an elevator unroofed, and a man was killed by flying timbera. Bkuxaki) Naüohton, of Boston, was on the 2i awarded H,OOU damages for ttie loss oí a leg in an accident at the coal wharf of William White. It was reported on the 2d that s large number of miners had quiotly withdrawn irom the Kuights of Labor. Thomas Saters, a colored highwayman who murdered and robbed two peddiers in Mercer CouDty, W. Va., was caujfht and lynched on the 2d. F ive men were killed and a number of others were seriously injured oa the 2d by an explosión of the boiler of a threshing machine near Reading, Fa. James Bïi.i., Ben Russell and George W. Grifflu, all colored, were killed in Van Zandt County, Tex., on the 3d in apolitical quarrel. W. Barnet Le Van reported to the oommon pleas court at Philadelphia on the 2d that the contrivance recently shown him by Mr. Keeley, of ''motor" fame, was a "stationary structure, dependent upon themanipulation of an operator, and could by no possibility bo made self-operating." Dcrinq the twenty-four hours eaded on the 2d there were 20 new cases of yellow iever at Jacksonville, Fla., and 3 deaths from the diseaso. Total cases lo diite, 4,240; total deaths, 359. Estimates on the 2d of this year's Southern cotton erop placed the aggregate yield at about three per cent. less tnan that of last Near Hopewell, Fa., on the 2d several miners, whon riding on a hand-car, were thrown from the car by a runaway team. Kam Uatings was instantly killed. Hartin Maher had his skull crushed and Beven others wero seriously injured. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. William H. Blakk, tho Uuion Labor nominee for Governor of Missouri, declined on the 30th uit. to make the race. Nathaniil, Watts, aged ninety-three years, died of pneumonía in Baltimoro, Md-, on the 29th. He was one of the "Old Defendéis," who on September 12, 1814, repulscd ihe UrltUb attack upon Baltlmore si kwart, of New Y ark, on ihe TOlh uit. accepted the Equal R giits partj 's oom nation for the VicoPrwldency Jonx I'. Ci mi ¦iiri.i.. ex-member of Congress, died suduoiily at his home in Hopkinsvüle, hy., on the ÜOthult, aged sixtynine years. Wahkantm fót ihe arrest of seven hundred and liliv persons, charged with registerinu iLleyaliy. were sworn out in Now York City on tiie lst. FOREIGN. Loii! Ciaidk Hamh.ton left London on the ü'Jth for Amor. ca as the representativo of a woalthy s.vndicate interested in a scheme for beatlug c.ties. A secoxd brouk oceurred in the Cornwall canal at Montreal on the 29th while workmen wero busy repairing the old one, and it was said that Montreal morchants would lose 2,IMM,(HK. Baron Hibsoh on the 29th donated twelve milliou francs for the educatlon of Jews in Galicia, It was reported on the 30th uit. that an English syndicate was arranging for the purchase of all breweries in this country. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the assumption of the throne by King George I. celobrated at Athens, Greece, on the :iüth uit. by a banquet at the palace. It was reported on the 30th uit that a recent accident to the Czar's train near St. Petersburg resulted in the killing of twenty-one persons. A TEunim.E cattle disease was raging on the 30th uit. in the Phillipine Islauds. In one province alone over sixty-six thousand animáis ha I died. Aff.uks in Havti had assumed soserious a phase on the 3Otn uit. that the war-ship Kearsarge was orderod to Port au Princo for the proteetion of American intcrests. Hiooinhotham's spinning and weaving milis at Glasgow, Scotland, were destroyed by fire on tne 31st uit. Loss, Ï25Ü.000. It was Rtated on the 31st uit that the large number öf Chinese wh) were arrivingatBritish Columbia ports from China were not destined to remain in Canada, but were taking thi9 me.ins of smuggling themselves the United Stats. A break oceurred on the Sist uit. in tho River St. P erre at Cote St. Paul, Can., and the neihboring couutry was flooded. As astero a (No. 281) of the twelftn magnitude w is discovered on the lst by Dr. Pailisa at Vionna, Austria. Foreiox Jews engaged in farming were on the lst ordercd to quit Poland within a month. Advices of the lst say that a collision at sea between the steamers Cari Weymss and Ardencapte resnttod in the lo ui ¦tikteen lives from the Weymss. Rev. Wil i.i i O. Van Metek, a wcllknown evangelist and missionary, died on the lst at Kome, ltaly, aged sixtyeight years. He was one of the founders of the Howard Mission in New York, and carried on for twenty years the work of rescuing children from the slums and finding Chris tian homes for them throuhout the country. ' Advices of the lst from India say that a cyclone, accompanied by heavy rains, ha3 swept over Madras, doiug