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An Amusing Goose Story

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" Wben I was in Alalmma, between Portel1 Gap and Millerville," said a entleiiiun living in Atlantii, "I carne tn a country place where a man was drlving ten or twelve geese from a brnncli towftrd a cotton patcli. 'For licaven's sake,' said I, 'wh ii t have yon on tbe necks of those Heese?'1 Those are gourds full of water. I drite theese geese into tliat cotton patob and keep tliem there all day weedinjï out tlie cotton. There is no water In the cntton patch, and I have to give tliem water in thia way to keep tliem there.' 'l'.ut bow do they set the water out of tbose gourds under their neck?' 'They drink out of eacli other's "(ourds. Each -dun1, has au opening in the slde so tliat another gouse can pat his blll into the goiird and drink. If you wlll stay here long enoiigh you will see it yourself.' I wuited there half a day to see that performance, and rinally I saw it. Tlip geese did just as the man said they would. Wheii a jfoose got thirsty he walked up to his nelsjhbor and cooly drank out of


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