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Mine, to I he core of the heart, my beauty ! Mine, al I mine, xncl for love nol duty ; Love given wUllngly, fu 1 1 and frt-e, Love lor luve'H and mine to thee, Huty'sa lave that keeps the keyíi, Bul love, the m.tuter, tínes In aud out Ul his goodly chambers wlth song and shout, Juut as he - just ílh he pteaxe. Mine, i rom the dear heud's orown, brown golden, To the Mlken foot that ecarce beholden ; Olve to the irlanda hand or smlle, Llke a señorón? lady, now añil awhile. Hul ihe sancl uary liear that nonu üarc win, Keep hoileat of holíest, evermore; The crowd Ín che aisles muy watch the door, The high priest only enters In, own, wlihouidou torterrors. Wltli all Ihy gooilni-8-e, all thy errurs. Uut me and me alone reveuled, "A spring sinii up. a fouutalo acaled," Mhiiv may praUe taee- pralse mine as thlne- Many may love thee- 111 love them loo; Bui ihy heart of hearts, pure laUhful, and true Must be mine, mine wholly, and only mine. Mine! (i..l, I tlmnk Tl thiiiThou IihhI Iven .Soinething all mine thls Htde of heaven ; .Somelhing aa mucti as myseifto be Aa Hus, my Roul, wl Ion I lift lo Thee; Flesh of m flesh, bone of my tinne, Ife of my Ufe. wliom Thou doMl inake Two to tho world, for the world's worlt's sake- Hul each unto cacti, as Ín Thy slght one.