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Bills were ïnirrilucrd in tta SiM;:.ti: on the 4th for the establishment In tho Interior Department of ii bureau ofhcallh to bc under the dlreotlon of n coimnlssioner ho shall recelve sn annuul salary of f5,000 per nnnuin, and to allow persons who have abandoned or relinqulsued their hoinestead entries to make another entry. Discusslon of the Tartff bill was postponed In tho House a joint resolutlon was lntrodurr d proposlng an amendmont to tho constitution provldlng that the I'resldont and Vioo-Prcsident hall bc chosen every fourth year by the direct votes of the people. A petltion was presented from citlzens of Nortb Dakota praylng for the admlsslon of the two Dakotus and the riirht toholdconstltutional conventlons In North Dakota, Washington and New Moxlco. Thirty pages of the Tarlff blll wore disposed of In the Senate on tho A resolutlon was passed asklng the Secretary of the Interior for Information as to allegcd outrages on Indiana lo Alaska. ...In tho House the blll to qulet the title of settlera on tho Des Molnes rlver lands in Iowa was passed. Ollli were Introduced to divide the State of California lnto two States; providlng for a eraduated income tax, 1ho funds to be applied to payment of pensions, and a blll wblch provides that no allen shall be admltted into the United States who Is an idlot, Insanc, or Hable to bocome a publlo charle, or who has been convlcted of any infamous crime, or who is a polyiramist. Anarchist or Socialist, or who is affllcted with ny loathsome or contaglous disease. or who basentered into contract to perform labor or servico for any person, flrm or Corporation. A penalty by fine not to exoeed 11,000, or Imprisonment not to oxoeed three years, Is lmposed. Bills werp Introduced on the Gthln the Sente for the freo colnage of stlver, and for the stablishmcnt of a National pathoblological aboratory for the Investlgatlon of contaRloui nd lnfcutious disoases. A Joint resolutlon was Introduced proposlng a constltutional mendment cnlarglng the Presldentlal term f office to six years. A blll was also Introuced providtnK for the establishment by the ?resident of bureaus of labor informat on dlsnbut d throughout the country In eeographcal sectlons. Elght pages of the Tarlff btll were disposcd of. Adjourned to the lOth.... n the House debate was begun on the Direct 'ax bill. The amount to be retundod to the States by this blll is 115,127,633. The Senate was not In session on the 7lh. ...In the House most of the time was devoted o the considerallon In commlttee of the whole of the Senate bill to Incorpórate the NloaraHia Canal Company. The Invalld Pension Appropriation bill (81.767,500) was rcporiod and referred to tho commlttee of tho whole. At tha CTeninft session ten pension bilis were pnssed. Adjourned to tho lOth. DOMESTIC. At Hcrkimer, N. Y., on tho 4th Flagman Wolver rushed before the fast mail ,rain and saved two glrls, but was himself killed. A ladle of molten st6el was overturned In a mili at Pittsburgh, Pa., on the 4th, and tive employés were horribly burned, ,hree of tbom fatally. The annual report on the 4th of General Anson McCook, Secretary of the United States Senate, showed expenses for the year as follows : For salaries and. mileage of Senators, f3W,15"; for salaries of offlcers, etc, 1338,074; lor contingent expenses, $157,701; total, 1890, Tv. At Canon City, Col., early on the morning of tho 4th a mob of twenty armed men took a murderer named Withorell irom the jail and hanged him to a telegraph pole. Simón Weil, a member of a prominent flrm of traders at Evansville, Ind., decamped on the 4th with about $15,000, whlch he was alleged to hare defrauded Kentucky farmers out of. The Secretary of War issued a general order on the 4th directing that when not prevented by active service all the available infantry, cavalry and light artillery of the army shall devote a part of each summer to practice marches, oncampments, maneuvers and other field operation9. At Gainesville, Fla., on the 4th the Board of Health declareó" the yellow fever epidemie ended. Traffic was resumed, and the flrst passenger train arrived in the afternoon. Excitement prevailed on the 4th in the neighborhood of Felicity, Clermont County, O. , owing to an effort to drive colored children from the schools. Nike men were arrested on the 4th at Eckerly, Ind., charged with connection with "White Cap" raids. Tilt. Ti eisui ƒ DopurlmeuG uiuutlil statement on the 4th of changes in circulation during November past placed the total circulation of the country on December 1 at $1,406,150.456. Near Lexington, Ga., on the 4th a colored woman locked her three children in the house and went out visitin", and while she was gone the children set fire to the house and were burned to death. John H. tendered his resignation as Superintendent of the Treasury at Washington on the4th. The stage from Mendocino, CaL, to Ingrams was stopped on the 5th by a robber, who secured the express box and two mail sacks. The mines at Nesquehoming, Pa., were flooded on the 5th, causing greatdamage, and Philip Stevens and William Fitcher were drowned. Canonchet, Governor Sprague's mansión at Narragansett Pier, 11. I., was sold on the 5th for $800,000. It would De used for a hotel. Small-pox appeared on the 5th among the soldier at Brownsville, Tex. Fred Lohk, a six-year-old boy of Poplar Grove, 111., was set upon by a vicious ram on the 5th and killed. Jamf.9 Bahker, marshal of Center Point, Ind., aged twenty-sir years, died on the 5th irom tho cffects of an overdose ol patent medicine. William Ladue and two frlends, o: Toledo, O. , were recently thrown into the river from a skiff which was upset. La due's friends were drowned, but he was picked up after long exposure, which resulted in severo sickness, from which he recovered on the 5th with h s hair turnee irom jet black to snow white. Five acres of sawed lumber in tbe yards of Woods, Jenks & Co., at Cleveland, O., were destroyed by an incendiar lire on the 5th. Conductor James Kenn-edt was killee and three other men were fatally injured in a collision on the 5thon the Lake Shore road near Youngstown, O. Tue Philadelphia & lleading Kailway Company on the 5th reduoed tho working hours of its five thousand rmployes from ten to eight Wages would be pro portionately cut down. An engine cullided with a street-car in Detroit on the 5th, demolishing the caranc injuring ton persons, flve of whom woulc probably die. Lakb navigation closed on the 5th. During the year forty-e ght boats were lost, valuod at f4:)9,4O9. In 18S7 sevent boats valued at $777,700, were lost. The number of lives lost was 16, against 116 the previous year. Rumors gained credence in St. Louis on the 5th that a combine of hog packing in terestsoftho West was beuiL' euirineerei by a CUoago syndlcate.


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