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Alitlle irl at J. M. Swift's. Sheriff Wulsh Is n Detroit to-day. Christlan Sclilencker is now papa - a bny. " Col." Fred Rosser has goiie to Cin clnnatl. Mr. umi Mr-!. B. F. Watts were in Detroit Monday. Rev. A. S. Carman spent Sünday in Rochester, N. Y. Myrtie Beman, of Stockbridge Is rillting iu this city. J. E. Beul left for Chicago and Illiiois last Monday, for the week. Walter S. Ilicks has retnrned home from au absence of several weeks. Mrs. Daniel Strickler has just returned from a two nionth'a visit in Toronto. Miss Abbie Gatea, of Chelsea, is spendng soine weeks with friends in the city. Rev. Dr. Patterson of the Rochester, X. Y„ Theologieal Seininary, fllled the B ipttot pulpit last Sunday morning. Prof. J. B. Steere is to give an account of hls receut trip, at a social In Ypsilanti to-morrow night, for the benefit of the poor. News from Birmingham is to the effect tluit a girl t)!ibv now enlivens the home of Prof. W. H. Uawks and wife- nee Fannie Stimson. Thos. Birkett after reading about Wirt Newkirk's frreat exploit on roller skates, h,id to go op to Lattier and look over the town, He found everythlng booming up there, but he eouldn't be Induced to try the ruller skates. Edinund Lapham.of Jackson, who returned recently from a summer's stuy in Dakoln, was in the city last week, visiting relalivet and friends in the city. Mr. L:iph:iin formeily lived in this connty, and remembers many iucklents of the pioneer days here. Sonie oi our gpod people have puzzled over the wording of the 5th verse and 5tli chapter of Hezeklab. There are lots of onions in town. Vacant cclliirs and storerooins having their fnll capacities taxed in thelr storage. Sime most excellent politica! afterelectlon oonnndrumt are going the rounds, but wc decline to print them. Juttlce Frueauff dropped in the other day to teil us that the Dundee gas well was sure to be a sucess. We sincerely liope il will be. Rev. Mr. Sunderland will exchange next Sunday with Rev. G. Jennings of Toledo, who will preach morning and evening in the Unitarian cliurch of this city. The M. C. R. R. will give half fare ratcs to Washington during the inauguraron, and if suflicient inducements are offcred the road will run a special train to aceotumodate their putrons. J.ime9 Daily and Daniel Ilogan, two Detroiters who got into jail Saturday night for being drunk, were brought betere Justiee Pond, Monday, but refused to plead giully, and were disclnirged. The averago attendance of the M. E. Sunday School for the past yenr bas been j: eb Uden; 24% teachers; 6% offleers. The laigest uteiidance for any one Sunday was 411. The smallest attendance was f)8, on the second Sunday of August - when it rained all day. Tl e ploncersof Washtenaw county wi'.l be interestPd to hear that afine India ink portralt of the late Luther James has been presentt'd, by liia nephew Jam es L. Biibcork, to the "'Pioneer Society," and it now adorns the walls of the pioneer ronm in our county court house. Wm. Andergon who was released by Piosicuting Attorney Norris last Monday, on a charge of breakinginto a house iu the day time, was again arrested last evening for stealing an overcoat f rom a boarding house on E. University Ave. He is now ready for another nol. pros. Announcement is made of the marriage, on Thursday, Dec. 13th, of Miss Maria Osborne. daughter of Ienry Osborr.e, E-q.. to James Li Rue. of Detroit, at the home of the bride's paren ts, three miles west of tliis city. Tlio couplo will resido on Belle Ijle, where Mr. La Rue is employed. The following mean piece of poetry originated sometime about Thanksgiving : We tliank the Lord for all hls glfts, And mat He eases sorrow ; We thank Him tlial we live to-day - Tliough we may die to-morrow. We t liimli Him that he sent to us A turkey, big and fat; But must of all we thank the lord We're not a democrat. The Knights of Pythiaa of this city are ahout t iking a grand step forward. They have ordered uniforms - and by the way their uniform is yery pretty - and they now propose to give not only the Unlformed Rank degree, but the amplifled work as well. Miny of ua know that this order is a good thing, trled by any surface of the triangle, and we sre pleascd to note the prosperity attending it. The new Germán pnper, issued by Mr. P. O. Suekey, opens up with a broadside in lts first issue on the CouiUKR. lts editor seems to be great on "logie," and mixes Germán and English in a marnier tliat would tax the skill of an expert. The position of the "personal liberty" people that il isa crime to vote anything but the straight democratie ticket seems to be stoutly maiutained by the Haustreuu d At the annual election of offleers of Fmternity I.odge F. & A. M., last Wednesday evening, the following were chosen ! W. M.- Chas. B. Davlson. S. W - M. D. Mlller. J. W.- J. M. Wilooxsoü. T.-Dr. W. B. Smith. 8.- Qeo. H. Pond. 8. D.-Jas. M. Cook. J. D.- Chauncey Thompson. Tyler- Capt. Thos Taylor. Died at his residence in Ann Arbor town Dec. lst, James B Mowry iu the 80th year of his igc. Mr. Mowry was bom In Berkshire Co.. Mass. His early was spent in Madison Co., New York. In 1831 he carne to Michigan and purehased the farm upon which he resided until the time of his death. Mr. Mowrv leaves a widow and two danghten, Mr. Jnhn T. Fuller and Mrs. Lucinda A. Tieudwell, who reside in this town. The Sunday school board of the M. E. Sunday school held their a'inual election last evening in the primary class room. The following offleers were chosen for the ensuingyear: Superintendent- Rev. A. F. Bourns. AHSIataut öuperluiendent- Mr. Herberl M. Frost. Lady Asslstant- Miss Ella Bell. Superintendent ot Trlmary Department- Mrs. Marble Secrelary- D. O. Douglass. I reaüurer- E. K. Gay. Librarían - O. E. Mutschel. lst AssislautLlbrnrlan- O. InualN 2(1 - - V111 Tolohard. ChorlRler- Prof. Geo. W. Renwick. Piaulst- M188 Jenny M. Davlson. The counuil committee upon the revtolon Of the city charter has been busily at work, and bas some excellent pointa made in the proposed new document, as near as we can learn. There is mie thing that should be done by all means. 'l'he Bocorder thould he chosen for two years, he should be given a salary of at least $1,000, he should be given an office with h safe or viiult, and should he requl-ed to be In his office during business hours. This change Is almost imperatlre for the safety of the city's property and business. We teel sure that Hiiy person who has liad any experience in city business will agree with us, heartiiy, on this point.