great damage. Sik John Macdosald in a speech at a banquet in Sherbrook, Can., on the lst said it would be ruinous for Canada to sever her relations with Groat Britain and unite with the United States. It was announced on the2d that the thir teen whaling vessels that had been stuck in the ice in the Arctic sea for severa weeks had been freed and were out ol danger. Coi'Kiers arrived at Zanzíbar on the 'M bringing news of Stanley, whom tbey met late in November, 1887. Many of the escort ha l died and the explorer had been ill with fever. At Middleton, Eng., a crowd attacked the pólice on the 2d for the purpose of securing the release of a prisoner, and several persons were fatally injured. Accohdi.vo to returns receivod by the Canadian Department of Agriculturo on the 2d over two hundred Mormons eml gratod from Utah to the Canadian North west during the past season. LATER NEWS. The exchanges -.t twenty six leading clearing-houses ia the United Btates during the week ended on the 4th aggregated il.079,345 128, against 11,067,331.673 the previous week. As compared with the corresponding wjek of 18S7 the deoreue amounted to 1.7 uer c nt. An explosión occurred on the 3d in the Knttli1 Creokcoal mines near Luck Haven, Pa., and üftoen persons wore killed and iour injured. The Monticello Ladies Seminary in Godfrey, 111., was burned on the 4th, involvinif a 1 189 of $150,000 on the building aDd contents. belles the loss on the personal effect of the pupils and teachers. Joe Midklbton was killed and Gldeon Peroifield was fatally wounded by Jacob Brennan, town m irshal of Hope, Ind., during a politioal rally on the Bd, A pitEiniiT train on the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas railrnad wns wrecked on tlie 4tti near Vickburg, Mi -3., and throe men were killed. Thkke was an earthquake shock at Vienna, 111., at 4 :30 o'uloik on the morning of the Bd. lt was distinctly feit and lasted several seconds. A TERitmc explosión ocourred on the 3d in the Chumpagnaa cial pit in the Department of Avcyron, France, and eighty mlners were killed. As expross train was robbed near New Orleans on the :sd of about $30,000 by t highwayman. The messenger and bag gage-master were compelled to throw up their hands at the point of a revolver. As earthquake shock was feit in Mem. phia, Tenn., on the 3d. The steamer Sax Murdham was sunk on the 4th in collision with the Norwegian bark Nor off Cowes, and twenty-two persons were drowned. During the twenty-four hours enied on the 4th there wero 11 new cases of yellow fever at Jacksonville. Fla., and 3 deaths from the disease. Total cases to date, 4,277; total deaths, 304. The entire money circulation of the country - specie and paper - was on the 8d put at H,407,871,6ti8. It was statcd on the 8d that the Catholics of Australia and India had presented the Pope with $1,000,000. Dckino the progress of a slander surt on the ld at Fresno, Cal., Robert Seconce was shot dead by a man named Hardwick, and Seconce's brother in return shot Hardwick dead. Henky Bowbs, a leading merchant of WUkeibarre, Pa., whileout rid ng on the 8d was fatally shot by a highwayman. Two men were killed and four othera were injuied in an accident to a hand car on the :kl near Hopewell, Pa. Advicks of the 3d say that in Holo, China, an unknown disease was prevailing, and the people were dying at the rate of thirty or forty persons a day. Tukïe children of Dr. S. F. B. Reid, of Galt, Ont., were playing on the banks of the Grand river on the 3d, when they feil iuto the water, and two of thein, girls, were drowned. TnE doprs of Wilkie's Bank at iougl-M Knn. , wvi' cluseil 00 tlM ÏOUl. b.lit'iet, K.000; asiets, íl 10.000. . CofNTï Jlijok John (I midin reoelved wounds iroro ba d.oü and Dan Bolin was lnstantly killed in a row at a cironaM Harbourvillo, Ky.. on the26th. I,, ,iiM bbe twenty four lióura eudid on the 26th thorc wre 19 oeW casos of yollow fovor at JuiksunvilU-, Fla., and ï deaths rrom the disaasa Total canes to date, : '.i'.iT; total diiutlis, ML Mk3 Hi:kiktta BpiBt, agfd seventyfiveyears, and Mr. Martha Becket, aged sixty-flve yeari, inmates of the (ierman Home lor the Aged at Ualtunore, Md., were by on thè Jtith. Wbii.e w.ilking on the track on the 28th at Uien Onoko, Pa., Dr. Rbort Leonard, aasociatojuilKO of Carbon County, was run over by a train and killed. Mis Mazik Moi-xt, asod twenty-one yeurs, of Connersville, Iud., a pupil in a musió school at Clnolnoatl, committed suicido on the aith by utting hor throat. No cause was known. Tbk ninth of the woild's baseball championship gsmaa Betweao New York and the St. Louis Browns wa pla.vod in St. Louis on the 'Jflth. Score: St Louis, 14; New York, II At Colfax, W. T., on the 2tith David Yates, a barkeeper, killed nis w fe, of wbom ho wus joalous, and committed suicide. