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The Fruits Of Victory

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Washington, Nov. 11.- There s one feature of the victory at Mie polls last week wliich does DOt seem to have dawned fully yet upon the minds of tbe uctors, but which is bein;; discussed wlth a great deal of concern by some of the demócrata of the soiuh - that is tliat the coutrol of the two bouses of congrcss wlll gire the Republicun party the oontrol also of the apportionmenc uudrr the H-venth census. Tlie eleventh census will be takeu in June, 1890, ind the raapporUosmeiit of the congresalonal pepreaentatlan will follow during the sesíion of congress sui:ceeding. The snppresíion of the colored vote in the south will certmnly lead to a curtailment of the number of represeutatives in that section and a corrosponding inerease in the representation of some of the western states, notably Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota, which aie naturally republican. Tbte, together crlth the admission of four new state., with at leust twelve elcctoml votes in 1892, will chiinge the status of the next eampuifii to a considerable degree, and will be likely to have a niarked effect in nmlntalnlng theascendency the of republican rlynwty. Southern men profess to beliive that their section will lose at least 10 electoral rotts in the new apportiomnent, which will, they naturaliy Infer, be added to the strength of the rupublican states nf the northwcst. If thi? is done and the new states admilled prove to be republican in sentimeut there is reason to believe that the solicitiule of the southern demoeraU is will foundeil, and that soine :it lea-t of the elementa of uncertainty wlll be removed (rom the iiext grand contest. Kepublican success tMsyearulso nieans tliHt the control of tlie IJïilted States tupreme court Is no longer in dunger of passing out of the hands of the republican party. President Harrison will, in all probability, üavo the appointuient of four and poinlbly live assoclate justices during tiis term, aud that will insure the control of the hlgheat court in the country for the next generación, unless the inortality amonjr tlie meiubers of the court is niuch heavier than it has ever been befure. On the whole, thoiefore, the republican party has incieasing caufe t congratúlate itself as the sigmltciinco of last l'uesday'ii victory become apparent.


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