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The state grunge if reported arifjlit ii. tiie daily papen, paased a reaolution favoring the university, bot at the Mme time wariiing the legislatura ti kill appropriatlom tor its support. Llkc the love that lïrutus bore lor ( laesarl And the name of Henry J. Plattof Washtcnaw County, appeari aianiember ofthecommittee making the recommend, il' we are not ii: error ! ! Witli more than two thirdi of the npwardg of 1800 studei:ts attendlug Lhe university, the sous aiul daiighters of farmers "it would leem as if that class of people ought to be the last one in the ¦tate to desire in any way to cripple ilie state's university. With their cliihlreii reaping by t'ar ihe greatett ihanofthe benefit, it would Kern as though they ought to be in a vrry kind and friendly frame of mind. By the way, tbc state grange bad DOth)d: to say about the expesditure tor "military purposef," the animal cncanipment, which cost.s every county In the !-tate quite as miuh as (oes tlie universiiy ! Wliat benefit doea the farmer eet iMim tiiatr WU1 tlie stst' gfange oi Mr. l'lntt picase teil the peoplu 'f For this yearofour Lord 1888, the county of Washtenaw pays i,(n',i 35 for military puposos,'1 W liile the university BOita the people of the county $2,981.13! Whirh expenditnre, Mr. Qrunge, and Mr. Tiatt, ot the yleatcst íoci.I to the farmers, nn1 uil the ptOfiU in Michigant Wliich rosts the most ? There are other tliings, aleo, tliat the frange does not appear to tackle, that costs tlie people large sums, and from which no benefit whatever is received. Our farmer frieiuls can ill afford to stand in tlie way of education and enllghtenment. They shoulcl stand shoulder to shoulder in all things that tem! to ailvanee the general welfare of the people. They cannot afford to take steps baekward, or let their conimonwcaltli take suoh steps. It is Ann Arbor's boast that slie is one df tliose rare citles without debt ;iiiü that coniequently lier taxes are lower tlian ollier cïtiea. Tlie old charter is to bp thanked for that, since it llmlted the amount which could be raised by ta at any one time. AVe have most of the coiivei)ienee9 of cities wliich owe half a million without their burdeus of taxation. It is an easy matter for a few sehrewd schemers to work tip somc large sclieme for public cxpciulitures and to arouse public enthusiasm to rush it througli. It is easier to borrow than to pay up. So these men who pretend to be so public gpltltei] work up jobs for Uiemselvei-, and they are not usually öt the class who pay taxes to any extent Therefore it is well in the new cliartei to keep up the old safe guards Agalnsl high taxes. Kalamozoo bas 15,000 volumes in hei public library. ïhat grand old poet John G. Whittier, passed bis KIst birthday on Monday. the lTth inst. He is still hale, hearty am active. Ifthe jood people of the state couK have heard Ilon. A. J. Saywer's plea II the case of (.'ole vs. the M. S. J! K. la Thursday it would liave made him su premejudge this next spring. The statement is made that the romei of America spend yearly $3,000,000 for palnts, powders and cosmetica. We dor.' believe it. It is a slander upon the verj best portion of our people. Mr. Stoarns stands ready to turn ove the postotlïce on demand from the incom ing president, aiul expects the cali tn be made early.- Adrián Press. It U'n eyerjbody that can so gracefully make a virtue of necessity. The fact that Iake navigation is not ye closed, and that steamers are still plying letween Chicago and Buffalo, is considcred wonderful for the middle of Decem ber. There is so much salt in tlm water this year don'tcher know. It is said that many of the former dfflee holders are candidates for re-appointment. Political favors are getting to be somethlng like HgbtniDg. There is no knowin,' where tliey'll Itrike; but they seldom strike twice in the same place. Gen. Harrison's head was remarkably level when lie declined a present of a team of coach horses for liis White House tablea. He says: "I believe that no man 111 the position of President of the United States can ullbrd to be under pecuniary obligationseven to hif inlimate friends.1' On Wednesday, tne Oth day of Febrnary, a successor to Bisliop Hurris will be cliosen by the diocesan coiiveiition, in sessiou at St. Paul's cliurcli, Detroit. Each rector in the diocese will have a vote, and each parish three representativesas lay delegates, whose concurrent vote wilh that of the clerjry is requlred to elect. Wong öoou lioisted a Harrison flag Tuesday, and was made uiucli sport of by tlie democrats. Finally fome republlcan aaked hlra wliy he did it. "Me likee HallitOD, me no likee Clebelaml; Halllson alle samee likee lepublican, Clebeland allee samee likee democlat. Me heap sabe lepublican; he washee two iblrtione week, democlat he no washee one shirt in two weeks, me no likee.- Klsinore Kewa. As the Falvey trust seems to have met witb a liht obstaele in the way of uoce8S, ex-Congressman Maybury haa gone to New Yoik to study up 'the inside workinga of Tamany, with a view of iinporting lts methods to Detroit. I!v al! ineHiis, glye the wild west a taste of Ken York City politics, Hro. Maybury. The fate of Falvey Is only a circurastanee to what the fate of TamanyUm will be. The soil here is extremely congenial (?) to political bribery, fraud, corruption and New Yoik slum methods in general. Detroit nerds a Tamany cliicftain alto, IIow would Wiethoffor Wlieaton do? The democratie papen are fond of showiüg bow Cleveland receivecl :i majority of the total vote for president in the last election. Uut lliey neglect to print the mnjorities by states. They should teil the people about the 60,000 majonty in Georgia, In Alabama, in Mississippi, the 125,000 in Texas, etc, where if a republican offered his vote he stood a luir chance of being killed - exeept, perhapi In sonie parts of Texa?. That is the nay Mr. Cleveland roceived upwardi of 100,000 plurality of uil the votes cast. Of the honest vote of the country he woukl laek nuiny thousands of having a plurality.