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Ufl ure aud altend tlio Commercial Vight School, comtnenclng this erBhltig t 7 o'clock in Cropsey'i hall. Pleasant ronms to rent, bottl foraUhed nd unfurnishcd, ;it Xo. 18 Geddes Ave. They ' Mean Business." Ifanyone Las ever rivrn Dr. S 'aüirrli Keniclv a fiiir trial and luis QOt been cured theieby, tha manufacture f tli at tinfuilinfr Uemedy would like to lear from that individual, for when they offer, as they do, in food faitli, $üOO reviird for a case of nasal cutarrh wbich liey cannot cure, tlicy mean just exaclly what they say. 'l'hey are liimnclally reponsible, and abundnntly able, to make good tlieir guarantee If tliey fH, as nny one cnn learn hy raaking proper enquiry. Jemedy sold by 11 drugglsta, at M ci'iits. OSI 'I I' Tl II IIKI. An old physlciiin, r tl red from praotlce lavlne had placed In his hands ly an Baal India inlsslonary the lonnuliiiif a Himple vegetable remedy for the ipeedy and permanent cure of Consumptlou, Bronchitis, ("uUurli, sthmiMinil all throut and Lung Affectlons, also i posltlve cure and radical cure for Nervous Deblllty and all Nervoua G'omplalnts, after Iiavlng testcd lts wonderful curatlve lowers in tlioiisands of cusen, luis feit It hls luty to make lt known to hls kii nering felOWf. Actuiiled ly tlils motive and a deslre o relieve human xufferini;, I wlll send free of ¦hai-Ki-, in all wlio dealre lt, this recipe, lu ierman, l'rench or Kngllxli , with full dlrecions for preparing and oalng. sent by mail by nddrenslnt! iili tump, namlns; thls pitper . . Noy ca, na Power' a Jlock, Roohantr, JV. Y. eow ítl rpo THio DKAF.--A pewnn carad at DaaAieu l_ and nolsps In the heud of 2! years' standn liy :i simple remedy, wlll neud a descrlp tlon of lt nu to :iv I'crson wlio applieil lo Vichoi.son. 177 Doueall st., New York. 35 "istli Annuai. Display.- 1888 jf Holiuay (ïoods. Opentng day Wedicfday, Dec. 18tb, 1888. It is a surprise to oiirselves, tliat in telling this story for the 28th time we c;in trutli fully say. that we have very many more new and beautiful goods In oor usuiil line of hollday iresents tlian ever before. Our stork has Mm selected witli grent care, and wlll be sold at priets whlcli will distance eompc, ilion. From Deo. lötll to the 25lh, we ihall iell Oüdi.nauy Mixei Caxdt at 9 cents per lb., and the visual A88OBTKKHT OF Cueams at 12c, and CHOCOLATE Diiors, at 14c per Ib. A carefid examination of our otock is solicited. 36 DBAS & Co., 44 S. Main St. Home Evidence No other preparatlon ha3 won success at home cqual to Hood's Sarsaparilla. In Lowell, Mass., wliero lt Is made, it Is now, as it has been for years, tho leading medicino for purlfying the blood, and toning and strengthening the system. This "good name at home" is "a tower of strength abroad." It would requiro a volume People to print all Lowell pcople have said in favor oí Hood's OT Sarsaparilla. Mr. Albert I auioII Estes, living at 28 East Pine l_ o w e i i street Lowcl]) Ior is years employcd as boss carpenter by J. W. Bennett, president of the Erio Telephone Company, had a large running sore come on his leg, which troubled liim a year, when he began to take Hood's Sarsaparilla. The sore soon grew Ies3 In Bize, and la a short time disappeared. Jos. Dunphy, 214 Central Street, Lowell, had Pra I SO swelllngs and lumps „ . , on his face and neck, noou which iiood-s Sarsapanlia rilla completely cuied. r Mis. C. W. Marriott, wife of the First AsSistant Firo Engineer of Lowell, says tliat for 10 years she was troubled with stomach disorder and sick lieadache, which nothing relieved. The attacks eame on every fortnight, when sho was obliged to take lier bed, and was unable to endure any noise. She took Hood's Sarsaparilla, and aíter a timo the atlacks ceased cntirely. Many more might be given had we room. On the recommendatlon of. people of Lowell, who know na, we ask you to try Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all drugRlsts. gl;slxfor?5. Prepared only by C. I. IIOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar C3 I- I pï Ff 4 E3 n Q & y u t ¦ Bh srj w __ y W H M 0 !¦ 8 t3