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r.D. COüHira: -W'iiafa tlic matter wlth t!ic pcopie of Ann Arbor? Are they ¦leeplDg or me tlicy tired out, complctely exbaumd wlth their late cfforts in the way Of boomlDf the city? Tlicy made a most excellent bcginning, and the increased attendance itpou the utiiversity and the other schools of the city is the reward. Jiut they should not stop, thinking that the boom will keep right along without any ellort on their part. It will not do it, Mr. Editor. The people of Aun Arbor caunot ad'ord to mako the experiment, either. We must keep moving forrard and keep before the people of the United States the wonderful edncitional advantngea of our littlc city. Picklng up a copy of the Matón Democrat of a recent dule my cyes feil upon tliis paragrapb ¦ A prominent cltlzoa wlio is desirous of si'i'int; our city prosper, stands ready to take $1,000 In every uew raanufacturlnic enterprlse i luit will employ 5 men; and au addillonal $1,000 for every additional 25 men. Are there nototüers? Afewsuoh cun make our city alive wlth factorles. Uiuler the lnter-state ]v we eau secure as liberal frelght rates as any otlier cily in the Uulted States. There is ,i man who believes in deedl as wi'll as in wonls. 'l'hat is the practica] wav to run a boom. Ño place can set down (jtiietly In this bujtllng age and expect proaperfty to rol 1 into its lap. Prosperity is not in that sort of business, l'rosperity ouly comes to thoso who seek her. There are at least 100 men in this city who can well afi'ord to give $100 a piece to make lenowo to the people of this country the advantages Ann Arbor possesse1. It wonld be a prolitablu investment for tliem. Xoura for