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N. 1'. Keith was in the city last Frlday and Saturday. Sheriff Littlefield of Detroit, was n tlie city Monday. Mrs. Lottie Medaris lias returncd home froto a vislt to Toledo. Mr?. J. R. Bacli and daughler ure spendini; the week in Howell. N. II. Winans. of Battle Creek, was ia the city the first of the week. Miss Ella Barber, of Chelsea, has been vMting Mrs. Durand tor the weck past. Mrs. G. T. Jenkins, and Mrs. E. K. Jenkins, of Flint, are visitine nt B. F. Watfs. Mr. Doilgc umi daüghter of tRe Stariton Clipper we re ia the citv last Wednesclay. Mrs. Hale Bliss of Chicago and Mr?. A. T. Uill, ot Detroit are vUlting at C. BUwa. Miss Einma Morgan, of this city, is visiting at lier uncle's, II. W. Geer's, in Ypsilanti Mis A. Krause. of Grand Raplds, la visiiinirat Joho KmcIi's oi' the lhm of Kuch & Henne. Dr. J. S. Blanchard, formerly Dr. Palmer'a assistant of Ann Arbor, lias locited at Los Angeles, Citk Clare Durand, of the Express Office eommencea a two week's vaeation to-day, visiting Clielsea with Mrs. Duraud. Br. Gco. C. Smithe, of the Ypsilanti.m, lelt Mondiy for ¦ two week's visit witli frii'iuls in Illinois and Missouri. Mis. E Wanty, of Grand Rüpids, carne to the city Monday, called liere ly tlie deatli of lier nepkew Fred Proctor. Mr?. Etchela, of Jackson, was in the cily last Friday and Snturdiy, called here by tlie deatli of her ittle grand-baughtcr Bazel Kfith. Hcv. Mr. Bradshaw, the new Congreational minister, has rented the Dr. Uilsou house, on S. División St., and has moved theiein. Rev. J. M. Gelston, the new pastor of the Presbyterian church, will occupy Dr. Steele's residence, No. 43 Fifth St., into whioli he is now moving. Rev. Dr. R II. Steele and fainily leave this weck for San Francisco, where they expeci to remain througli the winter at least, Ie the hope tliat Mrs. Steele will be benetted by the mild rlimate of tbat bunons "golden land." Dr. Steele lias a son In that city, Dr. C. H. Steele, with whom tliry expi'Ct to remain. Their addreta will be 2322 Mission St., San Francisco. The Dundee folks celébrate the great victory to night. Golden Unie Iodge have a meeting for wnrk to-morrow, Thmsday evening. The little ribbon badges "Not Left" re very popular with repnblican boys now. ,The repnblicans of Manchester will celébrate the great victory to-morrow olxht. Thcy hope to have a grand time. Eilward Graf plead guilty to ussuult upon John A. Pfeifle, of Aun Albor loivn, In f' ii e Justice Fnieauil" Suturday, and was tined $5. Amanda Potter, aged 87 years, died Nov. lst, at the residente of her son, Mr. C. C. Potter, at Bellville, Mich. Slie was the motlier of Mis. E. J. Knowlton and uf Mrs. A. W. Britten of thls city. We ncver tried thls, but it is said to be true: " If quilts are folded or rolled tightly afier washing, then beaten willi a rolling pin or potato masher, it lightens up the eoiton and makes Ihem seetn soft and new." A young barber and who is somewhat new to eily ways, was initiated last ui{ht into the mysteries of "bagging chipmonks." Ile wasu't very successful, but Wbea the boys catch Uiin again, they will be older tnan they are now by a considerable. A very Dleasant reception was given Rev. Mr. Bradshaw, llie new Congrrgational minister, late of G.ilesburg, Iil., lutt l''rii.lay uvtning. XUfJ l;"tor-; of tlij various city churohes were present mul man; fnendly hands were exlended in Kreeting. V. J. Clark is the treasuitr of the ;id ward club, and he report all bilis paid and $1.08 in the treasnry. The 3d ward is the banuer precinct of the county, and to no one more than Mr. Clark is (iue the honor of making it the ban lier precinct. Allen Webb, a colored lad bout 17 years olil, who has bothered the ofKcers liere for some time bv his utter ktwleMness, was genteneed to the Detroit house of c-.rrection for yOdays by Justice Frueauñ last Monday, for unlawfully unhitching and diiviug a horse. On Tuesday of last week - election day - Mr. John Kuch - of Kocli & llenne - had the 40th anniversary of hie birtli roll arouiul. In the evening a large number of his friends oame to ?ee liini. and he wa? made the recipiënt of an eleirant huuting case gold wiiteh, the gilt of his wile. On Hallowe'eu evening some of the " boys " took three green blinda oft' of the Gernvin M. E. church, corner Liberty and Diviniou Sta. The churen society are very anxious to s-ecure the return uf the blinds, and if any mie knoivs where thcy are tliey ought to infurm the authoritlt'S. Mr. Julia Ward Ilowe, of Boston, will speak at the Unitariau church in tbta city next Simday, both morninj; mul evening. Her momlllfC subject will be "Ueligious Culture." Mr. Sunderland's evening lecture on the " Legends of Genesis" will be postponed a week to give place to Mrs. Ilowe. The customiry courtesy of Manager Keech ut the Telephone Exchange to the uewspaper men of the city, was ng;iin sbown ou election night. Throuah thi courtesy we were euabled to give the next day a table of votes polled in the county. They were not all correct, to be -me, but so nearly so, that an excellent idea could be obtained of them. M atilda S. Brown, supt., announces thal the fewing school will meet Batunlay, Nov. I7th, over Cropsey's store. All the children iuterested in tliis free school are invited to be present. It is boped the ieoile of Anu Arbor will help us to carry on this school successfully and to do thM we will need money and teachers. Dmiations of any kind gratefully received. We meet every Saturday at 2 o'clock. A letter from A. De Forest. dated at Iris Vegas, N. M., Nov. Cth, reports that he has got that far on his journev safe and happy, otter ha ving passed a day or two cach in Chicago. Kans s City and To peka. He .-aysjof tne Santa Fe E. R., "the lervice is the best I ever saw, the srnothest road, the best cars, the best meals, and the most gentlemanly attendants in the world." 81 nee reachinL' Les Vesas he met Mr. Warner, Al. Sager and Doe. Henriques, and was liaving a good time thcre. The next place to stop at will be Santa Fe where he expects to remain a few day 9. A little over foor years ago G. W. Harris was holdinr the little postoffloe at Lancaster, Ede Co., N. Y. [i,i nir a (rlend of Thos J. Keech, of this city, he wrote him a letter, telling what lie'knew about Mr. Cleveland. The letter WM pDblUhed In the UOUBIKB and copied into nearly every republiean paper in this country. The resultwas CleveI umI was elected and Mr. Harris had to "walk the chalk1' bout the flrst day of Cleveland' reign. Ii has been quite a harddilp to Mr. Harris, and the flrst act Of justice President Hirrison does, ought to be to rein-tate Mr. 1 larris. On Fridav evening last the funeral service overHa.d, the linie, tlaughter of .F A and Addie Keith.of Caro, wa= held at the 'house of Geo. II. Pond in this city, Rev .1 M. Gelston ofliciating. The reremains were taken to Dexter for Interment Saturday morning, where the fain ilv burials have been made. By the tfoiiii: out of this little life, these parent s hearts are deeply touehcd witli sorrow. Their grief can only be assuaged by Time the grent healer of all lmman ilK At such time the symp-ithy of tnends is Krateful but It can do little to help hearts bowed down by the work of death, and It is dlfficult for tliem to feel that He doeth all things well.",