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More housos are wantod at Saline. The Green Ouk pedro club has all night sessions. The Milán M. K. church has a new furnace. A new heating apparatus In the Clinton school building. Adolph Kappler, of Sharon was burled last week Tuesday. The great attraction just now in Dundeo is a ladj' barber. Piotracted meetings at the clmroli at Rowe's corners, Sliaron. Miss Grace Huntington la tbc cashier in Thoinpson'8 store at Mllan. Chelsea has a dancing club nanied tbc O. C. O. C. U-m-m O yes, I C. C. C. King, of Silino, expects to tako :i trip south for his health tbis winter. The Manchester Enterprise is happy. It gave lts readers a prcity tune list week Boom very fine white fian are being taken froni the Huron river lakea Ibis f.tll. The Boulh Lyon furniture factory bas to run day and nlght to keep up witb orders. Bon. E. P. Allen bas been re-elpcted eider of the Presbytorian cburch at Yp&ilanti. Chicken tbieresare raldlng Lodi farms. Some one will get caugbt at it neit they know. The burned district in Brlghtoo is to be rebuilt in a lubxtautlal manner, it Is stHted. Maj H. W. Bowen,.of Ypailanti has been sppointed route sgent on the Hillsdale rod. L Silslniry, Silino's Wiggins, Rsys there is to be colil weathor at'ter Jan lst. No doubt. John Miunt, whn hal bcon In Kant ai for thrPf years bas returaed to Sharon wlth bis fainily. The Germán Workinsmen's Sieietv contemplóte buying tho Goodyear hall block at M inohester The South Lyon Plcket man promises to roast a man next week. Why not impale him on a picket ? Young ladies are very despondent over the faet that there aru not í uite three weeks of leap year left. Chelsea sighs and slghs for a pedio club, and she ought to havo it, too. What's the matter with the boy3 up there? The Obaerver observes several bad sidewalks on Saline streets. A suffering pubblic sends greetiug from ten miles north. The ladies of tho Clinton Episcopal chareta are to liolil a fuir thls wppv (Tr Ís stated that tbe ladies themselves are fair) The onion ralsers are in deep sorrow this vear. Tho maiket is silutted, and there is no fale for tho tear producing esculent. The next meeting of tbe Farnur's club will be held at the resklenco of Mr Geo. A. Shnw, of York, Friday Dec 14.- Saline Ohserver. D. G Senger is the new asent of the Hdlsdale road at M inebester vice W. G Moehn resitfned to bpcome a traveling man for a Cincinnati house. An oyster pupper will be beM at the residence of Jas. McCormick, Salem, for the benefit of the l, ipbani Sunday School, on the evening of Dec. 14tb. Rev. Geo. II. Grannis, former pastor of the ConjtreKntlonid church of Ypsilanti, was marriecl toaTennessee la'iy rpcently. Thelr home wlll be in St. Louis, Mo. Tho latent kink for farmers is to thresh thpir corn lusteid of huiking It. A Pittsfleld farmer bad about 000 bushels of shelled corn threshed in one day recently. Miss Allie Priy bad her 19tb birthday celebratod by her young Whitmore Lake friends who gathered at her home aud had a joyous tlrue one diy last week. W. C. Pyper of Waterloo brnnght suit in the Jackson circuit airainst W. Beeman for being forcibly cjected out of hls, Beeinan'í, mili. The court upholds Beeman. Trappers and hunters toll uu that the muskrats havo neglected to build hou-es this fall wliich causes them to bolieve that we wili have an open winter. - M inchoster Enterprise. Win. J. Parsons treasurer of Webster, will be at tbe Town Hall every Friday during Dec, and at Stannarü's store, Dexter on tlie last two S iturduys of Dec. to receive taxes. Thcy hare Jean Injrelow sorluls at South Lyon. Well, Jean is a good girl, and knows a tbing or two about poetry, bui George Eliot was far more social, so bistoriaiis teil us. The Baptists wlio live in the country and attend church at Milan will have tbeir hor?ea put under a new shed hereafter. Hut then Baptist horses shouldn't be afraid of the water. There is a trun in Salem who Is sald to bc afllicted with tbe pleurisy, erysipelas, ii'flammatlon of the lungs, consumption, piles and dispepsia. He sbould havo a a pension, by all mcans. Tho supremo court has decidud that when a man owns all tbe land around a little lako, be may lish in it just whon and how he dioses, and bid the game wardens et. al. begone. - Entorprlse. A wool dealer of Jaokson by holding of bis pinchases till after election gets six cents advance inaklng a clear uain of $3.480. Nmv if the freo trade party had 8ucc-eded how wotild wool have gone? Mrs. Wm. Burcb, of this place, bas received a pension, and will get$800back pay and f12 per month. Her mauy friends in tbis vicinify will consratulutè her on this bit of jood luck. - Pinckney Dtopatch. Miss Louisn GuUle of Chelsea went to Manchester recenlly and won a prize lor good dancing. And now the average M mchester giiTs eyes dance wlth greeneyed fury whencver a Chelsen danisel crosses tlieir visión. We are In possession of a letter contaiuing proposition froni the managen of State Telephone line, in which thev offer to put the line Into Dundee, mmedl itely upon a guaranteed business aniountin' to $800.