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pnii ¦! [For clioicc, usfful and appropriate PBESjENTS - .A.T - D. F. SCHAIRER'S Don't wait iintil the last moment Christmas attractions extraordinary. Store open evenings. A HarTest for the people. ChrMmas sale of oer slx hundrtd dozen LINEN HAUDKERCHIEFS For Ladies, Gentlemen and Clilldrcn. Imported direct from the Spinner and Weaver to the Consumer. iiargaius onr neighbors do not show. l'lums ready to piek. Títere is a way to mnke one dollar go as far fts two in Christmas .shopping. Usi'ful Christmas Plums. 25 dozen Ladies II S. Initial Handkerchiefs at 15e each. '¦!' dozen Lidies H. S. Initial HandKerchiefs at 25c cach. 50 dozen Ladies H. S drawn work embroidered white and faney border Handkercliiers at I5c each. 5O dozen Ladies shecr white embruidered Haiidkcrchicfs at 2óc each, usual price 50c. 25 dozen Ladies Frenen embroidered neediework llainlkri'cliiiTs i ii white and Iuvely di-siirns at 35e, 50c and 75c each. 100 dozen Ladies and Childreus fancy border Il.imlkiTcliM l at 3c each, usual price 5c. 50 dozen Ladies fancy border Ilandkerrliiefs at 5c each. 25 dozen Ladies white and fancy border Handkerchiefs at 10c ench. 25 dozen Gents white and faney border Liuen Handkerchiefs at 10c and 15c each. worth 25c. 25 dozen Geuts fine H. S. and fancy border Linen Handkcrchiefs at 25c each, worth 50c. 15 dozen Gents Frcucli embroidered Handkerchiefs at 50c each. worth 75c. 25 dozen white Silk Handkerchiefs at 25c and 50c each. 15 dozen Gents cashinere Miifllers at 25c and 50c each. 25 dozen Gents white Silk Mufflers beaiitiful goods at 75c and 1.00 each. Beautiful Aprons for Christmas with fine needlework, tucked ana em. broidered lor Honsework, Keceptions, Xurses and Waiting Maids. Three grand lots at 25c, 50c and 75c each. Don't wait till the lots are sold. They will not last long. We have made a loiifr and strong preparation for a grand Christmas Silk Umbrella Sale Which for incrit of qualily and low uess of cost has never been excelled. 300 goed durable Silk Umbrellas made froin English Hclretla Silk with 1 1-Karat Gold Top at $1.75. Think of hui in r a 20 and 2M inch Silk Umbrella for f 1.75. Over 1OO line Silk Umbrellas choice of 15 dlff-rcnt Gold and Silver handles at $2.50 and sü.oo each. 50 Alpaca Satin border Umbrellas at $2.00 and $2.50. 100 Gingham Umbrellas at 75c eacïi. CROWDS ! Are what wc like, and we will inake priees that will bring them. Wc will harejuvt what wc adyertite, and it will be as represented every time. Untll Christmas grand evening sales, special invitation to onr workingmen and their families. We 8ugget the morning and eveaing as good times to inakc Christmas purchases, thus ayoiding the Immense jam of transient patrons. D. F. SCHAÏRER i i i FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADt AT J, JL GOODYEAR'S DRUG STORK. rri i ¦ i i i i i-r-i CO fifi'! ÏBH Grand opening and sale of the largest and best selected stock of nmiiii! mu Booklets and fancy goods ever brought to Ann Arbor. We are showing the finest stock of Plush and Leather Photo, and Auto. Albums. Our stock of Fine Art Books canuot be surpassed. In Children's Book. we are showing a beaiitiful collections Catholic Prayer Books a specialty. We don't ask the publisher's price on Books, but allow a special discount on every Book sold. Don't fail to examine our large stock before making your purchase, as we feel sure that our goods and priees will satisfy you. GEOUGE WAHE ' The Leading Book Dealer in Ann jr Arbor. DIARIES - 1889. !