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Fcrtuek advuvs p the 22d say that in he recent raüwav disaster iiear Laterzj, taly, caused by a lanJ -slide, one hundred rcrsons wore killed a:iJ flfty wounded. Edward Galluj-, assistant general manger of the Lake Shoro & Michigan Southrn railroad, died at Cle. eland, O., on the Bd. Mrs. James, of BellevUle, Ky., died on tho 22d of fatty degeneration. Bhe wa probably one of the largest women in he world, beinc six feet four inches tall and weighing 560 pounds. Eli T. T afpik, State Commissioner of Schools, died on the 23 1 at Columbus, O. Mart Anx, agei about fortyfive years, died at Lancaster, Pa., on thfl 22d of consumption, hastened by a fast extending orer a p-riod of forty-seven days. David Ckack, said to bo one hundred and seven years olA, was marrled ou the 24tfi at Marlboro. Md., to Susanna Oaks, widow of seventy-ñve years, by Rer. Joseph Kunnane. Mus. Johs A. Logan, wifeofthe late General John A. Logan, sailod from New York on the 24th for Europe on the steamshipTrave. Wrs. Logan goes abroad for her health. The followin? Congresstonal nominations wero made on the 24th: New York, Second district, Thomas Seward (Rep.), Felix Campbell (Dem.); Fourth, Wilham E. Robinson (Rep.); Fifth, Thomas F. Wagner (Dem.); Tenth, Francis B. 8pinola (Dem.) renominated. Horace E. Smith, one of the pnprietors of the lliniiii State KegMer at Bpringfleld, 111., and secretary of the company, died on the Btth. William Werner Coi-emas, proprietor of Der Herold, a Germán daily newspaper at Milwaukee, Wis., died in his newspaper office on the 26th of apoplexy. William T. Hamiltojj, formerly Governor and United States Senator, died on the 26th at his home in Hagerstowh, Md. lx New York City on the 26th overlifi,041 nanies were added to the reglstratiou list. making the total 35:3,532. Ai.fiit:i H. Love, president of the American branch of the Universal Peace Union, declineü on the 2(th to be a candidate for Vice-President on the National Equal EUghU (Bolva L ckwood) ticket FOREIGH. Paris advices of the 23d say that incendiarios had attempted to destroy the forest of Fountaineble iu. Fires were started in five different places, and a larga quautity of forae was consumed, entaillng a loss of 1.250.000 franc-i. Coust de Lesseps declared at a meeting held at Lyon-j, Kranco on the 221 that the Panama caual would be open f ur trafile in July, 1890. At, Ireland, on tho 23d twelve men were sentenced to six mouths with hard labor in ja 1 for conspiring to compel a farmer to leave his farm. Samuel Benjamin & Co , Wholesale hardware dealers in Toronto, Ont.,were burned out on the 23d. Loss. $100.000. A WHoLF.sAi.E systcm oí IreiRht robberj was discovered on the 231 on the Mexican Central raUroau ut Baïc luo, tiia it wua believed that tho total loss to the company w.iuld be 150,000. The official report on the 23d of the recent railway disaster near Poterza, Italy, limits the nuraber of persons killed to nineteen and the injured to llfty-flve. The strike of the colliers in England was spreading on the 24th. Fifteen thousand men in Yorkshire were out. Mary Ans Sltheri.and was on the 24th genteneed in London to five years' penal servitude for represent ng herself as s wealthy land-owner and thereDy collecting money. Theodisus, the Metropolitan of Servia, published a pastoral on the 24th in wnioh he dissolved the murriago of Kiug Milán and Queen Natalie. Advices of the 2Uh say that In the recent revolution in Fort au Frince, Hayti, three hundred persons were killed and over üve hundrei wore wounded, includïnjf mau.v women and children. A CLiB-HOUSE in Moacow, Russia. oollapsed on the 25th and alarge number ol the inmates wero buried beneath the ruins. Sixteen doad bodies and tweaty-four injured had been recovered. The fiftieth anmversary of the entrance of M. de Uiers, the Russian foreign mini ter, into the public service, was celebrated on the 25th at St. Petersburg Ttpboio fbver in most epidemio form prevailed on the SStb at Montreal, Can. It was announced on the 26th that ' " the Chinese Exclusión bilí was carried into effect the Chinese (ioverninent would expel all Americana from China. Kino Milan, of Sarvia, on the 36th settled one million francs on ex-Queen Natalie. The Crown Prlnce would be permitted to write to his mother three timei weekly. On the 26th two eletrantly-dressed for eign ladies drowned themaelve In the lake in which R ug Ludwi?, of Bavarla, committed suicide. A man and his wife were murdered and terribly mutilated at Magyar Biakos, Hungary, on the 26th.


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