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Now is the time to trim your grape vines. It has rnlned eitry Fnday t'or seven Bandallas draped with erape are now popular. John Haarer experts to commence moving inio his new block ucxt week. Tlis larírest vote ever polled in ncarly every precinct in the county, was tliat of tlieCth inst. Dliiz & Langsdorf have put !n the electric li'lit, haring live are lij;hts, oue beinjs In front. Tlit' Chautauqua Circle will meet next Tuesday evening, at Mrs. Neal's un S. í 1 1 lj,:i 1 Is ,-treet. Mr. Michelfelder bas pommenced buildii}; a new houw, (in W. Third near the corner oi V. Jefttrgon-st. Tile boarö of canvtusers met yesterday, and iiMde E. 1'.. Pond obalrman, tbe county clerk befng tbe Becretary, ('Ins. 8 V.i'MÍw;ir,l assumed control ui livecy etable last Monday, tak! ng i e place ol Am. Robicon. [tnnly took about two bours last FriiIüv to ralse moriey enougb to pay tor the L'uesd iv evening republlean jubilee. Baro Braap, of Ann Arbor town, huskf] 2u bushelft ut corn in two daya for Fred Maaser, week. How's tbat tor hosking f 'l'li.rr wa an excursión in town from Siginaw Monday, some ."iüO people taking ndVrtHUge ot'$l 50 for tbe round trip over tbe ne '1'. A. A. & Saginaw K. I!. A considerable amountof inoney clninj;ed hands on the eUnslion. l'olh sides coulJii't win, and t was tbe rcpublican's turn. Tbe board of the Washtcnaw County MuUlü Fire Ins. ('o. niel on the 7Lb iiiM , mid resolved to raapend all member? wnose ssessments were nol paid on Xnv. ."itb, Li u t i I sncb time as they sbould piy ui. The Mincitciinwii al most incessuntly k lifter eluction. But wc can and it alrtght. There has n.t; enongh fallen yet to wel tbe eiartta down to tlie deptb 'tin; hut suminera have dried it out tor the pust thrt-eor tour ycars. Dn& disaster followo aanther la quick Mlon. It WHili't erimigh for the demócrata to be defeated, so the barberjmiw contémplate raiatng the price ot thcir giiHTlngt jast duuble, on account ot tlie extrcnif lenj;th ol their taces. Rev. Dr Stndley will lectnre at Dex tci M K. cliurch nexl Knday Eve., No. I6th, mving bis" Qharacterlstlc Yankee." we congratúlate the people of Dextei opon hearing SO good a lectnre and we begpeak tor ür. Studley a tull house. How timfi have ebaned recently. A few days ajto John J. Roblón woiildn't liardly rt-conize uson the street. Now be meetiusjugt ut ijood natured as of j'ore, and give.-1 ns the sume oíd grip tbat he used to before the November landallde. Peroapgone of the bappteet men In the rint.'il öiates is Mr. BurcbflelJ, of tb is iiiv. wiici in de gome twi-lve or tittcen sniis lor ni man y deiuocratf, to be paid for ;d doublé ratea wbe'n Harrison was eleeted U(MI oi tbu losere have paid up. Judge Tlioin is M. Cooley delivered a burial address over tlie remains of Jaagt C. A. Ötacy, at Tecuuaseh last Friday. 'l'he JTjenawee county bar attended the funeral in a body. Judge Siacy was one of the uld and resptCted citizeus of the Etate Professor B. T. Ford of New York citj-, a ereiit elocutionlst, is to ive. an entertaloinent in the lectaru room of the MfthodUl cliurch on tlie evealng of Kuv. 23d. lic reads for tbe benefit of the Cocker League, and it will be one of tbc most deligbtful entertainmenu of the Kison. Prof. Gaines, of Detroit, says "Tbe riiivciity," a new dance by l'rof. K. Qranjter will be tlie popular dance of tlie "¦ The mo vemen t is easy, Kniceful Mid original. Tbc iiuisio for " The Univi-rsiiv" will be out in about two weeks ïniluill besold at all mosto stores. Music byjohn Paacher, of Detroit. Tlie "uli ward boy.s were so elated over the graad victory, that they brougbt iut tlieir cannon trom lts long seclusion last Thuisdiy eveiiinc. and üied it several thaes in honor of tbe eveut. But the last Mme it bnreted, one picce weighlng 30 or in . Bylng over 150 feet. Lucklly no one was injurcil, bal it was a close cali. Tlie republicana of Washtenaw have '"iiulit :i nniijnilicpiit canipaign and iniich Kod bag heen done by tbe powerful "Oeechei of Sawyer and I, iwrence To in. Qsband the cbairm in of the ooonty cofflnlttee (jreatoredfi Is due f or his hard and effleient work against dlseouraing odds. With no money front assasniantf a' his disposal he has giyen bis time and en"gy to a hopelcsa, and Itb rand thThf, T!o:lnl r BnpervlgoT lust week accepted oebid of Hip Ann Arhor licgister to print 'wproceedlnmorihe Board and i,.v) pamPnieis, , for 189.50. Thla is mi over huif ol ""l Ihe Jol is worih. .lust why the Ann i[?or Pperg continue year after year to nake the connty a presenl of about $100 In ""Onemaiter, is sonicililng of a myslery. -iptilantl Commercial. The Commercial Is a trille too broad. 'OeCopaiBB lias never made tbe county Jpfesüút. I r it eahnot get a smail piolit prefers to lel s job alone. We are not ninnlBg an dfflee for tbe fan of it. The flf'th ward, as it did in 1861- 5, in oame to th froirt on eleCtlon day, nd i)otviihstanding tbe tSortsoi the opPosKion, it ave a kooi! majority for {"""can homes and American ideas as tei-ed by tbe republic.ui party. The ¦ ", i l;iil1 tne ri'Mt ')f itsclub-room 'nd Nov. ]:,(!,, is out of. debt, and r'-Wenlng. t their recular meeting, Vll piobubly make ibecluban ormusstidn, raise tbe inoney by subscrip""is Minoiiir its members i pay the rent ''""'.""'in from noiv unlil after next ['"J election and purchase wond to uake itcoinlortiib'c botli day and even(? 1 luir object Is to bold the votes any "iW 'IUVI'' !lni' :ul(1 as miiry more as c Y Klitened and educated campaign