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Fosseitaes man y Important aüviiiuhp'n over all other prepared Foods. BÁBÍ ES CRY FOR IT. INVALIDS RELISH IT. Makos Plump, Laughinig, Healthy Bables. Regúlate the Stomach and Bowels. 8old by DragKUU. .'.¦., 3U., tjl.oo. WEUS, RICHOBDSON l CO., tuUHOTDH,YT. Baby Portraits. A Porttollo of beautiful baby portraits, prlntud on flne plate paper by patent pnoto process, sent free to Mothcrofany Baby bom witnln u year. Every Mother wants these picture ; buud ut uuce. Gire Baby's name and age. WtLLS, RICHARDSON & CO., P ops., Burilngton, Vt. nñÑpsT II Uil I ARCTICS Until You Have Seen The Colchester Arclic! "Wlth ilie OaUlde Counter." lts the Best Fitting and Best Wearing Arctlc now made, and Ir ronde pon honor for reputatlon. The''OUTSIDE COUNTER" adds largely to the durabillty. These are cheapem In the end. No extr charge for the " ouUilde counler." Ask to nee the Colchester " Arctlc Kopt here by best Stores. T WHOLESALE AT- H. S. Robinson Sl Burtenshaw, Detroit. Piso's Cure for ConCb sumption is also the best Cough Medicine. If you have a Coueh El B without of tlio M CJ Lungs, a fuw doses are all H E3 you noed. lint if you noIgl ES gloct this easy means of IN B safety the slight Cough tem niay become a serious H matter, and several bottles will be required. The BÜYERS' OUIDE i isaued March and Sept., each year. It is an encyclopedia of useful information for all who purchase the luxuries or tha neceiaities of life. Wj oan olothe you and furniah you with all the noctiHsary and unnecessary appliancea to ride, walk, dance, sleep, eat, flsh, hunt, work, go to church, or Btay at home, and in varioua iec. styles and quantities. Just figure out what is required t do all these thinga COMFORTXBLT. and you oan makeafair estímate of the value of the BTJYEH8' OUIDE, whioh will be sent upon receipt of 10 oents to pay poatage, MONTGOMERYWARD & CO. 111-114 Ulohlgan Avenue, Chicago. 111.


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