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1880. Har por 's Magazine. tLi.XTSXRA.TKD. Hakfek's Magazine Is the moot useful, mul beautlful perlodlcal In the world. Among the altractloDg for 1889 wlll be a new novelan American story. entltl-d "Júpiter Llghts" - by onstahce F. Woolson ; lllustraiions of Shakespeare' Coiuedirs by E. A. ABBKÏ; a serles of anieles on Russla, lllnatrated by T. m Thulstrup; papers on the Dominion of Canada and a cbaracterlstlo serlil by Charlks Dudley Warneb; three ¦¦ Norwrglan Rtudles."by BjOrnstjekne Björn8on, Illustrated; "Commodus," a hlstorlcal pla by the author ïiur,'' llluslrated by J. K. Wkoi' eto. The Editorial Depurtments are conducted by Georgk Wili.iam Curtís, Williah Dean Howelm, and Dudlky vVaknkk. IIARPER'S PERIODICALS. PER YEA.K: HARPKR'S MAGAZINE -..$4 00 HARPER'8 WEEKLY „ 4 00 HARl'ER'8 BAZAR - 4 00 HARPER'8 YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Póttage Free to all subscriben in the i'nited Slat tt, Canada or Mtzico. The volumes of the Magazine begin wiih tlie Numbers for June and December ol each year Wben no time Is Rpeclfled, subscrip tlons wlll begin wlth the Number current at time of refrlpt of order. Bound Volumesof H arper's MAQAZiK,for three years back, In neat cloth binding, wiil besent by mail, postpaid, on recelpt of $8 00 per volume. Cloth Cases, for binding, 50 een Is each- by mail, postpaid. Index to Habpek's Magazine, Alphabetlcal. Analytlcal, and Olassltled, for Volumes 1 to70, Iucluslve, from June, 1850, to June, 1885, one vol. 8vo, Cloth. $4.00. Remittunces should be made by Pist-Offlce Mouey Order or Draft, to avold chauce of loss. Newspap&rs are not to copy thi adoertisement without the expres order of Harkkr & Bkutiiers. Address HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. 1889. Harper's Weekly. ILLU8TKATED. hrpkr's WEiKLïbas well-estiibusüed placeas the leadliig Illustrated newspaper In America. The falrness of lts editorial commentK ou current politics has earued for it the respect and confldence of all Impartlal readers, and the varlety and excellence of its llterary contenta, whlch lnclude serial and short slorles by the best and most popular wrlters. fit H for the perusal of people ol the wiueat i ¦ ux Mwiwti ."1," suits. Supplement are frequently providrd, and no expense Is suared to brlng he hlghest order of artlstlc abllty to bear upon the 11lustratlon of the chaugelul phases of Home and fi.relgn hlstory. A new work ol flctlun from the pen of William Dk.n Ho mi, and one by Capt. ( Kino, will be among the leadlug features of the Weeki.y for 188. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. PER TEAK: HARPER'S WEEKIï HARPER'S MAGAZINE 4 00 HARPEK'S BAZAR 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Free to all subscribir in the Vnited States, Canada or Mexico. The Volume of the Weekly begin wltli the flrst Number for January of each year. When no time Is mentloned, subscrlptlons will begin wlth the Number current at time of recelpt of order. Bound Volumes of Harpeb'9 Weekly for tbreeyeare back. In neat cloth blndlns, wlll be sent by mail, postage paid. or by express, free of expense (provided the freigut does not exceed one dollar per volume), for $7.00 per volume. Cloth Cases for each volume, sultnble lor binding, wlll be sent by mail, postpaul, on recelpt of $1 00 each. Reralttances should be made by Post-Offlce Money Order or Draft, to avold chance of loss. Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement without the express order of Harper & BkotiiEH3. Address HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. 1889. Harper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. Harper's Bazar wlll continue to malritln lts reputation as an unequaled famlly lournal. lts art lllustratlons are of the Ulbest order, lts literatura Is of tbe oholcest kind, and lts FashloD and Household departineuts of the most practloal and economlcal character lts paltern-sheet supplements and Banlon'-plate alone wlll save 1U readers ten times the cost of subscrlptlon, and lts aitlcls on decorativo art, social etiquette, uousekeeping, cookery. etc. makelt lndispensito every houseboid. Ite brlght short storles, and tlmely essays, are amona the best published ; and nota line Is admUted to i ts columns that could offend the most faslldious taste. Among the attractions of 'he new oluine wlll be serial storles by Mrs ranCES HODOSON BUKNETT, MrS. ALEX I. DB1 . William Black, and Thomas Hardy, and ajeries of paper on nurserj manaueinent by Mrs. CHRI8TINB TKBUUME HERRICK. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. PER YEAR: HARPER'S BAZAR t' O" HARPBB'8 MAGAZINE _. 4 00 HARPER'S WEEKLY 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Pottage Free to all subscriben in the United (Xatis, Vanada or Mexico. The volumes ot the Bazar begin wlth the flrst number for January foreHCh year. When notlme is mentioned, aubscriptlons will begin wlth t e Number current at time of receipt of order. Iiound volumes of Harper' Bazar, for three years back. In neat cloth binding, wlll besent by mail. postuge pald or by express, free of expense (provided the frelght does not exceed one dollar per volume;, for #7 .OU per volume. Cloth Cases for each volume, sultable lor binding wlll be sent by mail, postpaid, on recelpt of $1.00 each. Remlttance should be made by Post-Offlce Money Order or Draft. to avold chance of loss. Nfwsnnver nre not to copi this advertisement without the txpress order of Ha IHU Sc BkotiiEBS. Address HARPER A BROTHERS. GW I OrK. Mili Mea Wonder exlsl In thousanris or TlrPPfortris. but aresurpsssed by the mar Uüüïvelsof inventlon. Those who nre In necd of profltable work hat can be donewhlle living at home should at once send thelr address to Mallet & Co., Portland, Mnine, and receive free, full Information hw elther sei, of Ril ages, can earn from $5 to j per day and upwards, wherever they live. You are sUrted free. Capital not required. Rome have made over $50 in a single ilny M tb Is work. All necead. THIS PAPER sys InlO ftl kil BOWELt, & COS Newspaper AavertUlng Bureau (10 Spruce Wreet),whiTiMiilv-r. M ifODl t lslng contracta may ¦¦ fs H W I I K K be made ior lt lu II kil I UI1I


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