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¦ ¦mi II Ri'trardnl are thuse wtio reail ÜJPUT Vtlils añil then act; they wtll flud UlUilu 1 iioiiar emptoymoat tina wili nol tako ihem (rom their llames añil families. The proflts are larjíe a mi un for evt'ry industrlou-, pcrson, maiiy htive maileaiul are DOW nmklog severa] luindrrd dolltirH :i month. It is easy fer un one to itiaki' 85 and upwariia per ilay, wlio Ís wnlinu to work. Klther sex young or oíd; capital DOt Desdedí stnrt yon ftverything uew No apeolal abtllty raqnlrad, you, reader, can do tt aa well im any one. VVrlte to ni at once for full particular, whlih we mail free. Addre8s si inson A. t'o. Portland, Malne. ¦ ¦¦¦ Mea Wiuiíirr exlst Ín thousnnrts of I L L Ul'Tiiis. hut art' snrjiHssru i, ttie mar ¦ ¦¦ Vl'ls "' ' Mivcnt uní. Tliiisfwho are In [hmM of profltahle Work hat can be done wiitle living at home should ftt once gend thelr address to üallet A t'o.. Portland, Maine, and rerelve free. full lniormatlon liuw elther sex, of all ages, can earn from 85 to $" per day and upwards, wherever they Uve. Vou are started free. Capital not requlred. Some have made over $50 lu a single day at thl work. MI anroeeri I PAIN "TU Z l';tint Frlday, mn it to Church Sunday. Eight ?, = 3 a Fulvonable S hades: LUck. Maroon. VcniuTion "f" g ¦ lílue, Yellow, Olive Lakc, Brcwstcr and Wagcn - r ÖÖ Greci. No V.irnihiug necessnry. Drlr hjrü uL2 Mitli "kbiac." Une Ctxtt and job is done. P.Ï& L YOUR BUCCY ifl . Tlp tnp for Chaire, Liwn S?ats. Sash. Flowcr t: =m ?7i ''"'-¦ Bubjr CarrUgM, Curteln l'oks Furnituie, "Q mmm I ront Doors. Store front s, Screen Doors, BoatS, V3 2 M in '-s, [ron Fi I t = mm tiie thing íor ihé ladics to u&e aLiout tlic houc sL , fe FOR ONE DOLLAR I 2C0ÍTSH0NEST CA Are you (roinp to Patnt thís ycart I f so, don't C 1 i'iiy .i punt contftlíiing water or benzine whin = l ï fiw the same money (or ne.irly so) procure " - CO1TA (O'S II UK I'MM that is wirrnntf I to - ï ¦ bean no st, i.kmink i.i m tiioii, PAIVT " 5 3 C3 l"d free from water and benzine, Ucruinit thl v $ - „ mui ;unl tikr uo ollior. M rchantl haillin = WJ it are our agents and aulhorizcd by us. In wntiiiK, z - = to rront it to "r;ir & VKiKS . ith S COATt r jg S " H V ICS ilh 2 MUTS. Our Sh.ulcs are the = v l.aiest Stytcs used in the tast nuw bccomlnv ' = 5 LU so popular in tlie West, and up with the times A Fry thit brand ol liiiMM i'ii M and you wili ¦? '' iicvtr regret iL Tius to the wise ú. sutheiem „G" g HOUSE PAINT IcoitsfloorpaintëhS Pint that never dried beyond the tttcky point, d pp waste a week, spoil thi rl c 5 Next tin:. lll 1 r COIt A KIN PLOOR PAlUT =1 5 ' popular and taita) le ¦' i to drj i . , tH Imrtl Ra a rock im-r olltt. Nu trouble No S SbWONT DRY ST1CKY S Kslate of Lucy W. S. Morman. STATE OF MICH1UAN. Couuty of Waehtinaw --. 1 At h 8OB8lon of the Probate Conrt fur thp ('ountj ui Wa-liuMiiw, holden at the l'rohate office, in Ibe city of Aun Arbor, un Tin-ertay, tvn-ntythird dayofOctobir, in the jear one tnoUMnd eijrht hundred nrt lnhty-eiglit. Pn-neiit, Willlum D. Harrlm in, Jodca ol I'roimte. lu tbt nattw of thi estáte "f I.noy W. s. Uorsan, daeeaaad. Kranklin U Hnrki-r, Edward D. Ki d umi oüs e. JoIuuod azeoaten of the ]a-i w ;] and teatameni oi íihí dpceased, come in:c conrt and repreawl tint th vare nvw preparad ti ronder thoir tlual urcuunt as sjcu ti, cuto r. Thereuuon It Is ordered, that Toaadar, the u il-iy et Ñutí mber next, at ten o'clock In tha tunv ii be aalKasd fpi examlntoii and allow[.iv su h accoaat, &'¦] fhn) the rtevlaees, litraea .111'! h' 1 1 l:i w or - iid (! ;l-crl, ,Ii(1 al! Uthtfl piT(oni Intareatad m -üid eatateiAre reajilred to appear it i -. - ; . ,ii of ?ai'l conrt, ther to b holden u the l'riiimir titiicf, In tbe city ol Ann Arhor, In paid c nntyand ahowcaaae Ifanj thore be. whyttie salil arrnnnt lioiild not beillawd: And it i fnrtber ordert-d, ttiin uid eZ'Coton fin' nutlcetplhc pernona Intereítod In íld enlato, ol ihi' pondene) ofyald HCronnt.and Lbe hvarinff thtreof, lu canalnsacopj of tbla ordur to bf publli-hed ¦ii the Aun Arbnr OouHt r , a newppitperprJntr a id drcnlatlng In gald coanry. ihne weeli prvrioai toaaid ilaj oí iiarint. W1L1.1..1 I) BARBIMAN. (A trno copy.) Fndïeol rrouatp. WM. G. IXiTY. Prohnte Rerlstc-r SUBSCRIBE for tke COÜRIER,


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