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A Grand Tribute

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The republicana of Des Moine?, Iowa, welcoined their grand citizen, J. S. Clarksod, home by a magnilicent meeting and banquet, rccently, and in bis speecli to Uieui about the work of tbe campaign, Mr. Corksun jmiJ (lila op?cnJIt! trltmto to Michigan's revered citizen: "There are other republican leaders to whoin Iowa shoukl imite in paying homage. Indeed tliere are many, yet I can only meiition a few of them here. Tliere was one heroic lirure in tliis struggle, a man generous and strong, who forgot personal defeat and thrcw bis whole giant strengtb to the belp of tbe party aiul his victorious rival. I refer to Gen. Russell A. Alger ot Michigan, who was one of tlie leading candidates In the Nationa Convention and who was supported tliert with zeal and devotion which gurprlset the country until tbe country llself carne better to know the man. I account it as one of the greatest pleasures and bon ora in thc campaign that I carne to be tbe nequaintance and friend of this gentleman who is so strong and splendid in his owi inanhood and strengtb and in Ii is devotei rebublicanism tbat I am unable fully to express the admiration in which all re publicans should hold bim. He was on of the stronger men on whom we leaned Generous with Mi means and generous witli bis work, as he Mways is, he no only put his strong arm uuder Michigan and raiseu it up bevond democratie ellbr or hope, and in doing so gave a repub licau gain in congressmen wbicb in itsel secured us a mnjority in the House, bu be also worked and gave generously ii other states and in every part of the na tional campaign. The National Commlt tee found him as noble and inspiring in Iriendship as he was generous in actioi and wise in counsel. He is one of tbe real victors in tbisgreat contest." Bennion of the 3d Micb. Infantry at Grand RapldS, Dec. 19. A Irk ! how oasily thlngs go wrong. A few votes lackiug, and we're out, O, Lord, how long! And there followsa mist, and a weeping rain, And Life wlll seein never tlie sumo agnln. -[Virginia Spirit of theValley. It is to be hoped that Mr. Harrison, as soon as lie becomes president, will culi :i special session of Congress. There are sufflcient grounds, besides the territorios knocking for admission desire to and ehould get ready for the event before the regular session comes around. Two demócrata were recently overheard discussing the result of the late clection. Mr. A. inquired of his companlon 15. "What in his opinión was the ocrasion of democratie deleat?" To whicl) IJ replied, " that he thonght It was the tariff." " No," responded A, "it was the ilills bill." "The Mills bill," says B, " Wliy in the d- 1 didn't they pay it, fince they had a surplus in the treasury." Among the candidates for speaker of the House ut Lansing is G. J. Dlckema, the brilliant young inember of the last two Houses. He made a first rate record and the merabers would find him a worthy successor of that other able young parliamentarian D. P. Markey. His experience and acqualntance with the members and wuys of legtslatlon would make liim safe in that important politlón and we suggest his nomlnation. The followlng figures compiled fiom official returns, shows the prohihition vote indifferent sectior.s of this country, and teil a tale of deep signilicance: l-i 1881 1S88 New Kngland 18'Si:! 28,088 19,859 MlddleHtiitm BJW H7,r.H.") s.'!,.v.7 Westeru Htate 55,614 1UO,O! l'J,5! Southern States 7,1-25 1Ï.570 17,4a) 139,712 253,387 U0,7l Great "reforms" never go backwards. Tlioy march resiotlessly forward. Can not many of our prohibition friends see the drift? It s quite gratifyiug to note that there are a few newspiiper men being talkcd of as fit subjects for political reward. They should certainly be classed atnong tlie deserving. Their time and energies are continually ipent In furthering the interests of their party. Not only that, but they are continually boinj; Importnned to give this man or that man protnlnenee for this place or that place. They are ahvays engagcd in helping otliers. Would it not be an act of simple justice for the party in wbose service they we;ir out their llves, to occaslonally reward them for that service ':