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Find a Fresh. who bas bralus or a Junio wbo bones. Butyou can'tdo ltyou know, A Senior at Brown's or a Sopüomore wlio pones Butyoucan'tdottyou know; Find a co-ed who isn't Just cruzy to wed, Kind a raau in Aun Aibor thal's ever weil fed, Prove that students don't try to palnt Ypsl bright red, Butyou can't do ltyou know. Now every Kresh. thlnk He can stand 2 straight drlnks, Bl7T HE CAWN'T DO IT, YOC KNOW - Cnrunlele. No more college papers tuis year. TIip tiental college is overrun witli pa tients. Randall photographed the 11 Saturday. Dr. Vaughan's quarters in the De laboratory are bright and pleasant. Miss Satia Hyde, lit. '87. Is teaching in the Xassau Institute of Brooklyn, N. Y The University Dramatic Club wil present a play sliortly arter the holidays The Sigs entertained Regent Butter field, of Grand Rápida during Ii is stai In-re. There are ssid to be 30 college graduates on the N. Y. Sun. Still the 8un sbines tor all. The last of the organ recitals occurs at the Congregational church Thursday evening. No art hall appears in the appiopriations asked for by the regenta. Why art thou so modest? D. Augustus Straker, the colored lawyer of Detroit, spoke before the law students last Thursday. Dancing lasted until 4 a. m , at the pnjoyable Sophomore hop in Nickel's hal last Friday evening. The engagement of Miss L. Craig to V. W. Lovett, junior, lit., has been announced. - Chronicle. Prof. W. II. Payne, formerly of thls collejre, has ssued a translation of Compayre's "Lectures on Pedagogy." Dr. Ford has been obliged to irive up lectures for the present on account of il hcalth. Dr. Herdman takes his classes. Tho new History of Greek Philosophy by Prof. B. C. Buit, is said to be a valuable work. But it is Greek to a greut many. In the law department a new fraternity has been established known as the Alpha Tau Omegn. The Alpha is here; the Omega wlll be found later on. It would seem as It the citizens of Ann Arbor were willing to contribute liberally toward a new hospital In their offer of $25,000 providing the state gives $50,000. Tlie assertion of the Chronicle that the moral and religious sentiment ainong university students is advancing instead of deterioratingcau certainly be borne out by facts. Got. Luce didn't come after all last weck. But he did carne yesterday, and the ofHce-seekers and politicians were so numerous that he liad little time to look to the university'3 needs. Great preparation is being made by all the students living within a reasonable distance to go home for the boltdayg. That Christmas turkey, and the Christmas slippers must be "gone for.'' The following are the approprlations to be asked for by the RegenU of the legislature: „ 18S8. ]8sa Repairs.. ; 4,000 Í 4 000 Contingent i5i0oo 15000 Librarles jUOoo 10,000 Himioeopathic College Hospital.. 8 200 8 200 Unlverslty Hospital 6.000 ö'.OOO Denlal College Expenses lOOOJ ;OO0U Itoger's Collectlon 5000 Addltlon to Dental College and Equipping 4 C00 2 000 Add tion to Chemical Laboratory ' and Furnishlng Laboratory.... lo 5X) 10500 Completlng Engineering Laboratory 2000 Equlpment Engineering Xabor„atory 70!)0 Furnishing and Equipping HyglenlcLabaratory. 3 000 3,000 Instruments for Cl vil Englneer"S 1,000 1.000 Purchaiie of Rom'ngerCollectlon 5 0CO Hospltals 25,000 25,000