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"the 'facts' Are These."

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OCR Text i ii n;i baan oharged wlth ti sal meutof Bev. i H. Pope "unjust, imuue. and lnliuman." Tbe íacts are thee: u Oot. 4, lust, Tnt Rkoistkk prlnted a paragrapli, gleaned from the lally papers, to the effect that Rev. Mr. Pope, tormerly of Ann Arlior had made charges against Kcv. Mr. Iltldn-tli tliat Hlldreth was aciultled; that lie had agaln leen charged with I inmoral Ityln Oleve. lamí and tliat lie was allowed to wlthdraw. Dr. T. 1'. Wllson, of Aun Arbor, wai ln i llevi - landat thfi time, and he sent ucommnnlcatlon to tlie HKdisTKBdefeiuling Mr. Btldratb. (l.)-we prlnled it, as any íalr-mtnded and and welf-regulated paper woulit do. H was couched ly rapaotfalaad diiüutirii langosta, and whatever may Mavo been the feellng nnderlylng It, (i)- the communlcatlon was modérale and apparently oliarltable.lS.)Itmust borne In mlnd thut Tus RaolSTU by all common rules of newspiiper proprlaty, was obligeu lo pnnt thls oommaniotttlon, because of the paragraph we had prlnted Oct. 4. Mr. Pope luis sime very warm (rienda in Ann Arbor, and umong them Dr. W. K. Breakey whk nlveii upiice In wlileh to reply to Dr WIlHon'H letter. (I )- He had moro space tlian Ur. Wllson took, and he 1 a goud letter wrlter. Tima It N bard to seo how Tas II oísteis has trealed Mr. Tope nnklndly. He has been acoorded evcry proper hi'uring.(5.)- It Ís not for the Interest of Tuk ittr.isTKR and certainly It has no deslre tu assail imy oneunjusily. We have not done so. In thls Pope-HUdreth matter, lf we have auy prejudices, they are in Mr. Pope's favor, and In ?¦ int the paragraph of Oct. 4 abotit Mr. Illdrein, It was wholly wlih the deslre to glve news intereHiliig to Ann Arbor readers. -Aun Arbor Register, Nov. 8th. 1. Tliat "luir ininiled and welliegulated paper" the Ann Arbor Bejrliter mbüslied a defense of Mr. llildietli wlth the followiujf "POPE VS. HILDHETH. THE DITTEIt WAK BETWEES TI1EM. - MU. POI'K NOW IN8ANE.- HILDHETn KUT OL1LTY." A "fairniincled" addition to i corretpoodeiru eammnnlöatlon ! That ''fiiir-minded" defense of Mr. Ilildreth not only assertcd that 'tlic Rev. Dr. Pope went iisaric," bat lo ascribed a cause for tliat ins;uiity. It also declared : - ''There are, however, those who know that Mr. Pope's unsettled state of iiiind reaches back for several ypnrs." This "fair-mlnded accusution is purly and souly exparU testimoiiy. If ontrue, It Is tlierefore wnjust; and if unjust it Is absolutely inhuman treatnieut of a man now insane." 2. Tlien tliere was a "feelinjr underlyii'g it !" A "'fair-minded" addinirsion, but mude by an overslght. 3. Is it "apparently charitable" to declare "that Mr. Pope's uusettled state of muid ïeuclics back for several years," wheu sucli a declaration lias a puroly personal "feeling uiiilct 1 yin r it?" 4. Tlils is artful but "with intent to decieve." It c.iu be proven that, ter cause, the üejristsr published only so mucli of Dr. Hreakey's letter as it saw fit to do. Why thi difcriminntioi) beiwet-u 8ucli orrespondents as T. P. Wilson and Dr. V. V. Ureakey? ñ. If Mr. Pope "bas been accorded every proper hearing'' Uien the expurgated portions of Dr. VV. F. Breakey's letter are improper - and yet the Kegister says "he is a j;ood letter writerl' "thüs it is iiaed to See how the register has treated mk. pope unKINDLV!" How bas the Register "treateii" Mr. Pope? Ir has aliowed a personal ciieiny to Mr. Pope to rfefend Hildretli by telling au obwlute falsehood in II Miulli's behalf. It bas enabled the sanie personal eneiny to declare "that Mr. Pope's unsettled state of uiind reacties back for sevi-ral ycars " It has refu-ed to let one of Mr. Popels friemls make known tlie aminnit ol this pers mul fiicniv. wliich if known :is it siinu KI be uould it once place Dr. Pope heyond the nced of any Iricnil's ilefeuee. 15y wippoêlng lh trutli it bas driven those wlio wonld ilffend an nltl cted fellowinan into the columns of a paper that ciinnot po-sibly eonvcy the trut It to everyone to whom the Rejtioter luis carrled a coward y faleIihoiI. As an ''aive-sory. afti'r the luct" it has been unjust, initnie, and inhuman. P. S -Wil the H-jgistcr please copyf


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