- Dundee Reporter. Tbe Ilowell Hepubücan thlnks the great rich county of Liviugston ouzbt to ntl'ir.1 a bette r court house, and the Republiciin is rinlit In so thinking. But if il ever gets one, Howell wlll have to pajr the bigttest part of the cost. There were two wood "bees'' Tuesdiiv, one for Salem M. E. church and one for the cliurch at Lipham's corners. The janltors of these societles wlll now be able to make It hot for both preacher and people. - South Lyon Picket. Tbe Ligbt Guards received about $150 at tb.slr Tlmukggiviug party, and Ir makes them feel pretty good. They arc getting solid comfort out of their 1 ful rooms, witü the elerant new filtings I and furnishings. - Ypsilanti Commercial. One of our citizens, who is a very early riscr, nays tliat when hc goes out to feed his chickens it is so dark that they cannot see the corn ho throws tliem, and it is sport lo see them jurap and run around when they Iiear the kernels strike the ground. - Enterprise. Mr. II. D. Platt of Pittslield, State OU Inspector, lias juet returned from a two official business. He says tbere is lots of busines, and lots of money, in that country, but he wouldn"t trade his old mare for the whole región. - Ypsilantian. The council has at last decided that the dirty pen now ued as a lockup, is not fit to confine a hum in, no matter how depraved his conditlon, and will build a cell in rear end of eimine house. The ! old shunt v shall be 8ld and the ground used as a pound. - Siline Observer. The VVhltmore Lake Excelsior Lyceum has been organized with Hbout20memlicrs, and the followhig offlcers chosen: President - D. A. Pray; vteeprcsldent - F. S. Horner; secieUry- Miss R..binson; treasurer - Miss Stvles; marsual - Jay Pray. It woiild seem frmn the bove that they can Pray in 3tvlc-, anyway. John L. Hnyt agtd 76 On-o. A. Cobb, a?ed 75, and Mr-t. Isabnl R'ibiuson ageil &%%. all old pioneers of Siline and vicinity, all lied within a period of 12 hnurs, last week. Mrs. Roblnson was the mother of Oscar L. Uobinson and M'S. J. P. Niehnh, of this city, and of Prof. Wm. E. Robinson superintendent of the Detroit schools. The Milán O. A. U. Post have chosen the following ¦fflet-rs: Coramander- W. Roblson. Senior Vloe('ommanderC". T. Guxton. Junior Vlce Commauder- LI. Uooker. Quartermaster- Dan Case. ('hiiplain - Itev J Huntlogton. Surneon- Cliester Dault-1. Ofnoerot the Dny- Joliu Steldle. Offloer of the Quard- E. II. Davis. People should remember that ;v pot of water on a stove that burns coal or jcas ia a necessary article. This is always usoful In close rooms vvith cirpets on the floor. The skin and lungs always need moist air. People liave noticêd that plants do not flourish in a room whcre coal is burned, because asüght, poisonous j cae, or vapor is continually escapin. This is not noticed by persons, but plant quickly detect it and do not thrive. - Ex. We nientioned tho fact last week that a Tecum-eh ardencr clainied the championship for big turnip, having grown one weiprhini ten pounds this season, but now comes our genial blacksmith Sam. Josenhanp, and knocks the ten pounder silly, by announcing one weiblng 20 pounds to havo been grown on his i father'a farm in York. We asked Sam. for an affidavit or the turn lp, and he has promised ustho turnip. - Saline Observer. Champion Tent K. O. T. Si's of ' ililan wlll be ollioercd as follows this year : Co n.- a. s. Harden. Lletit. Com. - O X Arminton. K. IC- W. K. Smith. V. K.-O. A.Kelley. PhvBlclau- Dr. E. f. Pyle. l'relute- Wra. Ouj-att. Sergeant- O. Ij. Forman. M. al A.- M. K. Pepper, lst M. of O.- J. Lockwood. id M.ofG.-W. II. Whltmarsii. Sentlnel- H. L. Van Worraor I'lcket- Charles Whtting. At about 3 o'clocli Tuosday morninjl a freight train on the Wabash road, frmn i the north, broke in two sections in ! ing down the long grade nee.r Mllan. l'hc engineer lost all control of his train, i and seeing nothiiifr but destructiou aliead, he and tlieliivman jumped for their lives. The train rn-lied madlv down the grade I and crashed into auoiher lreij;ht train that was not in inotioii. The imaah-up occurred on the long rldgfl near the puniphouse. Xo one was killed. Thrce frciglit cara were destroycd.